Flathead Catfish - posted in Catfishes:. Anyone keep Flathead Catfish? The current world record Flathead was 128 pounds caught in Kansas, 
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IGFA All Tackle Records for Catfish, flathead 55 79 kg (123 lb 0 oz), Elk City Reservoir, Independence, Kansas, USA, 19-May-1998, Ken Paulie, Record  Aug 23, 2012. Kansas has a new state-record blue catfish after an Olathe man pulled (and Longest Duck Call: Illinois Hunters Look to Beat World Record  Apr 18, 2013 Robert and Stefanie Stanley of Olathe, Kansas, managed a twofer that. not many couples can claim: Both caught state-record blue catfish Jul 19, 2011 Last Friday Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism biologists. caught and released a huge flathead catfish at the lake The only other was the 123- pound state and world record caught at Kansas' Elk City Lake in  World Record Official Website for Tim Pruitt, World-Record 124-Pound Blue Catfish Get the detailed story of the fight with this 124 pound World Record catfish. Sadly the big blue didn't make it to Cabela's. in Kansas City, where it was my  Aug 27, 2012. this is the new kansas state record blue catfish Updated Pictures on the World Record Blue catfish July 21, 2010Hookin' Fish Outdoors4,864 views · 1:09 Big Flathead Catfish, Kansas PondMike Harper4,207 views · 7:55

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That makes West's fish a shoo-in for a world record. if his catch meets the IGFA's stringent July's third record fish was a 99-pound flathead catfish caught.

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(state record), wipers, sunfish, bluegill, channel and flathead catfish, drum and laws governing the taking of fish and bullfrogs are set by Kansas Wildlife and  

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Randie Lieneke 93-pound blue catfish out of the Missouri River Rob Stanley of An impressive world record size. blue catfish caught in Missuri A fish of 130 lb 

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Jun 3, 2012 Rodney Akey of Niles shows off his. Michigan state record catfish (49. the two men wrestled a 49-pound, 8-ounce flathead catfish onto the bank. The all- tackle world record is 123 pounds. caught from a Kansas reservoir

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rus melas, brown bullhead A. nebulosus, flathead catfish Pylodictis olivaris, white. world record length for each species, respectively We compared. world 

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My cousin from Kansas sent me a. couple of pictures of big cats. Don't know the. Quite frankly either thats a new world. record or a realy good fotoshop job. Those trot line guy's are a Flathead Catfish 91lb 4oz. Flatwhiskered 

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Aug 27, 2013 Before I go any further, let me get this on the record: Noodling is a very crazy and. competition when she pulled in. a 72-pound flathead catfish

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Message: First let me start by saying. I am new to the catfish world. Message: Recently my partner Larry and I took part. in a KC Catfish tournament out of Waverly MO We smashed the old record by more than a few pounds. After having 2 large cats (flatheads or channels) run. into the junk I pulled a 20 inch channel cat 

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Amended August 2013 The Ohio Record fish list is maintained. by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio State Catfish Shovel/Flathead 76 5. Barney Freeman, Kansas

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Flathead catfish facts including habitat, eating habits, where to find them and Records – World record is 123 pounds caught by Ken Paulie in 1998 in the Elk 

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A large American catfish (Pylodictis olivaris). having a yellowish body with brown The world angling record flathead catfish was caught May 14, 1998, from Elk 

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What state was the largest catfish caught in? Caught in Kansas in the 1990's, 123 pounds nine oz What is the record. The world record comes. from Kansas.

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Currently, there are about 25,000 recognized species of fishes in the world, divided into 35 living orders Within Kansas 144 species are recorded from 24 families in 16 orders. The following. list. Flathead Catfish - Pylodictus. olivaris Order of 

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Aug 12, 2013 Within the past few days a new Georgia. record flathead catfish was River and a possible new world record blue catfish was landed in the Missouri River record flathead is a huge 123 pound fish caught in1998 in Kansas

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HERE'S A PICTURE OF THE. NEW WORLD RECORD WHITETAIL. This is a droptine growing out of the Kansas buck's eye socket! It turned out to be a flathead catfish who had obviously tried. to swallow a child's basketball which became 

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Kansas Department of Commerce and Kansas Historical Society. Carry Nation. Wichita, set a new world record for the mile run, becom- ing the first American mile. Largemouth bass, bluegill, flathead catfish, Ken- tucky or spotted bass, 

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Apr 1, 2013. This world record size fish was 103 pound - 47 kilo and 160 cm of length. A big flathead catfish was landed in Phoenix in Arizona's probably the heaviest ever A Kansas fishing couple have their personal records

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Fishing news for. Kansas Anglers State Farm 2005. BassFan. com World Rankings. Oklahoma State Record Flathead. Catfish Caught at El Reno Lake.

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University of Kansas Natural History. Museum Public Education Series No placidus) 158 Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) 160 FISHES IN KANSAS. On the basis of early records, it appears that some kinds of fishes may have. Sturgeons are among the most bizarre and most. ancient of all the world's fishes

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Guided Catfish and Spoonbill adventures on Truman Lake and Lake of the Ozarks in The Osage has a well deserved reputation as the Spoonbill Capital of the World. and Flathead catfish that deliver an experience. like nothing else on pole and line Spring 2012 catfishing was the best season on record including a 65 

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The world record for the largest muskie. ever caught in the United States is 69 Other common names for the flathead catfish. are the yellow cat and the mud cat

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Jul 26, 2012 A family grocery store took the record for world's longest bratwurst in a Last Saturday, 16 divers from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois and Nebraska probed He did manage to shoot a flathead catfish the day before the 

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Keep records of how long you fish, the fishing method used, and what size and Flathead catfish should also be avoided since they will consume every other 

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Kansas - ANGLER CATCHES A DREAM RAINBOW 11 02-pound. MIssouri - Shortnose. gar might earn St Joseph angler a. world record Pittman, 52. Oklahoma - Seventy-six-pound flathead catfish sets. new Oklahoma state record " Poteau 

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In 1998, Ken Paulie used a Zebco 33 spooled with 12 pound-test line to pull in a World Record flathead catfish from the Elk City Reservoir in Kansas That fish 

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