The Largemouth Bass. fishing records. All the information about the current. record holders, and their catch
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George Perry and the World Record Largemouth Bass Jan 8, 2010 Here's the formal word on Japan's Manabu Kurita tying George Perry for the most hallowed of fishing records, the one for largemouth bass. Bass, Largemouth For more information on Mr Perry and the world record bass , visit the following website: http://www. mrlurebox com/GeorgePerryBass htm  Jul 2, 2009 I am sure that anyone who follows bass fishing at all knows that the previous world record largemouth bass caught by George Perry 77 years  Jun 13, 2013. Who in the world holds a bass like that, if it squirmed, that thing I am proud to live in the only state to. hold the Largemouth Bass world record Largemouth bass usually hang around big patches of weeds near shallow water The current world record largemouth bass weighed 22 pounds 5 ounce 29 inch  May 21, 2013 The world record for the Largemouth bass currently is tied at 22 pounds 4 ounces Two anglers from a completely different time and place share 

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it to ya, but I currently hold the record for world's smallest largemouth. but Vizslas has the smallest bass I've even seen caught on hook and 

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Jun 17, 2013 Mysterious Photo of Record Largemouth Bass fish that would make him a legend, as well as a world record holder for 81 years and counting

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Greg Myerson - Official IGFA. All Tackle World Record Lake Logan Martin- Don't ever think the best. bass fishermen in the world don't know. It was here that Allen Bryan caught the then-state. record largemouth bass 

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The body shape of florida peacock bass is similar to that of a largemouth bass; 13 of the 16 current IGFA world records for. the Butterfly Peacock bass have 

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Ray Scott, the founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B A S S ), and known around the fishing world as the. “Bass Boss,” has been named to the to conduct a light-line largemouth bass record quest at the 2002 Professional Bass  

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Jul 28, 2011. First, largemouth bass are among the most sought-after game fish, and bass fishing is a billion dollar industry Second, the world record for 

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May 12, 2010. The historic marker on Georgia State Route 117 tells the story of a man named George W. Perry and his world record largemouth bass caught 

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Jul 6, 2011. List of state record freshwater fish maintained by the NJ Division of Fish and. Bass, largemouth, 10, 14, 1980, Robert. Eisele, Menantico Sand Wash Pond Bass Denotes fish has been certified by the IGFA as a world record 

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Patrick Sebile Angles Another IGFA Record. World-Renowned Angler Bests All Tackle World Record Length Largemouth Bass COLUMBIA, S C (January 2, 

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In an effort to improve the quality of fishing in Texas — and perhaps produce the next world-record largemouth bass — TPWD uses 13-pound-plus females for 

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Image of Micropterus salmoides (Largemouth black bass). Tree of Life | uBio | Wikipedia(Go, Search) | World Records Freshwater Fishing | Zoological Record 

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Jun 27, 2013 Black bass are America's favorite. game fish, and the largemouth are as the official world record largemouth. bass (tied, as detailed below)

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State Record Fish, Indiana There are some striking similarities to the largemouth. bass however, such as basic body The IGFA currently groups them together. for world-record purposes.

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Peacock Bass World Records (Standard Tackle) The following are the IGFA all tackle and line class records for peacock bass. Consult IGFA for the most current  

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The current All-Tackle world record striped bass ( fresh water) was caught by Hank Ferguson in O'Neill Forebay Resevoir, San Luis Cailifornia on May 7, 1992.

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Largemouth Bass Fishermen - See us first for some of the finest Largemouth Bass fish mounts, specializing in Bass taxidermy & replicas Unofficial Fla State Record Largemouth Bass Replica 31. 5 inches -. 19-20 lbs Home / About the. Artist 

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Bass, Largemouth. 3 Bass Hall of Fame for “World Record Fish” The line If qualified as a world record holder, you will receive a certificate for framing

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May 23, 2013 Although considered by many as an added bonus when bass or walleye Canadian largemouth may not grow to world-record size, yet the 

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trophy image. Atlantic Chesapeake Freshwater Division  ALABAMA, March 2, 2013 - A potential world-record fish caught from Alabama Only the state records for smallmouth bass. (1950), drum (1949) and bluegill 

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Eating Quality – White, flaky meat with a good flavor and may be prepared like other freshwater bass State and World Record - 3 pounds, 14-1/4 ounces caught  

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Joe certainly had the Arkansas state record as well as the fresh water striped bass record and very possible the world record Striped Bass The World Record 

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Striped Bass and Hybrid. striper fishing records Current World Record Striped Bass Click on the links for all species records. Pictures for both Freshwater and 

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THIS IS THE ONLY UP TO DATE DATA BASE THAT LISTS ALL  Application for Official Kentucky State Record Fish Program. 06/13/70 Largemouth. Bass. 13 lbs , 10 4 ozs **World Record - line class; Catch and Release 

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B A S S. World Record 5 Fish Stringer! These replicas were presented to Displays for the Texas Freshwater. Fiheries Center, Athens, TX Dean Rojas - 2 time 

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I was reading through some fishing news and this topic caught my eye! The current IGFA world record largemouth bass weighed 22lbs and 4 oz The 77-year -old 

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