Apr 15, 2013. Is the King Buck the biggest typical whitetail ever killed? The antlers certainly look typical to me And when you add up the inches those antlers 
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The scoring for world record whitetail deer. is based on the total inches of certain. Boone & Crocket world record whitetails are 170" for the typical deer and 195"   Feb 28, 2013 The buck now stands as the fourth largest non-typical whitetail deer on record The current World's Record for non-typical whitetails (333-7/8  Jun 10, 2009. Take an inside look at the Milo Hanson Buck, a monster 12-point that scored 213. 5/8 in 1993, and still sits atop the Boone and Crockett Club's  Jun 7, 2011 A look at the Johnny King Buck from North American Whitetail. home with a buck that would be one of the. largest typical whitetails ever taken! Apr 24, 2012 The final scoring for the Johnny King buck has been debated heavily In this video, Gordon Whittington. breaks down how the deer was scored Who doesn't love big bucks, especially big typical whitetail bucks that break records? A new World Record whitetail doesn't happen very often and in this case it 

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Winter Feeding · Records · Backcountry Meat Care Guide · Field Dressing · Controlled Hunt and General Season. Whitetail Deer - Typical, 160, 160, 170

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This searchable database contains trophy whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and elk taken in Nebraska If you leave the hunter's name box empty, all records will be shown Non-Typical Whitetail. Deer, 160, 155, 150.

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Missouri holds the world record for. non-typical whitetail deer racks Deer and turkey hunting at. Trophy Creek Outfitters com starts well before daylight, sipping on 

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Aug 27, 2013. The current number three typical whitetail. buck is a monster that scored. outscored the previous world record, which had stood for 89 years, 

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Scoring White Tail Buck Antlers:. Typical and Non-Typical It takes a larger total score for a Non-Typical antler to make the record book than it would a Typical antler, due to the added length of the abnormal World Record Whitetail Deer

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The white-tailed deer is named for its most distinctive feature, the large white. Large "typical" bucks can have seven or more points on a side, and the largest 

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It was huge 14 point buck with a 27&2/8" inside spread between the main beams The largest "non-typical" racked whitetail was found on the side of the road 

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It was huge 14 point buck with a 27&2/8" inside spread between the main beams. The largest "non-typical" racked whitetail was found on the side of the road 

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Saskatchewan, Canada has the largest White Tail deer in the world. The number one typical of all time - World. record, 213 6/8 inch - Milo Hanson Buck Elusive 

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He was surprised to learn that the typical whitetail 12. point buck was a new world record that scored 206 5/8 The news spread fast in the Pine County area

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7 of the top 20 deer recorded in the Pope. and Young Record Books are taken Kansas is definitely the location to pursue. trophy non typical whitetail bucks possibly the best area in the world to harvest a trophy non typical whitetail deer

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Welcome to Whitetail Outfitters of Ohio, your source for guided trophy deer and for several world record non-typical deer including. the Hole in the Horn buck, 

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Jun 22, 2011. If that score were accurate, the deer would be the world-record typical, supplanting the 1993 Milo Hanson whitetail buck killed in Biggar, 

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Jan 17, 2012 *World Rank:. 13 New Mexico's #6 typical elk, taken by Bill Clark in Socorro County in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Bill Clark) New Mexico record Coues whitetail. deer, taken by Victor P. Giacoletti, Jr. in Grant County, 1981.

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Your regional source for whitetail measuring. and record-keeping in the Northeast. At the banquet, awards are given to the largest typical and non-typical bucks 

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Mar 11, 2013. Mike has been writing about whitetails since the 1990?s and is on the pulse of the whitetail world, especially on the giant bucks that hunters shoot across the country. Wisconsin: New State Record Typical Bow Buck.

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Outfitter & Guide: Kansas whitetail deer, turkey, predator, bobcat, coyote hunting ranks #1 in the non-typical category and. #2 in the typical whitetail category 245", for the new #6 ranking in KS, and the biggest whitetail taken in KS in 2003!

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Mar 25, 2013 In fact, the buck that still holds the world-record non-typical rack was discovered in North St Louis County back in November of 1981. Known as 

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Sep 7, 2011 With a net non-typical score of 212 6/8 it is also our largest whitetail ever taken with a muzzleloader There will be more about this deer in a 

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Mar 4, 2008 This Awesome Deer is one of the. biggest we have ever seen Also the world record typical whitetail was. killed by Milo Hanson in 1993 in 

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whitetail deer antler information on. how they grow and why they grow In most cases the typical deer antlers begins growth out of the head in a. buck with the genetic background to become the world. record whitetail buck might be less than  

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CURRENT WORLD RECORD WHITETAIL DEER Harvested by. Milo Hanson. 213 B&C score Shot in 1993 in Saskatchewan Canada. Score Your Game by 

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I was greatly blessed. on Nov 10th, 2004 with the opportunity to harvest a truly magnificent buck. While a part of me believes that too much emphasis is put on 

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2nd Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Taken by Hunter Posted By Outfitters Newswire on 02/28/2013 02:44:13 PM. BeckBuck1 MISSOULA, Mont. (Feb

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Sep 22, 2010 With a net NT B&C score of 307 5/8, Tony Lovstuen's 38-point buck is the world's biggest whitetail ever shot by a hunter.

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