The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the Virginia deer or Mature bucks over 400 pounds are recorded in the northernmost reaches of their Many scavengers rely on deer as carrion, including New World vultures, 
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Last year the Monster Whitetails traveling display was viewed by more than THE LONNIE COPELAND 'WORLD RECORD 8-POINT Yes, this buck does  Abundant food and mild winter weather make it possible for Iowa's whitetails to become large in You Are Here > Hunting Deer Hunting Iowa's Record Bucks Apr 15, 2013 King Buck Named World Record by Northeast Big Buck Club. would surpass Milo Hanson's long-standing world record for typical whitetails Feb 3, 2012. After deductions and a drying period Jason Sanders' magnificent 4x4 might be a new world record eight-point buck. We put together a countdown of the highest-scoring whitetail bucks ever killed according to Boone and Crockett records Photo Gallery by PJ DelHomme · Tweet. Sep 7, 2012 Now there may finally be hope for the King buck On September 6th the Boone and Crockett club announced that a decision was made on  Fair Chase Hunts · Preserve Hunts · Guided Hunts · Rifle Hunts · Bow Hunts · Elk. Hunts · Video Hunts · Corporate/Group Hunts · Military Hunts · After The Hunt 

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Mar 7, 1999. Word has it that Mitch Rompola is about to come out of his self-imposed seclusion If the name doesn't strike a cord, Rompola's the bowhunter 

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William submitted these photos of a buck weighing over 400 pounds! Any details ? HERE'S A PICTURE OF THE. NEW WORLD RECORD WHITETAIL IT WAS 

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Feb 1, 2013 The world record typical whitetail buck was shot by Milo Hansen in 1993 in Saskatchewan, Canada Its net Boone & Crockett. score is 213 5/8

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Whitetail Deer often destroy vegetable. gardens, fruit trees and crops The positive use of the Whitetail Deer is that it is hunted for meat and sport Black Whitetail Deer, Deer Picture Record Whitetail World, Whitetail Guaranteed Deer Hunts

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Welcome to Whitetail Outfitters of Ohio, your. source for guided trophy deer and turkey in the Hole in the Horn buck, and the pending world record Beatty buck

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Apr 21, 2013. Wyoming bowhunter kills record whitetail buck 041713_OUT_record_bow_deer Wyoming hunter Shane Sanderson poses with the 10-point 

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Nov 19, 2009 Commonly called "Old Mossy Horns," the Austin buck scored 279 7/8 , ranking. it not only first in Nebraska, but a world record for a whitetail 

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Feb 5, 2010 It also is the fifth largest typical deer taken in the world in the Pope & Young. record book, and Buckmasters' seventh all-time typical white-tailed 

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Emailed photos allegedly show a 412-pound deer killed by a hunter in Clarion County, Pennsylvania Supposedly could be the heaviest. whitetail ever taken

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Quickly becoming known as one of America's premier hunting destinations for whitetail deer and Exotics from around the world, RecordBuck Ranch's 20000 

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The Fall 2003 season proved to be a record-breaking one, when a real monster buck was taken at Kansas Trophy Whitetails. The Non-typical B&C measured 

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OHIO DEER HUNTING GUIDES, GUIDES,DEER GUIDES Whitetail deer hunting at Trophy Country. is a unique and rewarding experience. The world-record, non typical with a score of 333 7/8 was found by a Missouri 

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Fifteen-year-old Tony Lovstuen of Albia, Iowa, is a very fortunate young hunter On Sept 29, Tony was out on a special muzzleloader youth hunt with his dad, 

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The whitetail deer is a medium sized deer found throughout the United States The deer's coat Whitetail P & Y World record velvet Coues Deer 108 3/8 inches.

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Big Game Trophy Records Program. Trophy Deer Welcome to Nebraska's Big Game Trophy Database This searchable database contains trophy whitetail, mule 

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Public knowledge of this buck grew when it was featured in an article titled Walking. World Record in the February, 2002, issue of North American Whitetail 

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Hunting Lodge - Hunting at The Dunn Deal Hunting. Lodge - White Tail Deer hunting of Chariton, Iowa where the presumed new world record buck was taken

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Here's a detailed explanation of how the experts score Whitetail Deer antlers, including what tines to measure first, how to add World Record Whitetail Deer.

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Jan 5, 1995 After a marathon session that lasted 6 1/2 hours, Buckmasters declared the Fulton Buck as the record hunter taken white-tail. The final 

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Most importantly, the animal has to have adequate nutrition. Without adequate nutrition a buck with the genetic background to become the world record whitetail  

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The minimum scores for the Magnolia Records Program are 125 - Typical, 155 - Non-Typical. All white-tailed deer taken legally within Mississippi during any 

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By Shweta Dubay Hunting deer is very popular leisure pursuit in United States Every year, the hunters go to field even woods later than various deer species, 

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Milo Hanson World Record Typical. Whitetail Score: 213 5/8 Saskatchewan, Canada 1993 Source: Boone & Crockett Wayne Zaft Buck Provincial Record Book

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Mar 7, 2013 Indiana non-typical whitetail falls. just short of B&C world record By. The largest non-typical whitetail buck is. a 333-7/8-scoring animal found in 

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June Deer Management: Antler Growth, Age and Size - Deer Hunting in Iowa Whitetail Deer Hunting at The Dunn Deal Hunting Lodge Iowa - White Tail Deer 

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