Aug 21, 2012 Top 10 locations for the World's. best bass spots been taken on Erie, and some experts believe that world-record-class fish are possible
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Caught on the Tennessee/Kentucky State Line, both states have laid claim to. to tell the story of David L Hayes and his magnificent trophy smallmouth bass,  The same lake where, at the time, the world record smallmouth stood at a little after connecting with these trophy smallmouth. bass of the Tennessee River Nov 9, 2012. There are over three thousand world record entries covering one hundred Back in. 1955 D L Hayes caught the biggest smallmouth. bass ever  TENNESSEE ANGLING RECORDS as of January 1, 2013 May 28, 2005. World records make news and so it was that the smallmouth bass bumped the. largemouth bass from the Tennessee sport fish throne, ending a  Smallmouth bass inhabit clear, small to medium-sized streams, rivers, and reservoirs The state angling record (10 lb, 8 oz). was caught in the Tennessee River. of the premier smallmouth fishing areas in North America, and several world  World Record Smallmouth. IGFA Restores 50 Year Old. Smallmouth Bass Record. While Fishing Dale Hollow Lake on the Tennessee/Kentucky. Line, July 8 

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Centrally located on Dale Hollow near the Tennessee-Kentucky State boarder, In addition to yielding the world record smallmouth. bass and being known as a 

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Tennessee and Kentucky DHL is home of the world record's largest caught smallmouth bass, is. the perfect vacation destination retreat for recreational water  

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The World Record Catfish was caught in Kentucky. Lake in 1971, weighing in at an largemouth bass & smallmouth bass, panfish, sauger, white bass and catfish. Tennessee's warmer climate means a longer growing season that results in 

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Wheeler Reservoir is the largest of the Tennessee. Valley Authority's (TVA) three Site of a world record smallmouth bass catch in the 1950's, Wilson Lake is a 

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Please Vote for Byrdstown Tennessee for the Ultimate Fishing Town 4/25/2013 5. :19:01 PM. WFN: World Fishing Network The world record Smallmouth. Bass 

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Dale Hollow Lake is known for its world class fishing opportunities In fact, the world's largest recorded Smallmouth Bass was caught out of Dale Hollow Lake!

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You need to be smallmouth bass fishing in the right spots, because 80% to 90% of 7 in silver/black, or a Rebel Pop-R size 2" or 2 1/2" Tennessee shad color, or a. Lake will produce a Canadian Record Smallmouth Bass in the near future. The fact that world class Northern Pike also. are there, proves the point that the 

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Visit the Cumberland Plateau (Tennessee & Kentucky) Dale Hollow Lake Home of the world record's largest. recorded smallmouth bass (Dale Hollow Lake  

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Individual and Corporate guided Tennessee. bass fishing trips on Tims Ford I have enjoyed many memorable trips with fishermen from literally all over the world Tim's Ford Lake is not only full of "BIG" Smallmouth, and Largemouth, Striped We both use Sufix 6lb Mono www sufix. com I know I'm a broken. record on 

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The beautiful Tennessee River flows through the cities and gives the Shoals wonderful One of the South's best trophy smallmouth bass impoundments in the United States Wilson Lake is the holder of. three previous World Records

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The Largemouth Bass fishing records All the information about the current record holders, and their catch. State Fishing Records - Largemouth Bass 

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Did you know 25,000 Floridians have moved to middle Tennessee in the past five years? The world-record smallmouth bass was caught in one of them!

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From Nashville, Tennessee: Dale Hollow. Lake is about 141 miles from. bass commonly reach large sizes and the world record smallmouth bass was caught 

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Directions: From Nashville, 69 miles east. on I-40, 17 miles north on TN 56, In addition to yielding the world record Smallmouth Bass and being known as a 

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Tennessee's northern Upper Cumberland offers Tennessee scenic beauty, recreation. Home of the world-record smallmouth bass, rainbow trout and German 

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Tennessee Vacation - The State's. Official Travel Planning Website It has yielded the world record smallmouth bass and is known as a trophy smallmouth lake

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Tennessee's State Record Fish as of December Smallmouth Bass*, 11 lbs 15 . oz 7/9/55, Dale Hollow Reservoir Spotted Bass, 5 lbs 14 oz (*world. record)

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Advancing Tennessee » Pickett County Pickett County is the home of Beautiful Dale Hollow Lake (The World's Record Smallmouth Bass was taken here as 

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36, Weighing. 11lb 15oz , what TN lake holds the world's record for largest. Smallmouth Bass? Dale Hollow Lake (1955) 37, What team did the Tennessee. Vols 

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May 22, 2012 Cleveland angler recognized for yet another world record fish world record for a striped bass he caught while fishing the Tennessee River. Texas, landed a 22 85-kilogram (50-pound, 6-ounce) smallmouth buffalo while 

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Norris Lake is a beautiful reservoir. located in Eastern Tennessee prime location for smallmouth bass fishing, currently holding the world record for the largest 

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Freshwater Fish Records. for South Carolina Affidavit. for  Aug 2, 2013 Ryan Vanek the world record bass was. caught right here in South Florida Try smallmouth fishing on a flowing river out of a canoe park and impoundment of the Tennessee River is a perennial bass-fishing powerhouse

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Box 174, Jamestown, TN 38556, (931) 879- Tours and tasting area a daily fare of Tennessee's oldest winery It boasts the world's. record smallmouth bass.

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to enjoy the beauty of Dale Hollow Lake and. the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee. In fact, the world record for smallmouth. bass (11 pounds, 15 ounces), was 

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These rivers have rainbow, brown and brook trout and smallmouth bass Fly fishing. is known for its smallmouth fishing and actually holds some world records

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