Tony killed the animal during youth deer season The rack from the 250- to 300 -pound deer could become a world record as the largest taken by a hunter, 
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Dec 1, 2011. Because the deer was tagged and owned by the RiverRoad Whitetails ranch, the. would have lied about where you killed it so that you could get in the record books. X factor is th world record and. he was 509" at 3yrs Jan 8, 2001 OFFICIAL SCORERS SAY OHIO. DEER A WORLD RECORD - OH -- A white- tailed deer killed last fall in Greene County is an Ohio record,  The heaviest white-tailed deer ever killed in America was buck A deer was killed in Clarion County Pennsylvania and World Record Whitetail Deer Dec 17, 2007. Subject: Record Canada Whitetail Deer ( Killed 2007 ) message claim that the deer was a World's Record rather than just an Alberta record. THE LONNIE COPELAND 'WORLD RECORD 8-POINT Yes, this buck does Killed in the fall of 1986, at 223 1/8 net B&C. points this Arkansas monster is the  Nov 12, 2009. RED WING, Minn — Troy Reinke killed what probably will be a world-record buck last month in Southeastern Minnesota Goodhue County 

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hatched and the resulting 55 offspring may. be seen in over 30 zoos around the world. They can spend hours in one spot, waiting. for a deer, boar, goat, or anything The venom from the Komodo bite will probably. kill it within one week;  

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The Nation's Number One Deer Hunting Association. antler scoring, see the Thad Cartwright's World Record Velvet buck, meet Alabama guitarist Jeff Cook, 

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Record Book for Oregon's Big. Game Animals, Fifth Edition cougar, eastern and columbia whitetail, blacktail and mule deer, rocky mountain and roosevelt elk, 

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earliest mule deer population estimates recorded For most of World. War I As a result of digestible, and may kill microbes in the rumen that are so essential 

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To see Slingshot World Records of Fish & Game click here: SLINGSHOT Mayor, Riachard Presthus shot a tight group of 4 arrows out of the Bear Kill'en, Deer 

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A lion may kill many more animals in an. attack than it can possibly consume. Its diet consists of deer, elk, porcupines, small mammals, livestock, and pets ( World Book Dictionary, Volume Two; World Book,Inc. 1986, page. 2231 12). ( Associated Press, February 26, 1991 - Note:. We found no record of the boy being  

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The Fall 2003 season proved to be a record-breaking one, when a real monster buck was taken at Kansas Trophy Whitetails The Non-typical B&C. measured 

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A white-tailed deer killed in the fall of 2004 in Warren County, known as the Jerman buck, became an Ohio typical record with a score of 201 

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World Class Whitetails of Ohio hunt with us to get the biggest. bucks in Ohio at the best price in the country.

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Sep 20, 2008 He was out deer hunting last week when a large grizzly bear charged him from about 50 yards. Commission established the bear had killed at least two humans in It's the largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world.

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Specializing in trophy Blacktail deer in the western Washington area, Clifford Richter World Record Blacktail 183 5/8 Clark County phot from 2009 If/when you kill a buck that is the start of a. whole new adventure of getting it to your rig.

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Milo Hanson World Record Typical Whitetail Score: 213 5/8. Saskatchewan, Canada 1993. Source: Boone & Crockett. Wayne Zaft Buck Provincial. Record Book.

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NEW BOOK HERE ABOUT GEORGE PERRY AND THE WORLD'S RECORD, NEW! State Record Deer - Marker 5b, This Sign Is Readable If 'ORIGINAL Is Selected This Sign Benjamin Mitchell Griffin - Killed At Breakfast Branch By Indians

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Dec 4, 2007. Here's a picture of the new world record whitetail Supposedly, this deer had killed a pit bull, two land rovers and six hunters in the last two 

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This is the World Record Typical Mule Deer taken by Doug Burris in 1972 There are very few legit Scroll to the Bottom of Page. for Kill Shot Video Footage

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Big mule deer bucks are just not as common as they used to be across most of the West While. big Barcus' world record. bow-kill scored 2031/8 According to  

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I know this isn't a fish record, but most bass fishermen go deer hunting and this is one more than 291 inches which if stands. will be a state and world record.

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World Record Iowa Whitetail From Soap Creek Outfitters Unlike horns on cattle which are permanent, male deer lose and re-grow their antlers every year

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Mar 4, 2008 This Awesome Deer is one of the biggest we have ever seen. Also the world record typical whitetail was. killed by Milo Hanson in 1993 in 

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Our deer population is high and many record bucks are taken each year as well as lots of respectable bucks which would make any Black bear hunts with world class pike fishing. Excellent chance to kill a. massive 150 to 170+ buck

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Killed by what? Modern gun. Biggest whitetail deer ever killed in the US? WORLD'S RECORDS TYPICAL WHITETAIL DEER SCORE: 213 5/8 LOCATION

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Answer: The biggest deer ever record was a 412 pound whitetail, shot and killed in 2005 in Pennsylvania World record for biggest ejaculation? I believe it's 

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7 of the top 20 deer recorded in the Pope and Young Record Books are taken from the best area in the world to harvest a trophy non typical whitetail deer

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CURRENT WORLD RECORD. WHITETAIL DEER Harvested by Milo Hanson 213 B&C. score. Shot in 1993 in Saskatchewan Canada. Score Your Game by 

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Mar 25, 2013 In fact, the buck that still holds the world-record non-typical rack was discovered in North St. Louis County back in. November of 1981. Known as 

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