Also known as shovelhead cat, yellow cat, mud cat, goujon, appaluchion and Florissant angler nets new official state record. blue catfish, with world record 
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IGFA World Record:. 123Lb - 0oz Common Names: Flathead Catfish, Shovelhead Catfish, Mud Cat, Yellow Cat The closest living relative of. the flathead is the  World Record Official Website for Tim Pruitt, World-Record 124-Pound Blue Catfish sportsman Learn more about his record along. with exclusive pictures. Aug 2, 2010 Without a doubt, the flathead catfish has more aliases than any other. The IGFA all-tackle world record for the. species is 123 pounds, and was  Flathead Catfish As the name implies, this catfish has a broad, flat head with a jutting lower jaw The Kansas state record is also the world record The Oklahoma Flathead Catfish Back to Okie Fishes. World Record: 91 25 pounds, caught on Lake Lewisville, Texas, in 1982. Jul 1, 2005 Thai fishermen netted a catfish as big as a grizzly bear, setting a world record for the largest freshwater fish ever found, according to  IGFA WORLD RECORD FLATHEAD CATFISH = 78 lb. 8 oz. Ken Paulins' 123 lb. 9 oz World Record Flathead Catfish Spains Record 226 Lb Catfish / World 

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Three species of bullhead catfishes occur in Oklahoma and Texas: black However, they compete directly with channel catfish and sometimes cause water turbidity problems World records for black and yellow bullheads exceed 8 pounds.

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Guidelines for state record fish The current list of state record. fish is available for download Starting January 1, 2013, the Iowa. Yellow Bullhead Silver Carp

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Jul 6, 2011 List of state record freshwater fish maintained by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Bullhead, brown, 4, 8, 1997, Gary Schmidt, Lake of the Woods (Fort Dix) Carp, 47, 0. Catfish, channel, 33, 3, 1978, Howard Hudson, Lake Hopatcong Denotes fish has been certified by the IGFA as a world record 

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World records for both saltwater and freshwater species Flathead Catfish, 91lbs 4oz, Mike Rogers, Lake Lewisville, TX, March 28, 1982. Flatwhiskered . Catfish 

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Montana Fish Records Black Bullhead 14. 37 2 60 lbs. 6/2/09 Smiley. Slough Birrell. Black Crappie. 16. 7 Jared S Albus. Channel Catfish* 37 6. 30 12 lbs

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Current State. Record Fish. Species, Weight, Length. (inches)  Aug 30, 2010 Provides information on the state records of fish in West Virginia The list State Record for Bullhead Catfish in West Virginia. Entrepreneur that writes about niches subjects. as well as current events going on in the world

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Dec 25, 2009 Most anglers have heard of Tennessee's. world-record smallmouth bass Chickamauga Lake yielded the record brown bullhead catfish: 2 lbs

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5 days ago Wilcoxon caught a state record setting 76 54-pound flathead catfish and media outlets across the World Wide. Web, has received phone calls 

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Mar 14, 2012. Catfish in June of 2011 The 143 lb. world record fish was caught on the Kerr Reservoir. The states flathead catfish record is 48 lbs 6 oz.

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ANGLER'S MAIL magazine often get asked about British records Here, online, is CATFISH (Bullhead, black) WORLD ICE FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS! »

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Feb 22, 2012 I want to mention here that our listing of state record fish. has been updated and placed on our Game & Parks. Flathead Catfish–80 lbs

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In 2003 Ronald Moeller of Dyer caught an Indiana record bullhead catfish His 7- pound fish broke the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame's world record 

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Jun 19, 2013. Bluegills. My favorite flathead catfish baits. are bream, bluegills to be exact. Kerr Lake has the world record. for blue catfish right now!

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The world angling record flathead catfish was caught May 14 , 1998. from Elk City Reservoir, Kansas and weighed 123 lb 9 oz (56 05 kg) Inhabiting deep. pools 

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For example, many flathead catfish anglers. prefer live bluegill, while anglers catches over 100 pounds and a recently set world record of 122 pounds.

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Fishermans View offers official Freshwater. World Records For  Springville, Tennessee angler brings in 85 pound catfish on Tennessee's TWRA fisheries division recognizes only. blue, flathead, and channel catfish, the record books it certainly put him on top. of the fishing world here at Kentucky Lake

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Image of Ameiurus melas (Black bullhead) Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Siluriformes (Catfish) > Ictaluridae (North American freshwater catfishes)

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May 16, 2012. four pounds. But the world record out of California is being threatene The yellow bullhead catfish was caught on June 6 at about 11:00 pm

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The world record for the largest muskie ever caught in the United States is 69. Other common names for the flathead catfish are the yellow cat and the mud cat

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The flathead catfish is most common around dam tailwaters and in deep pools of Browns up to 5 pounds are not uncommon, and world-record fish have been 

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World Aquaculture, 23(2): 41-47 5) harvest and record keeping; unmanaged ponds become crowded with small, stunted. green sunfish or bullhead catfish.

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Apr 26, 2013. Kari-On · Seeing the Big Picture · Wade's World. John Konzelman of Millville holds a 36-inch channel catfish he caught April 12 This week the fish was confirmed as a Utah record. for a catch-and-release channel catfish. said, and that evening he had caught a lot of baitfish and some bullhead catfish

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Oil-Mixed Plant Derivatives against African Mud Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) tons of World fish production in 1989 was cured in one way or the other, and that one third Adult mortality was monitored and recorded at 1, 3, and 7 days after 

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Explain the external features of the channel catfish and how they are important to. flathead catfish, Pylodictis. olivaris but the world record of 58 pounds

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