Below is the world record crappie caught by anglers just like yourself. This information came from the IGFA 
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Mar 6, 2013 The long-standing IGFA all-tackle world record. for white crappie stands at 5 lbs. , 3 oz – a fish caught in Mississippi. back in 1957 The all-tackle  Some guy in central Missouri caught. this black crappie in April The Missouri Department of Conservation and the IGFA claim this is a new world record Apr 5, 2010 IGFA World Record. Spotted Bass or could have been. World Record Crappie 2010. How to catch minnows for. crappie or bass fishing! Mar 19, 2013. The long-standing IGFA all-tackle world record for white crappie stands at 5 lbs , 3. oz - a fish caught in Mississippi back in 1957 The all-tackle  Black Crappie, IGFA World Record. All Tackle – 5 pounds. April 21, 2006 / Private Lake – Missouri, USA White Crappie, IGFA World Record All Tackle – 5  The current for all-tackle fishing world. record for a white crappie is 2 35 kilograms (5 2 lb). College,; ^ IGFA World Record: White Crappie - (Pomoxis annularis)  The current all-tackle fishing world record for a black crappie is 2 25 kilograms. IGFA World Record: Black Crappie - (Pomoxis nigromaculatus); ^ IGFA World 

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However the Dolly and Arctic Char are so similar in appearance that the I. G F A suggests that potential world record fish that cannot be positively identified be 

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Jan 8, 2010. IGFA announced the decision at its headquarters with a live video feed The fish ties the all-tackle world record set 77 years ago in Georgia, and Irvine Lake trout congregating at Woody's Cove in morning; crappie perk up 

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Weight (please record based of the. graduation of the scales used) Pumpkinseed, White Crappie and Black Crappie, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout, Anglers with an entry for a possible world record consideration. should contact the International Gamefish Association. http://www. igfa org/ BookRule2004

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Jan 29, 2013 This IGFA catch-and-release record. was caught just off the Milwaukee Additional reads include: crappie fishing strategies with the pro duo 

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May 12, 2011. Best Lure Colors for Catching. Crappie » World Record Set for Landlocked. Atlantic Salmon The previous IGFA all-tackle world record for land-locked salmon was a 24-pound, 11-ounce specimen caught in Sweden in June 

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World Record Largemouth Bass; Bass -. Crappie - Sunfish; Largemouth Bass. Association's (IGFA) as dual holders of the All-Tackle record for largemouth 

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It is currently under review by the IGFA and may. take the world record title from Tim Pruitt. Caught by Greg Bernal, of Florissant, Missouri – July 20 2010.

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Rodgers had the ideal outfit for crappie -- a small Mitchell spinning reel filled with 12-pound test. For example, William Stephens of Lewisville. once held the IGFA record with a 98-pound. For a period this fish held the world all-tackle record.

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After some speculations, the IGFA approved Manabu Kurati's world. record bass submission and sent a letter of support to the IGFA However, there. are some 

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IGFA Line Class World Record. Holder Spotted Bass Barren is also home to Trophy Size Hybrid Stripers and large. Crappie that will make a fine mess of fish for 

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Mar 22, 2007 Water Valley, MS> This small, sleepy, little town in north Mississippi is not famous for much Mostly watermelons and our annual Watermelon 

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CRAPPIE WORLD is the only magazine dedicated to helping you catch more of America's favorite panfish You get tips on how to choose and use the latest 

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Mar 14, 2013 The long-standing IGFA all-tackle world record for white crappie stands at 5 lbs , 3. oz. – a fish caught in Mississippi. back in 1957 The all-tackle 

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That fish is only two ounces off the official world record taken by Fred Bright at Lake Enid Mississippi in 1957 During a stubborn spring when crappie fishing has 

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Alabama State Record Freshwater Fish. State Record  Mar 22, 2007. Water Valley, MS> This small, sleepy, little town in north Mississippi is not famous for much Mostly watermelons and our annual Watermelon 

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Crappie fishing facts, and species identificaiton. Quick facts to help fisherman more quickly and easily target crappie on their own home waters. Tactics to help  

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Feb 23, 2007 Angler: Penny Hopper Location: Crofton Kentucky Weight: 4 Pounds, 14 ounces Length: 21 5 inches. Girth: 18 inches Status: This is an 

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Affidavit for Record Freshwater Game. Fish is in the Adobe PDF  New Texas State Record Black Crappie 3 92 lbs 18. 5 " Long World record Bluegill! Greg Heath with a monster Crappie he caught at Santee Cooper in 1988.

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Jun 16, 2011. Black crappie may set more than state record MENA – Thirty-five years is a long time for a state record to stand in the world of fishing

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Oct 1, 2012. When checking out at the Academy Sports & Outdoors store in Ridgeland recently, the cashier put a free copy of “Mississippi Outdoor Digest” 

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Crappie Size - The world record black crappie is 5 pounds, and the record white crappie is 5 pounds, 3 ounces. Most crappie are in the. half to one pound range

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As of February 2012, there was a claim for being the World Record for a crappie weighing 7 pounds This crappie was reported being caught in Lake Hartwell

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Oct 19, 2010. Its probably not a world record, but I never seen a crappie this big! crappie, white (Pomoxis annularis) Rafinesque, 1818; CENTRARCHIDAE FAMILY; also called papermouth, bachelor perch Native to the eastern half of the U S.  

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Check out Record Fish Caught by Amos Gray 5 lb 7oz World Record Bluegill! 4 lb 6oz Monster Crappie! 16 lb 8oz Largemouth Bass! & Mike Koepp's 57" Muskie.

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Below you will find records of the largest. record Crappie found in each state Some states do not. The World Record Black Crappie according to the IGFA is …

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