Lodging for Cabins and Motel on Lake. Texoma are available at Cedar Bayou Former Blue Catfish World Record Holder. and catfish tournament pro, Cody 
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It is the largest lake in or shared with Texas by its total storage capacity Lake Texoma also has the world record blue catfish (121 5 pounds) caught. by Cody  Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States, the 12th largest. and flathead catfish; The striped bass fishery. at Lake Texoma is extremely  fishing records All the information about the current record holders, and their catch Blue Catfish, 121 lbs 5 oz, 58", Lake Texoma, Cody Mullenix, 1/16/2004 Splash, the largest blue catfish caught in Texas, dies at TFFC on January 14, 2004, after being caught from Lake Texoma by Cody Mullennix of Howe, Texas When TPWD biologist Bruce Hysmith used to fish off of Lake Texoma's Roosevelt Bridge fish stood as the International Game Fish Association world record World Record Official Website for Tim Pruitt, World-Record 124-Pound Blue. 16, 2004, in Lake Texoma, Texas, said Becky. Reynolds, a spokeswoman for the  Mar 31, 2004 Now a 121-pound 8-ounce monster caught in Lake Texoma north of Dallas In the last 15 years, the world record for blue catfish has been 

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Jan 12, 2013 John Wallace, and his sister-in-law, Zita Wallace, pose with stripers. they caught on a trip to Lake Texoma to celebrate the New Year. John and 

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Jul 17, 2012 Former world-record holder Cody Mullennix. reveals where to find huge blues now. blue, a 121 1/2-pound monster, while wade-fishing on Lake Texoma Up A Creek For Spring Channel Cats Jeff “Catfish” Williams hauls 

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Aug 23, 2013. when he caught a blue. catfish measuring 39. 25 inches from. Lake Texoma and water body records by weight, catch and release records by length, 2014 National Archery in the Schools World Tournament to be Held in 

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Angler, Wooly Bugger Snares Record Texas Catfish · Angler, Wooly Bugger Some Texoma Beaches. Visitors are no longer allowed on the sand at some Lake Texoma beaches 152-Foot-Long Bratwurst is World's. Largest Ever Grilled 

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Jun 9, 2012. Paul Ryan loves noodling catfish US & World he planned to head to Oklahoma on Sunday and take his children fishing on Lake Texoma, 

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Blue catfish are the largest species of catfish in the United States, and on July the previous blue catfish. record of 121 5 Lbs caught from Lake Texoma, Texas

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The Juniper Point Campground is located on Lake Texoma, in the Cross Timbers region The lake is known as the "Striper Capital. of the World," one of the few. hybrid striped bass, white crappie, black. crappie, channel catfish and blue catfish. Authority Bureau of Reclamation National Archives Records Administration

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Fishing Directory article on Lake Texoma striper fishing a ice chest with tasty striped bass fillies & make. Lake Texoma the "Striper Capital of the World including a record blue catfish of over 120 pounds. plus nice flathead and channel cats

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Lake Texoma rental houseboats, cruisers, pontoons, ski boats and jet skis at a marina on Lake Texoma 90 miles New World Record Catfish by Press Release.

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USGS - science for a changing world This species has been recorded from Florida (Shafland 1996) including Lake Okeechobee (D Kirby, and Fort Phantom Hill Reservoirs and Red River below Lake Texoma in Texas (Howells Impact of silver and bighead carps on plankton. communities of channel catfish ponds.

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Lake Record spotted bass caught at Broken Bow Lake in May · 0 Comment TJ Fleetwood 2013 Oklahoma Duck Calling Champ is going to World Championships Looks like Kaden had good first experience with jugline fishing on Lake Texoma. Channel and blue catfish slow to fair on cut shad and stinkbait

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May 1, 2012 USA: Lake O' the Pines. 74 lb blue catfish The IGFA (International Game Fish Association) world record Atlantic Cod was set off the coast Steve DeSomer was fishing Oklahoma's side of Lake Texoma when he landed a 

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Application for world record status has been submitted to the International Missouri state record -- and likely new world record -- blue catfish, pulling in the. Are you ready to help rid the lake of all the. carp, gar, and buffalo you can get an 

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Aug 28, 2007. This is why people just disappear from the lakes in Oklahoma! And yes, this is for. It is the pending Bowfishing Association of America world record. The giant fish is not, Catfish With Basketball Photographs · Home Latest 

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Find a slough, backwater, or dead lake (a lake that is inundated by an adjacent river when the water is high, but is. The current world record for the largest Alligator Gar caught on rod and reel is 279lb 0oz [1]. The Skin and Clean Catfish

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Talkin' Archery w/ T-Bone, Record Catfish Caught by Noodler, Self Filming Your A former Outdoor 3-D World Champion Archer, T-Bone knows the semantics of. Lake Texoma Smallmouths, Balancing Cattle & Deer, 19 Pounds of Texas 

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No one keeps official records on hog kills, but Georgia game. officials say it is the largest they have ever heard of. In the background, you can see Last Mountain Lake, it is one of the best places to catch walleye as 140 lbs caught in Lake Texoma CATFISH WITH BASKETBALL STUCK. IN HIS MOUTH! by Tracker Bill

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News News Home · World Records · Fishing Tournaments · Bassmaster Classic · ABA · America's Great Waters · 1234069_333852500084809_1239355212_n

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May 6, 2013. Bassmaster. Classic (B. A S S ) is sport fishing's largest tournament west site for the Classic since the 1979 championship on Lake Texoma

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I LOVE LIFE IN LAKE TEXOMA. In June, 1960, wheat farmers binned the largest wheat crop ever produced catfish abound in depths of more than 20 feet

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Watch and download the latest episodes of Cabela's Lone Star  TEXAS STATE RECORD CATFISH New state record catfish 140. lbs. caught in Lake Texoma This is one of those legendary fish that scuba divers say they see 

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You might catch the next record-breaking blue. catfish—the last one weighed in at. Lake Texoma, the largest lake in capacity in. the Tulsa District and the twelfth 

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The blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, is one of the largest species of North America. previous blue catfish record of 121. 5 Lbs caught from Lake Texoma, Texas

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Your best source for crappie and catfish in the Internet. The world record in white crappie is five pounds and three ounces Lake Texoma: This is a Red River impoundment that is located. on the boarder of Oklahoma and Texas, just 

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Oct 1, 2008 Director, Hubbs Sea World Research Institute, 1985-2008, 1982 Life history dynamics of Menidia beryllina from Lake Texoma. On a Texas record of Notropis boops based on an apparent hybrid Catfish, V:70-71

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