Mystery Photo Re-ignites Debate Over Georgia's World-Record Largemouth Bass. Lake Eufaula hosted this year's Georgia Bass Chapter Federation's Top- Six 
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All the information about the current record holders, and their catch Largemouth Bass, 14 lbs 12 3 oz, 26", Cedar Lake, Benny Williams, Jr. 3/23/2012 Skipjack Herring, 3 lbs 6 oz, 19", Lake. Eufaula Tailwaters, Bobby Moore, 4/3/ 1992 Lake Eufaula produced the OK state record smallmouth bass and Broken Bow Lake was home to the Oklahoma state record largemouth bass Bass are  Lake Eufaula, 15th largest in the United States and known as the The lake boasts such fish as striped bass, largemouth bass, white bass, crappie, catfish,  Lake Eufaula is the largest lake in Oklahoma, and the 15th largest lake in the USA. Channel Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted   Aug 19, 2013 This past Sunday 8/18/13 Fishing Lake Eufaula. our best bite was in the Morning catching some Hugh Large Mouth Bass bass on jigs and spoons in 10 going out of Eufaula Cove Marina, Lake Eufaula's largest full service  Jul 8, 2012. Over the years, Lake Eufaula produced many double-digit bass. Try Sandy Branch or Pataula Creek, the largest tributary on the Georgia side 

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When it comes to black bass, Ray Scott of Montgomery, Ala has a silver tongue. and a National at Lake Eufaula in July with a record. catch of 139 pounds of bass; Tom Only 28, Dance probably is the greatest bass fisherman in the world

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Lake Eufaula is Oklahoma's largest lake with over 600 miles of shoreline and. The lake is full of large-mouth bass, sand bass, crappie, and catfish and is host 

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visitors record that they were popularly known as “Rotten. Row” and “Brick Little wonder that Eufaula is known as the “Big Bass Capital” of the world Breakfast, Lakepoint Resort. State Park – Dr. John Hall, Black Belt Museum, University.

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Black Bear. Alabama. The world's largest cast-iron statue is in Birmingham Alabama's Lake Eufaula has been called the "Bass Fishing Capital of the World "

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Apr 6, 2012 South Eastern Bass Boats Fishing, and Tournaments - NC, SC, GA. portion of Alabama's largest man made impoundment, Guntersville lake lakes) and while fishing as far south as Lake Eufaula, where most bass have already bed and lakes like Guntersville lake are loaded with big, largemouth bass!

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The world's record largemouth bass was caught in the waters of Georgia in 1932 Lake Eufaula, or. the Walter F George Reservoir, is touted as the "Bass 

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Mar 14, 2013 Bob Tyndal catches a 12-pound, 13-ounce largemouth. that will stand as the largest in B A S S competition for more than 20 years. By winning the National B A. S. S Eufaula National tourna-. ment on Lake Eufaula (Ala. /Ga. )

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Sep 12, 2006 Eufaula Marina on Eufaula. Lake with Dock Rental the top 10. in the USA. Eufaula is the largest lake in Oklahoma. with over 600 miles of shoreline. Crappie, sand bass, catfish and black bass in the lake reach record size.

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Eufaula Lake is the 15th largest lake in the United States and known as the The lake boasts such fish as striped bass, largemouth bass, white bass, crappie,  

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Spanning 69,000 acres, Alabama's largest. lake more resembles an inland ocean. a town that once saw 800 mourners attend a funeral for a large-mouth bass. happen in Eufaula, and lots of people love. Barbour County's largest city for it

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Lake Record spotted bass caught at Broken Bow Lake in May. Largemouth bass fair on crankbaits, minnows, worms and topwater lures at 8-12 ft around vegetation. TJ Fleetwood 2013 Oklahoma Duck Calling Champ is going to World Championships Connor Brady caught this nice bass on August 3 at Lake Eufaula

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Lake Eufaula is Oklahoma's largest lake, and the 15th largest man-made lake. The lake is full of large mouth bass, sand bass, crappie, and catfish and is host 

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Georgia Department of Natural Resources : Coastal Resources | Environmental Protection | Historic Preservation | State Parks and Historic Sites | Sustainability 

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Largest bass weighed to win Big Bass award:. 12 lbs, 0 oz, (11/20/2008, FLW Series, award: 5 lbs, 7 oz, (4/27/2005, EverStart Series, Southeast , Lake Eufaula, AL). Ty specializes in striped bass, but also catches. large-mouth, catfish, white 

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With over 600 miles in shoreline, Lake. Eufaula is the largest lake in. draw to the area and Lake Eufaula abounds with largemouth bass, sandbass, crappie, and 

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With our location near gorgeous Lake Eufaula, it's no wonder that outdoor. holes on Lake Eufaula, an excellent spot. to fish for sandbass, largemouth bass, for a magical day of boating in the blue coves of the largest lake in Oklahoma

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Jul 17, 2013 Black bass good on plastic worms. and top waters early and late The biggest flatheads are being found around the largest rock piles and any 

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Cedar Creek Lake supports largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie Eufaula Lake is Oklahoma's largest man-made lake with more than 600 miles of 

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Also known as Lake Eufaula in Alabama, Walter F George Lake is a 46000-acre reservoir This lake enjoyed a heyday of largemouth trophy fishing in the 1960s and 1970s, and it still is known as the Bass Fishing Capital of the World This is the largest dam in the Chattahoochee. River basin and the second most visited 

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May 7, 2013. Outdoors · Horse Racing · For the Record · Other Sports. DYLAN GOFORTH, World Staff Writer. Gary Todd Sanford, 48, was taken to Bass Hospital in Enid following the crash, but pronounced dead on arrival in the explosion that sent a massive plume. of black smoke rising high above the area

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This nice largemouth helps us take a Top Five Finish on a Lake. The World's Record 11pounds 15 ounces Smallmouth. Bass was taken from Dale Hollow Lake 

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Montana Smallmouth Bass Record Possibly Broken | Fish Bait Radio Mr Bill Pool with a nice 3 11 lb Spotted Bass from lake Eufaula today. many bass anglers when he pulled in the largest largemouth the state of Maryland had ever seen

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Shawn Denny sent all of us a great video. on fizzing Largemouth Bass from. had quite a year and with one to go can they win the Ranger on Eufaula in October? in a 9. 76 pounder and they had the largest. sack of the day at 21. 66 pounds.

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It's the third largest lake in Minnesota; and in the. “Land of a Thousand Lakes,” that's no. The very mention of Lake Eufaula conjures up images of boats silhouetted The current lake record largemouth. stands at an impressive 14 66 pounds

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Eufaula, Alabama, invites visitors to stop and stay a spell to experience its. only the largest historic district in southeastern Alabama and the second largest in the. hall with a black-and-white Italian marble. floor and the murals painted by an called Lake Eufaula, it's nicknamed the “Big Bass Capital of the World” and is 

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