Mar 6, 2013. The long-standing IGFA all-tackle world record for white crappie stands at 5 lbs , 3. oz – a fish caught in Mississippi. back in 1957. The all-tackle 
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World Record Crappie THESE CRAPPIE WERE CAUGHT BY 4 TIME CHAMPS RONNIE CAPPS & STEVE COLEMAN AT GRENADA LAKE MISSISSIPPI. Mississippi is home to some of the best crappie fishing in North America, offering so. Subscribe to the World Fishing. Nation Newsletter to keep Record. video. from a canal in Louisiana, weighed 6 pounds; the. world record white crappie weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces and was caught in 1957 in Mississippi Age (yr. 1 Jan 30, 2013 It likely holds the state and maybe even the world record. But the. lake is 1 pick for catching a 3-pound crappie. is Mississippi's Grenada Lake Enid Lake is one of the four lakes in. North Mississippi operated by the U. S. Army. Enid Lake is famous for being home of the. World Record Crappie which was  All the information about the current record holders, and their catch Black Crappie, 4 lbs 4 oz, Arkabutla. Reservoir, Gerald Conlee, 3/19/1991. Blue Catfish, 95  Mar 22, 2007 WORLD RECORD CRAPPIE. Water Valley, MS> This small, sleepy, little town. in north Mississippi is not famous for much Mostly watermelons 

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May 6, 2011. I recorded two interviews with Felder. Rushing for MPB radio show Water Valley is home to the world's largest Crappie, caught in 1957 by 

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Crappie is pronounced “CROP py” by. the way, and while we don't have a clue Al Reed, who hails from Independence, Mississippi, broke the world record (32 

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These wetlands create some of the richest, most diverse habitat in the world record with a 31-pound, 2-ounce channel cat. he pulled from the Mississippi River In April 2010, Randy K. Causey set the Louisiana black crappie record with a 

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AGFC Offices; Arkansas State Record Fish | Information and  Aug 14, 2013. World-renowned for crappie fishing; also largemouth and wilderness sits in the Mississippi Delta. region where the White River meets as well as the Pope and Young record books from the White River NWR," Hollis says.

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Wallace Creek Campground is. located at Batesville MS Phone: 662-563-4571 Post a The world record crappie was caught at Enid Lake Wallace Creek 

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Enid Lake, MS - Enid Lake, on the Yocona River, is one of four Flood The world record white crappie (5. 3 lbs) and the world record. shortnose gar (5. 83 lbs) 

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Reelfoot Fishing Guides, Reelfoot Hunting Guides, crappie guides, duck guides. Reelfoot World Record Smalmouth. · Tennessee. Reelfoot Lake, Kentucky Lake, Tennesee River, Mississippi River and other waters in the area. Crappie 

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World Record Smallmouth Fishing. Iuka, Mississippi 38852. Without a doubt, the best crappie guide in the south and 30 plus years of experience to prove it

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Feb 22, 2012 Fish the Coastal Plain lakes for crappie and bream or try for white bass and 12- ounce world record caught at West Memphis just downstream from From one wintering hole in the Mississippi. River, you might catch a dozen 

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Mar 14, 2013. The long-standing IGFA all-tackle world record for white crappie stands at 5 lbs , 3 oz – a fish caught in Mississippi back in 1957 The all-tackle 

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Fishermans View's official Fishing World Records For All Fish. White Crappie, 5lbs 3oz, Fred L Bright, Enid Dam, MS, July 31, 1957 White Marlin, 181lbs 14oz  

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Feb 22, 2011. The 1st Annual World's Largest Crappie. Festival in Water Valley, MS! Oglesby: Shuffled Thoughts on Art and. Other Impermanent Records of 

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outlets at the dam on the northeast side and is a tributary of the Mississippi River Many anglers believe that Leech has the potential to produce a world record. Early spring crappie are attracted to. the shallow bays soon after ice-out

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The world record channel catfish weighed. 58 pounds and was taken from the. Blue catfish are distributed primarily in the Mississippi River drainage including the Missouri, Common Names: Crappie, Papermouths, Calico Bass, Specks

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those looking to catch their share of world-class. bream, catfish, crappie and bass. For the nature enthusiast, Wayne County is home to one of Mississippi's. He wrote songs and recorded for Bluebird Records in the mid-1930s, briefly as 

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View updated online fish records and download. application and rules for both Rod & Reel and Fly. Mississippi. River. April 2005 Mississippi River, BR Species: CRAPPIE, BLACK (Pomoxis (IGFA All Tackle World Record) *3 23 30

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There are literally world-class fishing destinations in every direction around us, for trout (both rivers have formerly held the title of world record Brown Trout), to the to the south: Sardis and Enid Lakes in north Mississippi for slab Crappie.

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I put a small crappie float on the leader so the bait will ride up off the bottom where the world record fish of 124 pounds was caught from the Mississippi and 

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In many places, crappie are plentiful, and. creel limits are liberal, so it does. The all-tackle world record is a 5-pound, 3-ounce ?sh taken in Mississippi in 1957.

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Located just south of meridian near. the mississippi-alabama state line, find their quarry in the area the world record crappie, weighing. in at over five pounds,  

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The world record crappie, weighing in at over five pounds, was pulled from the waters. Location - The park is located five miles east of I-55 off Mississippi Hwy

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The official homepage for the Mississippi River and the Great River Road, National Still catching lots and lots of bluegills and would you believe, still getting crappie Had to show a picture of my almost world record white bass, aka, hybrid

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Plan your camping trip to Enid Lake or. other Enid, Mississippi campgrounds. The lake is the home of the world record white crappie, which weighed an 

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The world record crappie, weighing in at over five pounds, was pulled from the waters of Enid The park is located five miles east. of I-55 off Mississippi Hwy. 32

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Entering northern Mississippi, the Loess Bluff Route. first visits four impressive lakes in a row This is no The world record crappie was caught at Enid Lake

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