Aug 30, 2012 If legally taken, the deer could. have been a new state record. top a state-record set for gun-killed whitetail bucks with typical antlers that Nation & World North Dakota. Northwest Territories* Nova Scotia* Nunavut*. Ohio
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Number One Source for Ohio Deer Hunting Information. Including Ohio's Deer Hunting the necessary conditions to produce world class deer like the ones below crossbow and became the new Ohio record. typical with a score of 201 1 /8 In 2005, on opening day, Mike Rex of Athens, Ohio killed this buck that had 17  The clubs goals are to: encourage trophy hunting by Ohio hunters, establish and maintain a permanent record of Ohio's trophy deer taken in fair chase, foster  2 days ago. taken recently across North America, as well as trophies entered and accepted into the B&C records. Ohio Typical Giant. - August 30, 2013 World Class Whitetails of Ohio hunt with us to get the biggest. bucks in Ohio at the best price in the country Just saw this on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. http://www whitetaileddeer ca/new-world-record-whitetail-deer-sperry-iowa htm. Aug 30, 2012 If it is, it will unseat the Milo Hanson Buck as the B&C world-record Johnny King killed the big deer with a borrowed 30-30 while deer hunting 

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Jan 8, 2001 OFFICIAL SCORERS SAY OHIO DEER A WORLD RECORD -. OH -- A white- tailed deer killed last fall in Greene County is an Ohio record, 

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Dec 17, 2007. Subject: Record Canada Whitetail Deer ( Killed 2007 ) message claim that the deer was a World's Record rather than just an Alberta record

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At many major events there is one display. that every deer hunter in the State Record typical, and is also the second-largest typical ever killed by a hunter in the. THE LONNIE COPELAND 'WORLD RECORD 8-POINT Yes, this buck does  

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of the highest-scoring bucks ever killed according to Boone and Crockett records. The second biggest whitetail deer ever taken by a hunter is mounted on 

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Read story behind the Boone and Crockett. World Record Whitetail Deer Typical Feb 8, 2012 Sanders, a 38-year-old farmer and veteran deer hunter, was hunting on his home farm. The 180-Class Pending B&C. World Record 8-Point Buck! Just kidding, awesome buck! i've got. a 150 class 8pt killed in ga thats a 

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Jan 29, 2013 The deer hunts that make up the 20 Best. Buck Stories of 2012 show just of Wildlife Conservation's Cy Curtis records—a. listing of big deer killed by new world record in the Buckmasters scoring system's irregular category

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Sep 22, 2010 The magazine dubbed the deer “Iowa's. Walking World Record,” and the get out and do some real huntin I bet you don't kill a single deer

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May 20, 2013. The diehard archer double-lunged the deer only a few bean rows The world record Mel Johnson Buck, scoring 204 4/8, was killed in 1965

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Feb 9, 2009 cool. deer Deer jumps in to Lion Exhibit. at the National Zoo. KODIAK BEAR HUNT 1951 WORLD RECORDSundanceDVD429,044 views · 0:44 if people didnt kill these animals you would be here right now these 

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World Records by Species (click Species for record details and  Emailed photos allegedly show a 412-pound deer killed by a hunter in Clarion County, Pennsylvania (or in Nebraska, depending on version)

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The Non-Typicals Rnk Category. DDC. FirstName LastName Year County Score. Antler Age Gender 1. Gun. 1999. Don Rockett 1998 Person 228. 4/8

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Be sure to add your name and County of kill. so that you can get. proper credit My Record book 3pt I just wanted to share my trophy taken in Monroe County NY I recently began my journey into the hunting world with the help of my "deer" 

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Aug 30, 2012. If legally taken, the deer could have been a new state record Kent poached was probably large enough to top a state-record set for gun-killed whitetail bucks with typical antlers that was set back in 1974. Nation & World

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Jan 27, 2012. Potential new archery world record non-typical mule deer killed last fall by Cody Robbins in Saskatchewan

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South Carolina White-tailed Deer. Antler Records Program, Scoring. of people leaving farms prior to. and especially after World War II COUNTY OF KILL 

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The article headline read, “Man Arrows Likely World Record Deer ” He then killed a buck in Texas and replaced. the antlers with the set he had purchased

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Oct 4, 2010 Missouri Monarch: The World Record Non-Typical Whitetail Buck stop patting fat cat dudes on the back for shooting deer killed in a big pen

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Jun 2, 2012. World-Record Non-Typical Coues Deer. piece together, a now deceased member of. the Apache tribe killed the buck in the Mt Turnbull area 

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Kentucky is the record holder of the 6th biggest typical buck ever killed in the world professionals top pick for a Boone & Crockett buck or even a world record

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The whitetail world is a mirror image of the record setting trend of professional sports Missouri deer hunter's mouths keep falling wide open as records continue to. non-typical, making it the biggest whitetail ever killed in Missouri by a hunter

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Iowa world record whitetail deer hunt with his dad, Doug, when he killed what appears to be the highest scoring white-tailed buck ever taken by a hunter

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Tony killed the animal during youth deer season The rack from the 250- to 300 -pound deer could become a world record as the largest taken by a hunter, 

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There is no time limit concerning how long ago the deer was killed for measurement purposes or for entry into the Iowa records. Official State and National 

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Last season's deer harvest was the highest on record Deer. Three deer killed by hunters last fall in Blair and Bedford counties tested positive for the discover , enjoy, understand and preserve the incredible natural world that surrounds us

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WORLD RECORD NON-TYPICAL Found dead by. Missouri Dept. of Conservation World Record Non-Typical Whitetail Deer Score: 333 7/8. St. Louis County 

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