Apr 26, 2013. This week the fish was confirmed as a Utah record for a catch-and-release channel catfish Buy this photo. View all 2 images. in gallery
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The channel catfish has a deeply forked tail. with black spots on its back and sides World Record: 58 pounds from the Santee-Cooper Reservoir in S. C , July 7,  World Record Catfish - Santee Cooper Cats 01-16-2004, Texhoma, Cody. Mullennix, 121 6 lb 58. 0", Shad Flathead Channel Yellow Bullhead, 07-15- 1989 Oct 11, 2010 A 20-year-old is Colorado's newest fishing state record holder after landing. a 43- pound, 6-ounce channel catfish estimated to be about the  IGFA WORLD RECORD CHANNEL. CATFISH = 58 lb. Channel Catfish 31 lbs. 8 oz Rappahannock River. 10-02-1992 IGFA WORLD RECORD WHITE CATFISH   catfish, channel (Ictalurus punctatus) (Rafinesque, 1818); ICTALURIDAE FAMILY. The channel catfish is currently distributed through most of the U S and parts  The channel catfish, like the blue catfish, has a deeply forked tail, but can be. Florissant angler nets new official state record blue catfish, with world record  The Minnesota record channel catfish is 38 pounds, caught in the Mississippi River. The world record, 58 pounds, was taken in South Carolina About one 

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The best images of the biggest freshwater. and saltwater record sport fishes of. The channel catfish is widely distributed through most of the USA. and parts of 

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On this page, we will concentrate on the catfish baits commonly used for the following three species of catfish, the channel catfish, the blue catfish, and the 

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The channel, flathead, and blue catfish all call the Ohio River home, which makes In 2008 the blue catfish was added to the state. record fish list by the Outdoor 

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SPECIES, LB -OZ PLACE, DATE, INFORMATION Black Bass Species, Weight, Location, Caught By, Date  world record blue catfish (111 lbs) was caught in Wilson Lake, and catfish (1) Assess and analyze the populations of. blue catfish, channel catfish, and 

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The official list of Idaho record fish by fish family. Channel Catfish, 31 lb 05 oz, 38", 23. 5", Mann Lake, Kenny Decker, Kooskia, ID, Nightcrawler, 30#, 8/25/ 

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Feb 22, 2012. Slim and none–Our hook & line. record for channel catfish is very record is larger than the all-tackle world record recognized by the FWFHOF

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May 29, 2013 What happened was a new state record for heaviest. channel catfish caught on a fly rod. The fish weighed. 20 8 pounds and was 35 5 inches 

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Jul 6, 2011 (The previous record was a 130-pound catfish caught in Missouri last year ) them, watch the story of India's giant catfish on National Geographic Channel. In other parts of the world, catfish support huge fisheries—both wild 

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Guseman's catch is under the state record of 101 lbs and the world record of. the lake could also be home to some record-breaking. Channel Catfish and Bass.

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Jul 22, 2010. The possible new world record Blue. Catfish in Missouri is 130 pounds! Daris Mckinnon Caught the New Colorado. State record Channel cat 

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WORLD RECORD for CHANNEL CATFISH: 63 lbs (48") caught in Choctawhatchee River in Ponce de Leon, Florida on 11-6-06 by Doyle Lee 

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The biggest Channel Catfish ever caught. was 4 ft/ 130 cm long and weigh a record length of a mere 3 m/10 ft but the biggest Giant Mekong catfish ever caught 

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The flathead, blue and channel catfish are all abundant and grow to enormous weights, with the world record 58-pound channel catfish having been caught here 

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Current Program. Lakes Click on any lake below to go directly to that lake's records! Altus-Lugert Crappie (2 lbs. ) Channel catfish (15 lbs ) Blue catfish (40 lbs ).

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From the world record German Browns caught throughout the 70's and early 80's to. There is a large population of channel catfish thatlive in the upper Flaming 

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Montana Fish. Records. Fill out the Fish Record Form and send it to:. Beth Giddings; Fisheries Bureau; Montana Channel Catfish* 37 6 30 12 lbs. 5/8/09.

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May 23, 2008. Mike Mainhart, of Vienna, Ohio, took a 14-pound line-class world record flathead, for example, while fishing for channel catfish at Mosquito 

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Mississippi Official State. Record Freshwater Fish Facebook. The fish set several world records as well as some Texas state records Earlier in the day he caught a 56-pound blue catfish but released it. Lucky for the fish, 

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Catfish Trout W B Whaley Recorded at Pineville South Carolina. World Record Channel Cat 1964 This record has stood for quite a long. time as you can see by  

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Channel catfish have a top-end size of approximately 40-50 pounds The world record channel catfish weighed. 58 pounds and was caught in 1964 Realistically.  

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These blue cats have the potential to outgrow channel catfish. in your fishery, and they are twice the fighter They will straighten a World Record – 143 pounds

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A Channel Catfish. weighing 58-0 lbs was caught in Lake Moultrie in 1964 by W H. Whaley of Pineville, SC and is the current. Channel Catfish World Record

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At the present time these lakes hold a world record Channel Catfish (58 lbs) These lakes held the world records for Striped. Bass until 1993, its weight was 55  

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channel catfish. Blue cats reach a larger size than channel catfish and can appear to have a humped back at larger sizes The current all-tackle world record for

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