Angler Snags Record Catfish. on Kerr Lake ** State & World Record Blue Catfish 143 pounds - -June 18, 2011 ** ** Congratulations to Nick Anderson **
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Jul 12, 2011. Remember this? 143-Pound Blue Catfish eclipses Largest Lake Gaston Cat It's official! World record Blue Catfish caught in Kerr Lake  Blue catfish are among the largest freshwater fish in North Carolina They are native to. The most notable stocking on record. occurred at Lake Norman in 1966 The fish was caught in John Kerr Reservoir, more commonly known as Buggs Island Lake, on the Virginia-North Carolina border The fish is the largest blue catfish ever weighed on a certified scale in  Jul 20, 2011 blue catfish in Buggs Island Lake (officially the John H. Kerr Reservoir), Carolina - setting the new world record. for the Largest blue catfish Jul 6, 2011. It is the largest catfish in North America and the third largest obligate The 143 pound record breaker blue was caught in Kerr Lake,  Jun 22, 2011 45 minutes to reel in the monster catfish he snagged at Kerr Lake in North Carolina, a 143-pound prize that will likely notch a new world record.

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lake Wallenpaupack Pennsylvania striped bass, hybrid stripers, walleyeye Kerr Buggs Island Virginia, Lake Hamilton Arkansas, Hudson River, Lake "I heard of one over 9 pounds caught," he said, noting his largest was just under 8 pounds "There's more catfishing here than anything else. — it's loaded with catfish," 

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Jul 21, 2013 My Taxidermist Bill told me that when. he goes to Kerr Lake that he. The powder is reserved for freezing in my catfishing world. So, If you want to catch more catfish head to the Tackle shop and get. THE QUEST FOR THE WORLD RECORD BASS by Bart Crabb; THE STRIPED BASS by Nick Karras.

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Lake Record Fish. Program 24 All of Sooner Lake (including the discharge area) has a daily limit of 20 striped bass, striped bass hybrids and / or striped bass, white bass, blue and channel catfish Hunting to be found anywhere in the World! Lake, Ponca City Lake, Lake. Carl Blackwell, Robert S Kerr.

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Jeff Davis, Jefferson, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Johnson, Jones, Karnes, Kaufman, Kendall, Kenedy, Kent, Kerr The current lake record for largemouth bass is 14. 06 Crappie, white bass and catfish are also a good catch Camping World and factory outlet mall; Collinsville's. restored downtown area, antique shopping and 

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June 29,2013 Mt Island Lake Riverbend Access 7:00pm-1:  'Dottie', the world record, dies otay lake records, san vicente lake records, bass fishing, catfish, bluegill, crappie, almost caught the worlds. largest bass! Now Lake Dixon, for those of you who don't know, is the small lake where the. I should call Mike Long and John Kerr, I'd rather them catch her than that trio who got 

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Nov 14, 2009 The deep dirty Arkansas River with its record catfish. Lake Kerr Lake jugging. and meathunting. All of these states offer world class fishing

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What You Should Do If You Think You've Caught a World Record If you catch a fish you think may be worthy of a record (e g , lake, state, line class), use these tips. to ensure your record fish won't get. Channel Catfish. Kerr Lake, Virginia

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is available at a number of lakes that exist in widened portions of the spotted sunfish, black crappie and catfish The only Lake Kerr – Similar to Lake Bryant , this 2,830-. state's largest bass of 2000 (15. and 17 pounds) came from the 

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World records for both saltwater and freshwater species Black Crappie, 4lbs 8oz, L Carl Herring. Jr Kerr Lake, VA, March 1, 1981 Blue Catfish, 111lbs, William McKinley, Wheeler's Reservoir, TN, July 5, 1996 Black Drum, 113lbs 1oz  

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Located on the Edwards Plateau of the Texas Hill Country, the West Kerr Ranch has The Y. O Ranch is a Trophy Hunter's paradise with a full gallery of world record Exotic. Great bass fishing in spring-fed lakes bounded by pecan groves. A variety of fish--bass, catfish, perch for catch and release fishing--perfect for the 

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I suspect it was brought to the Potomac from Kerr Lake anglers via livewell or trailer nice fish—and the adjacent dropoff holds. bigger bass, catfish and rockfish LOU guide Joe Raymond, the largest of a two boat trip and smiling ear to ear 

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Bass, largemouth, 22-4, Montgomery. Lake, GA, June 2, 1932, George W. Perry Bass, Roanoke, 1-5 Catfish, channel, 58-0, Santee-Cooper Res , SC, July 7, 1964, W B Whaley Catfish, flathead, 123-0 Crappie, black, 4-8, Kerr Lake, VA, Mar. 1, 1981, L. Carl Herring Jr IGFA All-Tackle World Records · Saltwater Fish 

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Spring-fed, its headwaters are in the Edwards. Plateau, west of Hunt in Kerr County the river was known for its immense catfish, scrappy goggle-eyes and unique Rio. developed in Canyon Lake for white bass, striped bass and largemouths. (To join GRTU, now the largest Trout Unlimited. chapter in America, go online 

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1993 Largest Musky 56”-#44-8 oz taken in North America Guided 2-Clients # 15lb 2008 Winner Stren Series Northern Division Event at Kerr Lake 2006 Bass 

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With a population of 21,335, it is the UP's largest community. Nearly 800 miles of shore line on beautiful Kerr Lake, offering camping, boating, swimming, sailing and You can also fish for trout, bass, bluegill, muskie, catfish and walleye

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The most informative website concerning the Grand Lake O' the Cherokees area. In 1968 Har-Ber Village, the largest antique museum in the United States, was created Catfish abound in Grand Lake, and can be caught through December in are also finding their way to the tailrace waters below Robert S Kerr Dam.

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Apr 4, 2012 Spawning activity has been noted at Virginia's Lake Gaston, and any The big blue catfish take slabs of gizzard shad or whole white perch in the In the tidal water, we begin to sound like a broken record KERR RESERVOIR: 200 miles – Bobcat's Lake Country Store A Novelist's View. of the World

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Find Lake/River. × Channel Catfish Flathead Catfish. Suckermouth Catfish The world record angling record tips the. scales at 4 pounds 12 ounces, and 

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American shad are the largest members of the family Clupeidae (which includes The flathead catfish is the only member of the genus Pylodictis They were first introduced into Lake Thurmond and Lake Marion in the early 1960s self- sustaining populations: the Kerr Reservoir in Virginia and North Carolina, and the  

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World Freshwater Records brought to you by image. Records provided courtesy of the International. Game Fish Association, the Catfish, flathead, 91-4, Lake Lewisville, TX, Mar. Crappie, black, 4-8, Kerr Lake, VA, Mar

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As of February 2012, there was a claim for being. the World Record for a crappie weighing. This crappie was reported being caught in Lake Hartwell 8 ounces at Kerr Lake What is the best depth to catch blue catfish in the summer time?

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Jul 30, 2012 Cool off this summer in the water at Kerr Lake, just a 30-minute drive east. In fact the largest blue catfish in the world (134 pounds) was caught 

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Apr 12, 2009 Notable Black Crappie Records Weight. or Length Location Date Angler Honey World Record 4 lbs 8 oz Kerr Lake 1981 All records unofficial 

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I would guess that the largest fish probably. went 15 pounds, but there are supposedly. We used some awesome catfish noodles over the 4th at Kerr Lake

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The Black Crappie world record is 4 pounds 8 ounces caught on Kerr Lake, Virginia in 1981 The White Crappie world record is 5. pounds 3 ounces caught on 

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