Most easily identified by the usual prominent large black spot on the tail, redfish here redfish referred to as red drum, spot tail, reds, puppy drum, channel bass, etc The current all-tackle world record redfish weighed over 94lbs and was 
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The larger redfish are caught in the Atlantic. with the world records going over 90 referred to as redfish, channel bass, red bass, spottail bass or red drum Jan 1, 2009 To date 10 of the 16 world records for. red drum were produced by anglers the fish at the head by mistaking the spot at the tail for a false eye. Sometimes known as Redfish, Channel Bass, Spottail, Red Bass, and Reds Relative to other species widely distributed. throughout the world's ocean, Red Drum Lux FE, Mahoney JV (1969) First records. of the channel bass, Sciaenops  Aug 13, 2013 also known as channel bass, redfish, spottail bass or simply reds, is a game fis The largest red drum on record weighed just over 94 pounds and was Aquaculture activities involving Red Drum occur around the world Records and photos of the 500 largest freshwater fishes worldwide The first Freshwater Snapper, Spot Tail Bass. "rod & reel" world record caught in:. Some scientists believe the purpose of the spot(s) near the tail is to mimic an eye In 1984, a Virginia man caught the 59-inch, 94 2-pound world record red 

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Jan 1, 2012. As proof, world record holder Manabu Kurita hooked into a bass he The Spot Tail Bass were found upstream in fast flowing, clearer water 

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Tennessee has the recognized world record at 11 pounds. bass (Micropterus henshalli), also known as the “Alabama spot ” speckled catfish, forked-tail cat

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For those of you who are keeping track, the 10 1 was a new lake-record spot, and Tosh predicts would shatter the International Game Fish Association world record “Jigs, too: run a 3/8 or ¾-ounce, but nothing flashy, Just a simply twin- tail 

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Browns up to 5 pounds are not uncommon, and. world-record fish have been caught in thickly speckled with black spots on the. head, sides and slightly notched tail. and smallmouth bass, green and longear sunfish, rock bass and bluegills.

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There are many fishing spots throughout. the world, and fishing season is. his son Mat gain. a World Record 37 8kg (84lb) Yellowtail Kingfish. on 6kg (12lb) line

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A possible new world-record largemouth. bass was caught in Dixon Lake The small lake, no more than a slough off the Ocmulgee River, was a favorite fishing spot of fishermen are catching dozens of bass while. fishing small 2-inch curl tail 

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I guess that's why they call them “World” records This one fish The two quickly decided that a nearby bend in the river was the spot for them Likewise, in certain climes, white-tail deer suffer not from extinction, but from selective slaughter

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shupik, speckled cat, spot-tail, swamp bass and prior to the caudal or tail ?n) be in the 2-3 pound range i Q r However, the world record. is actually over 21

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Blue Cod · Blue Moki · Bluenose · Gurnard · Hapuku & Bass · John Dory In New Zealand, the family is represented by (yellowtail) kingfish, trevally, The all tackle world record stands at 52kg, two fish of identical weights have The hot spots are the Three Kings islands, White island and the Ranfurly bank off East Cape

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Nov 13, 2012 For a fisherman, catching a the world-record bass would be the equivalent of a card player, catching The critter was about six inches long and had a tail and legs Lakers offer Lamar Odom a roster. spot if he goes to rehab

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Bass: Fishing has been good but. the fish are roaming around to troll or set out down lines rigged with blue backs or try native gizzard shad or spot tail minnows. Lake Lanier also boasts a record for being a world class striped bass fishery

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Mar 9, 2012 When Mike Bucca goes fishing, he sees spots. The world record spotted bass weighed 10-4 and was caught in 2001 at Pine Flat Lake, Calif

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Fishing Leech Lake and Walker Minnesota for. musky, walleye, bass, northern pike, Spottail shiner, mimic shiner, darters, and logperch are common Insects Many anglers believe that Leech has the potential to produce a world record

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bass. Spots over 5 lbs. are caught. every year Silver Buddy, tail-spinner, spin -rite, Fly and Rind, and jig and pig will be the best baits. In addition to yielding the world record Smallmouth Bass, Dale Hollow has produced many outstanding  

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Spots are a lot like smallmouth bass. and tend to roam more the LMB, and in green with chartreuse tail tips or. ambler with orange or pink tail tips just caught the record spot in Melones, and it was almost a world record

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Jul 6, 2012 “We slid up on a spot of fish and had double hook ups with yoyos right crushed the IGFA Junior. World Record with a 6 5-pound calico bass.

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Aug 27, 2013. Redfish (locally known as spottail bass), invade these virgin areas in order to The world record Flathead catfish weighed in at an incredible 

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The world record Largemouth bass weighs 22 lbs, 4 ounces and this. rooster tails, top water lures and spinners works because fish like bass and pan fish are 

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State Saltwater Records: Rod and Reel Updated August 6 Bass, Longtail, 4. 30 , 22 50, Aug 2, 2008, Gulf of Mexico, Mike Bednar, mackerel Bass, Striped 

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Bass fishing is enjoyed on streams and. lakes in all 75 Arkansas counties Arkansas offers world record fishing; three current world-record fish (brown trout,  

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It is said that this "eye spot" resembles. that found on the tail plume of the. The world record peacock bass - a 27. pound monster - was a speckled variety.

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Jun 2, 2011 But in top locations, spots combine the best features of both fish. Four-inch ringworms or 5- and 6-inch. straight-tail worms Texas rigged with imported Alabama spotted bass have prospered and grown to world-record size

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A new state record largemouth. bass weighing 18 18 pounds was caught from that handling bass using two wet hands and supporting them at tail and head as Jigs for Springtime Lunkers · Better Fishing in '09 · Top 5 Spots for Finding Bass A Fish Called Ethel - How a 17-pound largemouth bass changed the world.

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His catch may qualify as a world line class record as well in his lunker, a 35- pound striped bass in nearly the identical spot, along with a good-sized drum. The first horizontal stripe below the lateral line is distinct and complete to the tail

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Big Bass Guide Service -. FREE Bait & Tackle! World Record - 22 pounds, 4 ounces, caught in Montgomery Lake, Georgia in Both have deeply. forked tails. anal fin with 24-29 rays and scattered black spots along their back and sides.

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