As far as anyone knows, no picture of the actual world record largemouth bass exists There is a picture of a replica being. held by some of Perry's relatives.
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Here are some pictures of the signs there and info about the catch A 25 pound, 1 ounce largemouth bass, a possible. new world record bass, was caught on  Jun 19, 2013. Perry's story is one of bass lore. Although the catch has stood as the certified world record. largemouth for 81 years, no pictures were ever seen  Dec 9, 2003 Is this bass the largest ever caught? Leaha Trew of Santa Rosa, Calif. , holds up her largemouth bass, which was caught in “There's no picture of it next to a measuring device or anything else to compare it to,” Blodgett said. Jan 7, 2013 An unexpected record for Sebile, who holds over 350 record catches George Perry and the World Record Largemouth Bass. "He even showed the picture around in nursing homes to see if they recognized the people in it," he  Jun 8, 2013 The photo was dated June 2, 1932 – and the man in the picture was George W Perry's bass remains the reigning. world-record largemouth, 

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Over 12000 pictures-- Multispecies fish sent. in by anglers just like you: Bass, Pike , Hannon has caught over– 800— 10 pound Plus BASS from around the world- a Legendary Angler in 2000 having caught over 800 10lb+ Largemouth bass Bass eels eggs fish fishing free fry FWC giveaway. hannon kids fishing record 

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AGFC Offices; Arkansas State Record Fish | Information and  Jul 28, 2011. First, largemouth bass are among the most sought-after game fish, and bass fishing is a billion dollar industry. Second, the world record for 

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by Mike Gerry The Frog Bite is Near - Surface largemouth Action by Mike Gerry New World Record Yellow Bass Caught by Indiana Man at MorseLake How to stay 100 Pound Catfish Pictures Talked about. on Strader Show IMPORTANT: 

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Largemouth Bass – One of the most coveted fish by anglers, the largemouth is. “channel cats” grow as big as 40 or 50 lbs, with the world record being 58 lbs.

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There are good odds that the next state. largemouth bass record will come from of nationwide attention when Jerald Shaum. caught his world-record 27-pound, 

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Want your Tournament Results Posted, then send. results and pictures to fishing @kerrlake com · 2011, Kerr Reservoir/Buggs Island Virginia produces a world record Blue catfish 143 lbs Certification pending. Large Mouth. Bass Visit our 

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Meet all of your Fishing, Hunting, Boating & Outdoor needs at the Bass Pro Shops in. Using more than 3,500 area artifacts, antiques, pictures, mounts and 200 fish native to the area including largemouth. bass, striped bass, catfish, carp, Visitors will have the area's largest array of freshwater and saltwater rods, reels 

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images/banner_fall. jpg, banner_right2 Click on the All Time Records button to display. the largest recorded fish caught since Bass, Largemouth, 10 lbs 4 oz

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Sep 15, 2009. The previous world record was held by Sean's twin brother Adam, who as largemouth bass whose extra-large. ancestors were imported from 

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Fishing Challenge Home · State. Record Rules & Procedures  The official list of Idaho record fish by fish family. Records · Controlled Hunt and General. Season Harvest Statistics; more » Largemouth Bass, 10 lb 15 oz

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Bass bite is on at Berryessa and catfish are feeding at Clear Lake The Picture of the Week is the largest inland coho salmon documented in California A 17- pound, 13-ounce largemouth bass, the biggest in a big bass spring at New 

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BountyFishing is home of the world's largest fishing tournament and fastest growing fishing community Featured Pictures. View All Pictures fishing tournament walleye redfish largemouth bass smallmouth bass fishing tournaments fishing 

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pictures for use in. this publication Partial funding. of this. Tennessee has the recognized world record at 11 pounds, 15 ounces state The state record for the largemouth bass. has been 14 pounds and 8 ounces since 1954 In an effort to 

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The NCWRC Division of Inland Fisheries keeps a list of the largest common largemouth bass, 15 lbs 14 oz, Farm Pond, Union County, 3/29/91, William H.

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We have some of the best musky lures and baits for largemouth bass, Take a picture and let your kids. catch that fish in a few years. world record musky

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In pure sales numbers they are by far our single largest species raised here at the farm Todd Overton. That trait is the opposite of a hybrid bluegill, which. has a large mouth and does compete with bass Customers that have Other Pictures

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Jan 12, 2010 Manabu Kurita - World Record. Largemouth Bass. If you would like to see all of Manabu Kurita's pictures, most of which can not be seen on 

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Largemouth Bass. in Wisconsin Wisconsin Largemouth Bass Photos & Pictures Wisconsin World Record: 22lbs 4oz, Montgomery Lake, GA, June 2, 1932.

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Jun 3, 2003 Record Bass Caught in San Diego. For picture. Click here. largemouth bass, the fourth-heaviest on record in the world, third-largest in the 

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World Record Largemouth Bass. "He even showed the picture around in nursing homes. to see if they recognized the people in it," he said The photo shows a 

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Jan 12, 2010 Manabu Kurita New World. Record Largemouth Bass If you would like to see all of Manabu Kurita's. pictures, most of which can not be seen 

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Jan 8, 2010. Manabu Kurita of Aichi, Japan shows his July 2, 2009 record catch, a largemouth bass caught on Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake. After nearly 

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Message Board member photographs, Whopper Of The Week. pictures and Crappie Outing pictures from the. World record. Bluegill! Giant Largemouth. Bass!

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Most of the huge largemouth bass caught in. the last few years were caught on big. The next world record bass will most likely. come from California on a swimbait. See picture for the bass Nibbler swimbait lure with the BLOOD RED treble 

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