Catfish hooked in Virginia may be world's largest. Tuesday - 6/21/2011, 7:51am ET catfish record (Mecklenburg News Progress/Dallas Weston). Nick Anderson 
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Apr 9, 2009 From the world's biggest dog, to a cow. as big as a small elephant: 6ft tall. the Mekong Giant Catfish has taken pole position with the recorded  Aug 8, 2012 The catch annihilated the previous record for the biggest freshwater. fish ever caught in the UK by a woman, which stood at 69lbs 8ozs. The fish  Jul 31, 2012 The current world record for a wels catfish is 113 5kg A Mekong giant catfish, caught in Thailand in 2005, is the biggest catfish ever caught in  Aug 25, 2005. Thai fishermen caught a 646-pound catfish believed to have been the world's. largest freshwater fish ever recorded, a researcher said Thursday  Information about which is the. largest catfish every caught. seen to it's length with a record length of a mere 3 m/10 ft but the biggest Giant Mekong catfish ever   The European record for the biggest freshwater fish is 294. pounds -- a catfish caught in the River Po in Italy The world's largest, a Mekong Giant catfish,

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The biggest fish caught. in ohio river Posted in the Huntington Forum Share Read. 59 Comments Add to my Tracker More Huntington 

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[Archive] 646-lb. catfish, may be world's. largest Community The fish was the heaviest recorded since Thai officials started tracking the 

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The Biggest Catfish It is now officially acknowledged that the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasius. gigas) is the latest record holder as the world's biggest fish 

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Jul 27, 2010. Closing the Missouri River to commercial harvest. of catfish is paying hefty dividends That makes West's fish a shoo-in for a world record if his catch meets I weigh 109 pounds, so that fish. was 21 pounds heavier than me.

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Sep 12, 2010 Biggest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught The official world record for the biggest freshwater fish ever caught is the Giant Mekong catfish. This huge 

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May 12, 2009 well first off dominick it may not be a record for biggest cat ever caught in AZ but it is a record for urban channel catfish. next off it is the. biggest 

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Ohio River blue catfish caught by Bruce Midkiff in 1991 Flier record holder Harold Otte of Greenwood boasts, "It's. not the biggest, but it's the smallest holds the lightest official world record - a one-pound. grass pickerel plucked from Dewart 

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Current State Record Fish Species, Weight, Length. (inches)  Jun 28, 2012 Kaleb Summers of Claremore became reigning champion and record holder with. the biggest fish ever checked in at the 2012 Okie Noodling 

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Jul 9, 2013 There will be 20 money prizes for the 20 heaviest catfish and two door prizes totaling. UMass breaks World Record. for largest fruit salad

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It measures at it's largest dimensions approx 300m long by 225m wide with a central pier is free of charge and I have seen some of the biggest catfish caught from here. The current world record for any Carp. is for the Giant Siamese Carp.

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In fact, the largest catfish caught in the. state each year are invariably taken from Light tackle will catch more smaller fish. but may not handle one of record 

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Bagarius yarrelli, known as the Giant Devil. Catfish or Goonch is a very large species It may be largest species. in the genus The current other methods world record goonch was 79 inches long and weighed 231 pounds

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Apr 12, 2013. Nearly 35 minutes later Wilcoxson would beat the heaviest recorded fish of. The 56-year-old Surprise resident. boated the catfish at 2:37 a m.  

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Aug 21, 2008 A North Carolina man made a record. catfish catch with his "Biggest catfish I've ever seen," said Ernie Trexler, the assistant store manager

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A listing of Minnesota record fish, where they were caught and the steps to follow if To recognize the achievements of anglers who. catch the biggest fish in each species, Catfish, Channel, 38-0, 44 / n/a, Mississippi River, Hennepin, 1975

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Nov 10, 2009. World's Biggest Catfish The liger is recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest cat on Earth, weighing in at 900 lbs.

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Feb 22, 2012 His first time resulted in one of the. largest fish ever documented from Slim and none–Our hook & line record for channel catfish is very 

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International Game Fish Association world records Search for records by line class, species, angler, or region View details and share individual records.

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The official Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC website We are the information destination for freshwater fishing in BC Get updates on fish stocking. reports, 

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Aug 8, 2013 He officially landed the world record from the International Game Fish ounces heavier than the previous record holder caught in 2004 — in June. and just about grabbed it like you would a catfish before I seen the teeth

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SPECIES, LB -OZ. PLACE, DATE, INFORMATION. Mar 25, 2013. A list of the world's top 25 biggest largemouth bass ever caught and. as the world record for 77 years didn't necessarily have resounding proof 

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Oct 27, 2011. The world's heaviest dog was Hercules, an English mastiff China and she died before she could make it into the Guinness Book of World Records The largest catfish was caught in northern Thailand on the Mekong River

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with a 37” channel catfish that broke a World line class, catch-and-release record on Channel catfish are the largest member. of the bullhead/catfish family  

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ANGLER'S MAIL magazine often. get asked about British records CATFISH ( Bullhead, black) true big roach, by DNA testing, was caught twice. by Duncan Charman in 2010, heaviest 3 lb 15 oz WORLD ICE FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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Apr 29, 2013 The voluptuous vegetable has entered the Guinness World Records book At 646LB this Mekong Giant Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in 

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