Jul 2, 2009 Photos of the potential new world-record. largemouth bass caught in. this still aint the biggest bass ever hooked and landed, even though it 
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Jun 8, 2013 A photograph found in a Florida barn and. e-mailed to Augusta author Bill Baab Perry's bass remains the reigning world-record largemouth,  Jan 7, 2013 World record largemouth bass caught in Florida Patrick Sebile holds up his record largemouth bass. IGFA Patrick Sebile has fished all across  May 25, 2009. 25lb Largemouth bass caught. out of Lake dixon Manabu Kurita World Record Largemouth BassWFNvideosFeatured333,890 · 1:38 BIGGEST ROOSTERFISH EVER CAUGHT FROM SHOREairnuts883,048 views · 6:51 Dec 24, 2012 The Largemouth Bass is one of the most sought after. species and pursued records in the world. Largest Catfish ever caught on film in North  The largest largemouth bass ever caught was 10. 12 km and. 73 5 cm long with weight of about ten kilograms and 133 grams The fish was fished in L. Jun 13, 2013. Possible new photo of world record. largemouth bass surfaces By Outdoor Hub. The email also said the photo. was found in a Florida barn

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there has been a record class bass caught that is 22 5, one ounce. larger. If they ever get introduced in. Alaska they would be monsterous It looks as if this bass is going to be disqualified as a new world record largemouth!

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Could be the biggest bass ever caught on Kentucky Lake Stop and consider that TVA's largest reservoir is some 65 years old. Bon Aqua, a member of the bass club who sent me a note and photo of the lunker largemouth earlier this week

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Jun 27, 2013 That means those bass that are rarely, if ever, caught produce offspring as the official world record largemouth. bass (tied, as detailed below)

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Mar 21, 2006 World record large mouth bass caught. yesterday at Dixon Lake, in San position in the record books, this is the biggest bass ever caught

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American Behemouth the world-record bass fishing story about the world's biggest fish, a fisherman's tale Read about a new uncertified world-record bass caught in the “Area 51 of Bass Fishing ” of Dreams” is similar to themes found in the. film “Field of Dreams” with a twist. A New World Record Largemouth Bass 

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Mar 20, 2012. It all began with Ethel, a largemouth. bass so famous that when she died at. In January 2011, T J Nissen caught the largest bass ever hauled 

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No other world fishing record is so revered, so discussed or so sought after as the •7 of the 11 biggest largemouth bass ever recorded were caught within the 

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Tennessee Fishing. Records Black Bass Species, Weight  Listing of Pennsylvania. state record fish. Links to pictures and 

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United States Since the beginning of the twentieth century largemouth bass have been introduced successfully all over the world These animals are found in the following. types of habitat: temperate. In captivity the longest lifespan recorded was 11 years, while the average age of death in captivity is around 6 years

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The Largemouth Bass is one of Virginia's largest fishes, and probably the most Largemouths will often school (group together) and can be found in groups 

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In a list of the top 25 largest. largemouth bass caught in the U. S. , 21 of the bass are from ( San Diego County ) in 1891, and are now found throughout California.

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Current Program Lakes. Click on any lake below to go directly to that lake's records! What is the biggest fish youíve ever caught? Largemouth bass (6 lbs ) 

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Jun 19, 2013 the long-recognized world record largemouth bass caught in 1932 by George to be a photo--formerly thought non-existent--of the world record catch, recently found in an abandoned tobacco shed he had in northern FL

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Distribution of the largemouth bass in Iowa. is statewide, mainly from the fact that. Early records indicate this species was found only in Missouri River sloughs 

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1 day ago For most fishermen, catching a record-sized fish can be an unobtainable goal. he pulled in the largest largemouth. the state of Maryland had ever seen after the catch, later confirming the bass as the new state record

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Florida largemouth bass features, size and record catches. The largest bass ever caught in Florida is actually 17. 125 pounds/7 77 kilograms, still a 

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Million Dollar Bounty Posted on Florida's Largemouth Bass Record In 2008, an 18 pound, 8 ounce bass caught in Florida exceeded the record but was never  

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Weigh the fish on a state-certified scale (found. at most bait shops and butcher shops), Bass, Largemouth, 8-15, 23 5 / 18, Auburn Lake, Carver, 10/05/2005

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The largemouth bass is the largest and most popular member of the. In general, largemouth bass are more likely to be found in shallow water than in deep 

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Mar 9, 2005. I just found this. on POND BOSS. If a fisherman were to catch a world record largemouth bass, either on Clear Lake or anywhere else, the fish 

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Aug 26, 2013 Colton Lambert, 12, caught a Maryland. record Largemouth Bass His father said he knew this was the biggest Largemouth Bass he had ever witnessed a tropical vacation package from the. World Fishing Network, tackle 

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The three largest tidal river largemouth bass I've ever seen lived in Mattawoman I caught this largemouth bass on a blue/silver Sugar Shad in April of 1995

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Aug 26, 2013 Eventually we ran back out to the school of bass we had found and this the IGFA for the 10th Annual World Records Achievement Awards, my 

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Application for Official Kentucky. State Record Fish Program. 06/13/70 Largemouth Bass. 13 lbs , 10 4 ozs **World Record - line class; Catch and Release 

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Sportfish Hawaii has found the top guide for putting you in the right places and to catch your share of Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and the world Tom was once the holder of an IGFA world. record for Peacock Bass, at 8 lb 9 oz.

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