Jul 5, 2013. Laying down to press weights was seen as lazy, girlish, slothful, and disgusting records in bench press across the years, regardless of weight class or the world record bench press without a. bench shirt still is just 715 lbs 
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Bench press world records are categorized by whether. the competitor used a bench shirt or not The world record bench press was by a Ukrainian-American weight lifter The teenage bench press record varies based. on weight class, lifting  Men's Raw World Records (Open) Squat (without wraps) Class Lift Lifter Country. Year Fed 123 639 Bench Press (full meet) Class. All Bench. Press Class  Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest weight lifting world records and videos Impress. your. Most Times To Bench Press 225-Pound. Weight · Clint Poore. Be sure to read the USAPL Record. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Division , Weight Class, Event, Name (Team), Weight (kgs), Weight (lbs), Date, Location 13th World Masters Bench Press Championships" Prague, Czech Republic Mar 25, 2013 The all-time bench press record is 1,075 pounds, by Ryan Kennelly in 2008, but Poursoltani Logan Herford 165-181lb weight class depending on how much he eats day to day He has set numerous APC world records

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17,003 Consecutive Pushups: World Record Held By Vegetarian US Marine Corps Captain Tarzan movie star broke 6 world swimming records. as a vegetarian. He holds the world record for the. bench press in his weight class. Stan Price 

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At my all time best I weighed in at 196. pounds at 6% body fat when I completed. I hit an all time World Record in the bench press of 771 pounds in the 220 class. I have recently demolished my previous. records in the bench press by 60 lbs

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Click for the Latest News Click for the Records Clickto view Results Click to Download CAPO NATIONAL BENCHPRESS. COMPETITION 2013- HOBART. A lifter who cannot make it down to their weight. class, may lift in the weight class above Australia will set the World record standard for the rest of the world to follow.

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Guinness World Records in strength were broken, and thousands of dollars were raised A new Guinness World Record for lifting the most people in a squat! KG weight class); Gold Medal – 2008 Bench Press event (82 5 KG weight class) 

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Andrew Jovicevic's Bronze in the 83kg Bench Press was a shock was the star, setting a World Junior Record 120kg class Deadlift of 327. 5kg and taking the. Silver. lifters and saw records tumbling in every weight class across the weekend

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Five-time national bench press champion in drug tested competition (sub- master's age group, 198 and 220 pound weight classes); Set over one dozen American, National and World records in the bench press in drug-tested competition Brooks includes a clip showing his World record bench press (in actual competition), 

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The IPA separates the weight classes into divisions based on totals, equipment use, and drug-free status The Pro Division has its own world and state records. NC State Record Squat - IPA. 2013 NC Iron Challenge. She nearly tripled her bodyweight. benching 375 lbs bench press. at 130 7 lbs. need I say any more!

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Jan 29, 2013. Nineteen world records were broken on day one, as all female and male records across the board with a 275 5 lb , 187 39 lb bench press, and 281 08 lb. deadlift, for a. total of 744. 05 lbs. weight class for a world record

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The Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Bench will be run by Erv & LeAnn Domanski at. Saturday 3/14/09 Bench. Press Only:. no matter the weight class, would compete. against each other via the coefficient A number of World Records were broken on the day, and the. meet had almost 50 lifters from across the country

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Dec 5, 2012 World records give Arlee weightlifter strength in final weeks. world bench press record for his age and weight class at the World Association of 

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to reflect Lynne Homan's (formerly Rodriguez) records set at the USAPL Fast Gym Winter Petr has won the IPF master world. championship numerous times In the 132 weight class, Rodriguez, 48, put on a solid performance by going 8 for 9 Her record lifts are a 209 squat, a 154 bench press and a 303 dead lift.

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In addition to being the all-time World Record holder in the 220lb class, Dan has She totaled 749lbs, with a 286lb squat, 182lb bench and a 281lb deadlift in the 148lb weight class Arden currently holds 9 World Records. in 3 different federations His best lifts are 455×3 squat, 545×3 deadlift and a 350×4 bench press.

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Jul 24, 2013 He set world records in a powerlifting. competition in Las Vegas, July 12 He also set the world record for combined. weight of bench press, 

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Aug 18, 2012 I'd also like a 200 kgs raw bench press and a 300 kgs raw squat Updated Weight Classes for the Front Squat Harness World Record Board 

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Records are now updated through the 2013 YMCA Seattle Summer. Classic, and the results are posted on the Results page. Your name; The date and name of the meet; The record weights (in kilos if that is. 2013 Washington State Powerlifting, Bench. Press and Dead Lift Championships World Games Association 

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Oct 5, 2012. Turner set a record on the bench press with a lift on 684 lbs, which is world records, including one in deadlift for his weight class, a record he 

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He attempted a world record. deadlift of 291kg Jean also had a great meet taking home two national records and winning his weight class of 105kg, classic The entry form for the 2013 CPU National Powerlifting. and Bench Press Championship, E-mail the APU president with your name, age category, weight class, 

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GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR MOST WEIGHT SQUATED LIFTED Guinness Book of World Records record for the most amount of weight lifted squatting. kg 165 lbs. weight class, Walter was a member of. the Canadian Masters Powerlifting Bench Press: 319 5 lbs Canadian National Championships BC 2nd Place

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World Record Squat 2008 Master Nationals – 220. lb weight class – 40-44 year old division Bench: 675 lbs I took first place and Best Lifter, as well as breaking the APF Submaster. Deadlift Record and the APF/WPC Submaster Meet Total Records Advice · Bench Press · Competition · Deadlifting · Featured · Gear 

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May 12, 2012 2013 WBOP Benchpress Champs New world record standards below. Watch out for new weight classes next. year as well as new records 

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Rules for the Disabled Competing in USAPL. and IPF Single-lift Bench Press instances such as weight classes and standards for local and Regional USAPL press and deadlift or if a World record is broken, the same procedure will apply. The IPF also recognizes and registers World records for the same lifts within the.

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With elimination of Olympic press, Ivanchenko's. world record of 178 5 kg in 1972. was I did all those world records in training and all. I had to do is to repeat it at the Worlds He began to lift in the same weight class as me and we practically went toe to toe in the. My best squad was 295 kg and best bench press 175 kg.

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May 17, 2013 This week the team threw around some heavy weight She now holds the Junior American, collegiate, and national records for the squat, deadlift, and the collegiate and national record for the bench press in the 132 lb weight class She will be competing in the Junior World Championships in Poland 

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Jul 10, 2012 In January she set a world record for. women in her weight class (then. in Glen Valley, Calif. , holds several world records for bench pressing

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Weightlifting records are based then on the. individual lifter's weight class As far as the. 62 kg – At the 62 kilogram weight class, the world record in the snatch is held by Zhiyong Shi (153 kg) The world record in. Bench Press More Weight

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