Aug 22, 2011. unofficial world record Gaftopsail catfish. the catfish weighed 10 53 lbs and the current world. record is 9lbs 10 ounces.
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Sep 26, 2011 US fishermen catch the world's largest catfish of the Coast of Mississippi May 26, 2013 YouTube. home CATFISH RECORD 2,55 MTS X 117 KG - HD BY CAT WORLD FOR MORE INFO: www. catfishing-around-the-world eu Jul 23, 2010 http://www. learntocatchcatfish. com - July 2010 the new (pending) world record blue catfish was caught in Missouri setting a new state record  Jul 20, 2010 http://www catfish1 com For complete details surf over to the United States Catfish Association and create a free account Tons of 1st hand  Sep 19, 2008 Largest Catfish in the. world - YouTube. Subscribe. 17 Uploader Comments ( Sasuke286) aistbal 4 years ago Sing name?? Reply · Sasuke286  Jun 22, 2011 CBS News RAW: N C high school football coach Nick Anderson is getting. world wide attention in a very different sport While fishing. at Kerr  Nov 29, 2008 Attaining an unconfirmed length of 3. m, the Mekong giant catfish grows [8] The largest catch recorded in. Thailand since record-keeping 

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Books and YouTube Videos · Book Reviews · YouTube Videos · Fishing Programs · Learn to Fish · Fishing Buddies · Fishing Buddies Stories · Fun on the Fly 

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From the gaping mouth of the churning Teles Pires comes this catfish Taimen, the largest member of the salmon family, present a good challenge here in 

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Meet the world's biggest River Monsters: forgotten monsters from the. deep like the prehistoric alligator gar and the enormous wels catfish.

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Sep 26, 2012 The 20 Largest Animals in the World The largest and most definitely slimiest salamander in the world, it can grow up to 6 ft Mekong Catfish

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Dec 3, 2010. From the moment "Catfish" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival A quick YouTube search and Nev discovers that it's not his girlfriend who the Guinness Book of World Records for the Phoniest Documentary of all time.

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Feb 22, 2012 His first time resulted in one of the largest fish ever documented from Nebraska waters! The Missouri River Slim and none–Our hook & line record. for channel catfish is very respectable They. can YouTube Preview Image 

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Catfish on TV: 'It's an uplifting. show about self-love' say creators as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world The opening logos are recorded off a computer (specifically a Mac) more likely to titillate certain members of the Youtube. Generation/make a few bucks/create some buzz.

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Feb 15, 2013 The IFGA world record for a Red Tailed Catfish currently sits at 124cm, per the IFGA website. Check out this amazing tank I found on Youtube

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Definition of whale catfish – Our online dictionary has whale catfish information from A The world record for a catfish catch stands at 202lb and was 000 taste buds to tickle The catfish. gets its name from the long. Videos from YouTube

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world record fish pictures, United States record fish pics, IGFA records, YouTube com Videos Record Spains Record. 226 Lb. Catfish / World Record 130 lb.

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Jun 21, 2011. Nick Anderson won't describe his tackle beyond a "rod and reel," or his bait. beyond a "family secret," but whatever he's using, it landed a 

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Jul 21, 2010. (CNN) -- All hail to the king and queen -- of catfish. Greg Bernal of Florissant, Missouri, and girlfriend Janet Momphard of St Charles, Missouri, 

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Jun 19, 2011. A 143 Lb Blue Catfish has been caught at Buggs Island Lake in Virginia and should be certified as the new World Record Catfish

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With recorded sizes of up to 10 5 ft (3 2 m) and 660 lb (300 kg), the Mekong giant catfish currently holds. the Guinness Book of World Records' position for the 

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This World Record Mekong Catfish was caught. in a remote part of Northern Thailand When wildlife officials caught wind of the. catch they urged the villagers to 

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On June 22, 2011, the Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries certified the blue catfish as the state's largest, setting a 

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The largest catfish ever caught was a Mekong giant catfish. The enormous fish was nine feet. long and weighed some 646 pounds Pulled ashore on May 1, 

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Jun 17, 2011. KRABI, Thailand -- Welsh fisherman David Kent, 54, a retired Royal Navy officer, used a single piece of corn to caught a 7ft long giant Mekong 

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Feb 19, 2012. http://www catfishing-around-the-world. eu YURI GRISENDI CATCH RACKHAM, THE NEW WORLD RECORD WHITE WELS CATFISH ALBINO: 

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Jun 10, 2013 The largest freshwater fish ever caught is the giant Mekong catfish World Record sizes If you look in the Guinness book of world records under 

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Dec 24, 2008 http://www renegadetackle com/ Win tackle in promotional give-aways This shows pictures of the new catfish record. Was so big he couldn't 

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World Record Official Website for Tim Pruitt, World-Record 124-Pound Blue Catfish sportsman. Learn more about his record along. with exclusive pictures

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Jul 1, 2005 Thai fishermen netted a catfish as big as a grizzly bear, setting a world record for the largest freshwater fish ever found, according to 

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See pictures of the world's largest catfish (National Geographic). Jul 28, 2011 So, to inspire anglers everywhere and keep dreams alive, here are 9 of the largest fish ever caught (by species) 9 Blue Catfish. This world 

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Jul 21, 2010. A man fishing with his girlfriend Tuesday morning landed a new Missouri state. record -- and likely new world record -- blue catfish, pulling in the 

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