Martin holds both official and unofficial South-African Carp records with Carp of Currently a DVD is being made named “The ultimate quest for a world record”
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May 3, 2012 BRITISH angler breaks women's. world record with monster catch May 10, 2013 Known for his stacked-deer-hair bass bugs, Pat Cohen and his. work are featured in a photo essay in The Times Union. From an articulated rat  Catch a New World Record. Carp in Spain. This is your opportunity to put your name in the history books of carp fishing by catching the New World Record Carp Jun 18, 2010. Ambrose Smith battled for 20 minutes to pull the fish out of the water after. it took his bait of fish and fruit during a family holiday in France Jun 8, 2012 Angler smashes global record with first carp over 100lbs - and it's not French! At 101lb 4oz, this is the new world record carp Caught on June 2,  Jul 7, 2012 BIGGEST CARP CAUGHT EVER MORE THEN 50 KG New world record carp at. 101 lb 4oz New WR carp @ 101 lb 4oz On June 2nd a new  Feb 23, 2009 Andy Komornicki, a cargo agent at London's Heathrow airport, has. landed a new world record 91 lb mirror carp known as The Scar

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May 17, 2013. The big news from the European carp fishing scene, is the capture of a new WORLD RECORD mirror carp caught competition in CROATIA!

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New record, 91lb common carp, eric's common from Rainbow Lake, lac de curton france caught on sunday 11th November at 11 15am A full report to. follow on 

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English anglers' grip on the world record. carp title ended, with a 101 lb 4 oz (46 1 kg) giant by an Austrian at Euro Aqua in Hungary, Angler's Mail can reveal.

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May 7, 2013. A fisherman in France reeled in an incredible 100-pound, 8-ounce common carp that, if approved by the International Game Fish Association, 

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The Wild Carp Week Kick-off will also feature the Wild Carp Week World Salt. Hot Dog world record holder Joey Chestnut — as they set a world record for most  

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The country offers carp fisherman some fantastic new fishing locations and in years. to come expect to see a new Slovene Record, maybe even a World Record !, 

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Jan 8, 2007 The world record common Carp was hooked and landed on December the 17th 2006 by Dieter Markus Stein, fishing a German water

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The World Carp Classic is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in the history of carp A world record attempt for the. biggest Goulash ever made

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Page 1 of 13 - Carp World Records & Euro Paylake Carp - posted in Carp Locally & Fishing Reports: Created this section so that I can move 

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carp, common (Cyprinus carpio) Linnaeus, 1758; CYPRINIDAE FAMILY; also called carpe. commune, carpa, Asian carp, karp, koi, The carp's original range was 

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Jun 13, 2012 A monster common carp of 100lb-plus carp has been caught by an Austrian angler fishing in Hungary Angler Roman Hanke tempted the 

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New World Carp Tackle : - Specials Rig Bits PVA Floats Feeders Leadcore Hooks and So you know, your products helped set the Mass state record last week!

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May 10, 2013 Known for his stacked-deer-hair bass bugs, Pat Cohen and his work are featured in a photo essay in The Times Union From an articulated. rat 

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May 8, 2013 Two Anglers Catch Exact Same Record 100-Pound (45-Kg) Carp in One from his lucky find, though, as Smith. has filed for a world record

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Catch a New World Record. Carp in Spain This is your opportunity to put your name in the history books of carp fishing by catching the New World Record Carp

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Jul 31, 2013 The fish, which smashed the World Common Carp record. earlier in the year, has been found dead The record was set back. in April, when 

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Carpworld features the most technical in carp fishing rigs and tactics and also covers captures of carp from around the world, including world record carp in our  

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Press release from the IGFA: Carp fishermen:. Hair rig is legal for IGFA world records There's a perception among carp fishermen brought to the attention of the 

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Dec 10, 2012 Dick's record stayed intact until. Chris Yates once again stunned the. across the World where some of our boilies have caught record carp up 

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WORLD CARP CLAS IARY: PT 3Ross Honey presents his diary in the build up to 2012 W SHOWING YOUR COLOURSDave Benton mixes it up with colours 

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Carp is the most widely eaten fish in the world -- why do Northerners despise it? Is carp too A Frenchman holds the world record for carp -- a 74-pounder

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Nermin Caro was inspired by the book "Carp Fever" by Kevin Maddocks and started Carp fishing in the early 90's when he was 14 years old After three years.

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Jan 11, 2010 Angler Martin Locke braved sub-zero temperatures in just a T-shirt to break the world record for catching the biggest ever carp.

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The carp has small teeth on the back of the last gill arch near the throat International Game Fish Association, which maintains the world records for sport  

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Jul 27, 2011 A Kuna man landed. a carp in the C J Strike Reservior near Mountain only a few pounds short of the all tackle world record for common carp.

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