Mar 21, 2006 Weakley's catch faces an uphill battle for world-record consideration because And the world's largest bass ever caught was released.
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Dec 25, 2010. Pictures of World Record Class Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass All pictures found via google. Largest striper ever caught on video! May 25, 2009 25lb Largemouth bass caught. out of Lake dixon Her name was Dotty and she weighed 25lb1oz I hope Dotty's offspring has the potential to get as big as she did. Manabu Kurita World Record Largemouth BassWFNvideosFeatured 333,890 · 1:38 BIGGEST ROOSTERFISH EVER. CAUGHT FROM  BUT Japan now holds the Bass World Record jointly with the USA! Mac Weakley of Carlsbad landed of one of the. largest bass ever caught in Southern  Jul 10, 2009. No decision yet on possible. record bass caught in Japan On July 2, 2009, he landed his biggest fish. ever (although not the biggest he has  George Perry and the World Record Largemouth Bass has been found - taunting naysayers who believe the fish wasn't as big as it was said to be, or perhaps  The world record bass was caught near Jacksonville, GA. Here are some. Dottie, the new world record bass above was found dead in May, 2008. Please visit 

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Edward Llewellen with the World's Record Black Sea Bass, which he caught, pound Catfish & smashes the previous record of largest fish ever caught by a 

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Black bass are the "money" fish and drive a big part of the Texas economy. including a new. lake record 16 08-pounder that was caught on the last day of the Fish live in a semi-transparent world. suspended between earth and sky The Guadalupe bass is found only in Texas and has been named the official state fish.

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To set a new record, you just need to exceed the certified records; the uncertified records are provided just for information. The "Big Catch" program gives 

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Unofficial Striped bass caught in Norfork are generally larger than the Bull Shoals stripers This Brown is still the second largest. ever recorded, world-wide

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Mar 7, 2013. Angler reels in 70 lb (31 kg) striped bass in Alabama Enlarge. A fisherman has broken the record for reeling in. the world's largest striped bass caught on. delta for years,and the biggest one I ever caught was 25 7lbs which 

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Jun 10, 2012 “It just takes one fish that's. found an opportunity to get that big ” Perry caught the world record largemouth bass, a 22-pound, 4-ounce 

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This includes the 9th largest documented largemouth bass ever caught, and another bass that may have been the world record These are lures withproven 

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The time is now to catch the biggest fish of your life! it FLOATS, COILS and SWIMS like. nothing you have ever used! The Bass Professor/Doug Hannon has caught over– 800— 10 pound Plus BASS from around the world-. fish fishing free fry FWC giveaway hannon kids fishing record bass Topwater Lake guntersville 

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Mar 26, 2013 James' striped bass is one of the largest freshwater fish ever caught in the Fish Association (IGFA) world record. for land-locked striped bass.

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Mar 6, 2013 [Related: The biggest fish ever caught from a kayak ] (WTNH) - A striped bass that could break the. world record was caught in the waters of 

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Calico and Sand bass information be taken year 'round by any number of different methods - the really big fish just love that candy bait They are typically found in shallow water (surface to 150 ft ). The world record. kelp bass (14. 5 lb )  

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May 16, 2012 A fishing trip on the Potomac may land. one local man in the record books have set the new world record for the largest snakehead ever caught for the vanishing populations of Potomac. River shad, bass and even frogs

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My records show that this is the 8th bass caught from Club lakes weighing over 12 lbs Carolyn and Stephen catch lots more big bass 6 at 6lbs, 5 at 7 lbs, and 2 over 8lbs) Craziest thing we have ever experienced. world record bass.

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Lake Logan Martin- Don't ever think the best bass fishermen in the world don't know total weight, most bass caught, most limits caught and largest winning weight It was here that Allen Bryan caught the then-state record largemouth bass 

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Nov 19, 2012 Total Sea Fishing » News » Record Bass Captured! Giant fish is close to world record. Largest-ever German Atlantic salmon landed.

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Bass and carp are the most popular fish found in the Msinsi Reserves near Durban. The dam holds the world record of 24 kg. when 6 bass were caught in one day. South Africa's biggest bass fishing competition is held each year on the first 

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The current All-Tackle World Record Striped Bass (salt water) was caught by The largest striped bass ever recorded was 125 pounds caught in the net of a 

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The largest peacock bass in the world are found only in the Amazon basin. Anglers seeking true. If a shot at a world record is your. goal, then this is your fishery

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Aug 26, 2013 He found out Anthony had never caught a Peacock and it was on! the school of bass we had found and this. girl exploded on the Gambler Big EZ leaving the IGFA for the 10th Annual World Records Achievement Awards, 

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Jul 31, 2013 The Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Reportedly Caught From The Ocklawaha that the accepted WORLD RECORD. Largemouth Bass of 22 

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Mar 13, 2013 Guys I just had to share this trophy. striped bass catch that a local. Bramlett will go down in history as holding the world record for the largest striped bass. I found out at the gym this morning that the story was published in 

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Sportfish Hawaii has found the top guide for putting you in the right places Tom was once the holder of an IGFA world. record for Peacock Bass, at 8 lb 9 oz

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Dec 4, 2010 The current sport-caught World Record King Salmon is 97 25. Not so funny story: In 2006, a Carlsbad, CA, man thought he had caught a world's record bass, The biggest rainbow trout ever caught was this whopper that 

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There must be something in the water, because this is the third world record, along. I visited the displays there looking for big stripedy fish and found this one.

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The largest Bass ever weighed in the O P E. C. Legacy Tournament and the largest bass caught in any Falcon Tournament since 2001 until Oct 2005 when a. not only catches big catfish, he has taken the time to certify them as TPW Records. " 

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