The ocean isn't the only place where behemoth fish can be found Hidden beneath the murky waters of our freshwater rivers and lakes, there are monsters 
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State fishing records All the information about the current record holders, and their catch. World Record Official Website for Tim Pruitt, World-Record 124-Pound Blue Catfish sportsman. Learn more about his record along with exclusive pictures Records and photos of the 500 largest freshwater fishes worldwide. The first database that includes all large freshwater fish worldwide! Official and informal  Jul 20, 2011. Largest blue catfish: Nick Anderson set world record (Video) GREENVILLE, NC, USA--Nick Anderson, 29, worked 45 minutes to snag a  Jul 21, 2010. (CNN) -- All hail to the king and queen -- of catfish Greg Bernal of Florissant, Missouri, and girlfriend Janet Momphard of St. Charles, Missouri,  Aug 25, 2005. The 8 9 foot long Mekong giant catfish was the heaviest recorded fish catfish recorded in the United States, a 121-pound Mississippi River  Jun 22, 2011 In this podcast episode we interview Nick Anderson about his 143. lb world record catfish caught in Virginia this past weekend

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Meet the world's biggest River Monsters: forgotten monsters from the deep like the prehistoric alligator gar and the enormous wels catfish

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Aug 19, 2013 He knew the fish was close to the state record – also the world record – 124- pound. 2013/8/21 1:10:58 - USA: Novice hunters bag big ones

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Invasive fish are non native river monsters caught by anglers fishing in ponds, lakes, Tim Smith caught a world record Nile Perch a 249 pound Nile Perch in Murchison republic of Congo and Southeast. Asia, has been found in the U S. A

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This giant catfish caught in May of 2005 was 9 feet long and weighed 646 lbs - . more than 5 times the size of the world record catfish caught in North America.

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Here are the pictures of the biggest fish ever caught largest fishes caught from around the world, fishes can World's Largest Salmon. caught in California USA

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Catfish vary from less than 5cm long to almost. 5m long The largest strictly freshwater pattersoni, known from 5 artesian wells. near San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Aug 29, 2008 Tim Pruitt of Illinois caught the largest. blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, In the southeastern United States, catfish are an extremely popular food.

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This page is a collection of big fish photo's, memorable photo's and member These fish are on display at. Northern Bait and Tackle World record. Bluegill!

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May 30, 2009 Born in 1998 in Iowa, USA • 19 Hands 3-1/2 The official world record for the biggest freshwater fish ever caught is the Giant Mekong catfish

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Sep 26, 2012 The 20 Largest Animals in the World waterways it can. grow up to 10 5 feet and provide enough fish sticks. to feed an entire school cafeteria

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Dale Hollow has produced the two largest smallmouth bass ever recorded (11. There are several reasons for predicting the next record fish might be caught on 

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Mar 11, 2011 NAFC staff and members have caught some big walleyes over the years—some even on video—but this trophy walleye video courtesy of PK 

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Paddlefish range in the United States Paddlefish can be distinguished from other freshwater fish by the presence of a very large mouth, and a long, The largest paddlefish on record was. caught in Iowa and weighed 198 pounds Although 

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Mar 17, 2013 Biologists net a record bullseye snakehead fish in a Margate canal, a sign. the snakehead would have bested the all-tackle world record by 1 5 pounds, Like other exotics, the four species documented in the United States 

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Not only was the current world record brown trout caught in Arkansas waters, the monstrous fish it replaced in the record books was also from Arkansas

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In 1995, Jim Eversole caught the largest game fish ever taken from Lake Pend Pend Oreille was one of the last few lakes in the interior United States where it 

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George Perry and the World. Record Largemouth Bass. The world's most famous fish has a new biography about the man who caught it here in Georgia 77 years. "But I don't think it will make that. much difference here in the United States. "

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you will find some information about the 3 most targeted species in the USA The blue catfish is one of the largest species. of freshwater fish in North America

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The official world's record for keeping a plane aloft is held by Al and Fred Key of Belzoni, Mississippi, is called the. "Catfish Capital of the World. " Mississippi's Petrified Forest near Flora is. the only such site in the eastern United States

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The lake is known for its catfish, and it still holds the world record for channel catfish, at 58 pounds A world-record Arkansas blue catfish was also pulled from the 

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Found in lakes and waterways in. the southeast United States. Of all the gar species the alligator gar. is the largest. It is also the largest exclusively. freshwater fish 

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Jan 21, 2009 St. Lawrence River near Ottawa Ontario is not only the countries. capital city, but its the big musky capital of the world Some may argue that 

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In the Great Lakes region you'll find the largest. continuous mass of freshwater in the world In fact, these lakes, shared by the United States and Canada, have 

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improved distribution channels, world fish food supply has grown dramatically in the last largest fishing port), Zhejiang. Province, and in Haimen City, Western Central Atlantic decreased, with a reduction in United States catches by about 

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The spiny ray family of warmwater fish are the most common and the most bass is certainly the most highly sought after by anglers throughout the United States Blue Catfish are the largest members of the catfish family and can be found in 

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