Mar 25, 2013. The all-time bench press record is 1,075. pounds, by Ryan Kennelly in 2008, but. false the world record for drug tested raw bench is 710
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How in the world can a 165 lb person bench press well over twice his body NJ, PA, and CT along with the "APA" Drug Tested Raw Bench Press Record in NJ Benching 200k he holds the world records in. the unassisted drug free bench press. drug test 10% of lifters at every meet as well as out of competition tested   The world record recognized by the International Powerlifting Federation is by James. His lift, the heaviest drug-tested raw bench press, was 711 lbs Aug 21, 2013 So when you see a guy benching close to 800 pounds with a bench shirt. the national records of several drug-free powerlifting federations handful accomplished this feat while competing in major drug-tested federations The best scores ever recorded for the Bench Press test of upper body strength The current world bench press champion is. Ryan Kennelly, who pressed 1075 lbs that is allowed and whether performance enhancing drugs are tested for The heaviest "raw" bench press (without equipment such as bench shirts) is 715  

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The best scores ever recorded for the Bench Press test of upper body strength The current world bench press champion is Ryan Kennelly, who pressed 1075 lbs. that is allowed and whether performance. enhancing drugs are tested for The heaviest "raw" bench press (without equipment such as bench shirts) is 715  

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Click here for 2013 Natural & Drug Tested. Powerlifting, Bench Press, Power Sport. The Raw Unity Meet was created as a way for the best raw lifters in the United Challenge 2012 WDFPF World Qualifier & ADFPF National Record Breaker.

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The ADFPA was drug tested, and the USPF was non-tested Classic World Records such as Kennelly's 903 bench press, Gary Heisley's (the 6'10) giant deadlifted 925, and. 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation-. This Federation is all RAW

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The All-Time Biggest RAW Bench Press Record - Non Drug Tested Scot Mendelson holds the biggest. RAW bench press of all time too Scot has bench pressed 

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2013 USAPL Bench Press National Championships Live Stream Posted Tuesday. 2013 USAPL Raw National Powerlifting Championships Live Stream Posted 

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The equations are based on world record holders in the individual lifts For instance, Reg Park's Bench Press and Squat would be within 20 lbs of the current raw, drug-free above the current world record in any drug-tested, raw federation

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Aug 10, 2009. Ken Wentworth continued his assualt on the drug-free record books. Ken Wentworth - New drug-free bench press World Record (468 @ 181). APA Raw masters 50-54 world record at 181 w/ 380 Bench very few people in the world who could pass a drug test and bench this weight, in any weight class

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Men's Raw World Records (Drug Tested) Name Weight class Squat Country Year Name, Weight class, Bench Press, Country, Year, Federation, Video

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Bench Press (full meet) Class Lift Lifter Country Year All Bench. Press Class Lift Lifter Country Men's Raw World Records (Drug Tested). Squat (no. wraps).

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Seamus McNally got the win beating WABDL World Record holder in the. Bench Press, in the 242 weight class in the. Pro Open Raw Classic division of the. world drug-tested bench press record in the 148-pound,55-59 year old class,  

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World Association of Bench Pressers & Deadlifters We are an association We are a drug-free organization. and all meets are drug-tested This is a drug. tested 

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I myself set my first record in bench press when I was just 18, and in 2011 was the US I have devoted my life to this, and within the next. year I will be the all time World Record holder. That is the Raw, Drug tested area.

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World records can only be confirmed if IPF drug testing requirements at any international championship except that of the Bench Press Championships

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Jan 25, 2013 And the all time raw bench record is 715. by Scott Mendleson(also having the. steroids, what with its being a felony in most of the Western world and all that Bench pressing with a touch and go style, depth in the super. "Raw with a belt and knee sleeves and a drug test I squat 225Kg. " - Wonderful.

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The IPF is affiliated to WADA and powerlifting is a World Games sport. The GBPF is the only UK powerlifting organisation. to have WADA approved drug testing. may be worn) powerlifting competitions and. bench press-only competitions both Champs, 11th Aug, Palace of Arts, Glasgow · British Records Need Updating

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Bench only- For lifters that want to compete in the bench press only event Shirts- Under Armour or compression type material is not allowed in the raw division 4th attempt World record attempts. will be allowed at the WNPF world Drug testing methods include polygraph. and urinalysis IN AND OUT OF CONTEST

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tested division The Pro Division has its own world and state records Amateur records set or broken are pending drug test results Amateur records Squat - Pro/Am Raw Junior division, NC Iron Challenge May 18. She nearly tripled her bodyweight benching 375 lbs. bench press. at 130 7 lbs need I say any more!

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Records. Lookup World 2013 Raw Dawg National Powerlifting Championships Results Raw Dawg AM 2013 RPS Summer Freak Benchpress Championships Results 2013 Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate. World Championships If the test results are negative, the meet director will absorb the cost of the drug test

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Jul 5, 2013. [34][32] raw, but not drug tested, sanctioned. 2005. Scot 35 ^ "video: Scot Mendelson 715. Raw Bench Press World Record" YouTube com.

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Sep 1, 2006 2006 100% RAW National Powerlifting Championships on August 12, 2006 in Orlando, Bench Press. Results: We had drug tested 18 lifters and had 1 failure that we are sorry to say. National and World. Records broken:

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Lamar set individual world records that have. stood for decades and that may never bench press: he officially bench pressed 336 without a shirt in a drug tested to set world records in the squat and raw. bench press records that have yet.

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Aug 9, 2004 For years, the bench press world record crept up slowly and steadily. bench press shot up to 965 pounds, the unshirted or "raw" markhas. Others insist he's on steroids because he lifts in meets that don't require drug tests

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Henderson is the current world record holder for heaviest drug tested raw bench press. Big James Henderson's record setting lift was 711 lbs Lets not forget 

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I use only single-ply equipment & been drug tested! OVERALL PRO POWERSPORTS BENCH PRESS WORLD RECORD Raw bench press ranking by Powerliftingwatch. com; ·2009 USAPL Raw Open & lifetime drug free Bp Champion

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First of all, the American and National records have been reformatted and updated first year that our National meets will allow. lifters to set WDFPF World Records All ADFPF Technical Rules, Drug-Testing rules, Personal Equipment rules, 

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