Jul 27, 2010 By now most of you have probably heard about the new, pending, world's record blue catfish caught from the Missouri River in Missouri, 
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Jun 19, 2011 The current world record blue was caught in the Missouri River in July of 2010 If this new 143 fish gets certified as a record catfish this fish will  presents The State of Missouri Catfish. Records Department Caught at: Missouri. River near. Mississippi River. Bait/Lure: This is a WORLD RECORD fish. Added: May-26-2011 Occurred. On: Jul-20-2010 By: Poor Richard In: Other Tags: Fish, Fishing, line, pole, boat, catfish, river, lake, sport, records, record, largest,  Aug 20, 2012 The catfish topped the previous state record. of 94 pounds, set on the Kansas. when he caught a blue cat of about 70 pounds from the Kansas River. The Missouri state record, which was the. world record at the time, was a  Jul 22, 2010 waters of the Missouri River and come back swimming in a media frenzy to topple a Missouri state — and quite probably a world —record. Before the commercial fishery for catfish was closed in the Missouri River, the. Florissant angler nets new official state record. blue catfish, with world record 

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Although the current state record catfish is a 123 lb flathead from Elk City Reservoir, and weekly flathead catfish tournaments. are held in the Missouri River The Kansas River has become a world-class destination for anglers seeking large 

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Montana Fish. Records Channel Catfish*. 37 6 30 12 lbs. 5/8/09 Missouri River/ 5/20/73, Missouri River Near Kipp Park, Larry Branstetter Pallid Sturgeon 

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That makes West's fish a shoo-in for a world record if his catch meets the IGFA's. Today the lower Missouri River is among the nation's top trophy catfish waters  

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3 days. ago. Posts about Blue Catfish written by Donald Gasaway. That Blue Catfish world record came from the area. of the river near where the Missouri 

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Flathead catfish are the largest member of the catfish family found in Idaho and rivers of the Mississippi River, Ohio River, lower Missouri River drainage to 

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Blue catfish are the largest of the catfish family in North America and can attain. They prefer the large river basins of the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri River 

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Blue catfish also known. as humpback blue. is one of the largest species of distributed primarily in the Mississippi River drainage, including the Missouri, Ohio, 

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Jul 12, 2011. 143-Pound Blue Catfish eclipses Largest Lake Gaston Cat world record blue cat of 130 pounds caught. last year in the Missouri River

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Aug 22, 2012 Rob Stanley with a record-pending 102 8 pound blue catfish on the Missouri River On Aug 11, Rob Stanley. hauled in a 102 8-pound blue 

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IGFA WORLD RECORD CHANNEL CATFISH = 58 lb Channel Catfish 31 lbs. 8 oz Rappahannock River. 10-02-1992. IGFA WORLD RECORD WHITE CATFISH  

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catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) can grow to 50 pounds or more (the world record Channel catfish can be found in rivers, reservoirs, natural lakes, and ponds 

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USGS - science for. a changing world Common name: Flathead Catfish Pennsylvania to White-Little Missouri River system, North Dakota, and south to Louisiana; They were recorded in the Flint River below the Warwick Dam at Lake 

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Jun 14, 2012 Ellenbecker's favorite small rivers flow directly into the Missouri River in largest flatheads, including one that missed the state record by only a 

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Apr 12, 2013 One of those records was set this weekend during a tournament at Milford. said it's the largest blue catfish ever caught at Milford Lake, located record for blue catfish at 102 pounds, caught from the Missouri River last year.

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In rivers, catfish tend to congregate below dams. and wing dams, or around rock jetties, in the major rivers of the Missouri, Ohio and Mississippi river drainages Blue catfish commonly reach 20 or more pounds, and the world record, from 

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Oct 11, 2012. Hop in the boat with John on the Missouri. River, for a crash course in this Inside the last decade, the world record. blue catfish has been 

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In North America catfish can be found in almost any body of fresh water. In lakes and reservoirs the inlet rivers. and creeks can also produce good numbers. The current world record, caught in Missouri, weighed an impressive 130 pounds

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Jun 29, 2011 In mid-June, a North Carolina man caught. a 143-pound Blue Catfish in Buggs Native in the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio river basins, Blue Catfish have. Pingback: Potomac River Record Blue Catfish Caught August 23, 

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in the 1990s alone more than forty-five state records have been set for catfish Late in the spring, when the chill comes off a river, catfish look for places to spawn:. till the Missouri River, where some of the. country's biggest blues once lurked, Catfish belong to the lineage with the sharpest hearing in the fish world: an 

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The current State of Illinois record and angling world record is 124 pounds and was The current State of Missouri pole-and-line record for blue catfish is 103 

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The current all-tackle world record for a channel catfish is record blue catfish in the Mississippi River in 2005 the Mississippi, Missouri and. Ohio rivers) from 

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Aug 16, 2013 Catfish do get big The state record for channel. catfish is 38 2 pounds It was caught in the. Missouri River in 2005. The largest flathead catfish 

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Sep 25, 2009 The giant man-eating reservoir catfish. – an example case of an internet. catfish, which is one of the largest freshwater fishes of the world. River and Illinois Rivers join, and just north of where the Missouri River comes in.

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The current world record stands. at 27 pounds, 5 ounces Flathead, blue, and channel catfish make up the primary game fishery of the South Grand River and 

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Riding the wind: Missouri lakes satisfy lifelong passion for sailing I've been. around Last year, Davis landed his largest catfish, a 46-pound blue cat 12:10 AM 

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