The current world record (as of June 2012) stands at 101lb 4oz, caught from Aqua Lake in Hungary by Roman Hanke Contrary to popular belief, Leather carp 
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Jun 13, 2012 HUNGARY: world record carp of 100-pound, 4-ounce landed A monster common carp of 100lb-plus carp has been caught by an Austrian Here you can find all the best images of the. biggest record sport fish of the world,  THE BIGGEST authenticated carp in the world has been banked at a slightly down caught the mirror known as Briggs' Fish at a then world record 94 lb a couple of. For the full story and more stunning carp pictures, read this week's Angler's  Welcome to the fan page of Carpworld monthly carp angling magazine. We take some. pride in the Carl Lewis ran the world. record 100m (9. 92 sec) Gilbert, the Photo: So know you've seen all the faces on the cover you' · Like · Comment ·  May 15, 2012 Jo Green, a landscape gardener and angling fanatic from Reading, England, has set a new world record for the largest carp caught by a  May 4, 2012. Jo Green broke the world record for largest carp caught by a female angler After weighing and taking pictures with. the carp, known locally as 

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Oct 31, 2012 See one of the biggest carp in the world with this exclusive footage of Martin Locke's capture of a world record 94lb mirror in January 2010.

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Home of the world record Chao Phraya catfish -- -- Home of the world record Mekong catfish -- -- Enjoy the frequently updated. Photo Gallery --. Siamese Carp

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Montana Fish. Records Take a picture. of the fish. Weigh the fish on a certified scale (found in grocery or hardware. Common Carp 38. 40. 2 lbs. 5/24/98.

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Mar 3, 2013 Welcome to CatMaster Tours. The best place for a total Catfish & Carp fishing experience in Spain Albino catfish world. record 196lb 

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Your IGFA account is your personal portal to member benefits, including world records, videos, photos, and the latest in game fish conservation Create your 

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We want U to be here in the record book: Send photo, when, where, who, 4/18/ 13 Andrew Miller sets new slingshot. Small Mouth Buffalo World Record of 47 2#. the SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK first started it was just one 5# Buffalo Carp.

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Exclusive World Record listing for fish. taken by Under water Spearfishing. PHOTO. ALBUM I also shot the new pending World Record Common Carp wieghting in at over 41 pounds breaking a record that was set clear back in 1972!

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If you haven't already noticed the picture on the front page of Sardis Lake is a direct link to. carp. jpg Al Reed with 65 pound world record Big Head Carp Photo 

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Dec 4, 2010 Well, before you take to the lake, river or sea for that world's record, you might. Paul Roberts from the UK caught the world's. biggest carp, at 94lb, while answers yahoo com photos: wikipedia org, dailymail co. uk, ifish. net, 

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A listing of Minnesota record fish, where they were caught and the steps to follow if you and send it along with a clear, full-length photo. of your fish to the address listed on the form Carp, 55-5, 42 / 31, Clearwater. Lake, Wright, 07/10/1952

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Dec 10, 2012 “Anglers in the USA sometimes forget that the WORLD'S most popular game fish is The IGFA World Record for carp on 4-pound line is 38 pounds, so it's a pretty impressive. UFFO Notice Collection of UFFO pictures

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Alabama State Record Freshwater Fish State Record  Oct 22, 2010. Shortnose gar may earn St Joe angler world record Photo by Eric Dennis/ Missouri Department of Conservation, courtesy Missouri 

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Affidavit for Record Freshwater Game Fish is in the Adobe PDF  State Record Fish, Indiana June 28, 2010 Application for Official Kentucky. State Record Fish Program. Carp/Sucker. Bighead Carp **World Record - line class; Catch and Release 

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Click [here] to submit your photo For Photo, click on the Titles below:. (The latest photos are at the top) World pole record fish Mirror carp 58lbs 12oz.

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pictures for use in this publication Tennessee has the recognized. world record at 11 pounds Other names: gourdhead, common. buffalo, buffalo fish, carp

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State Records Carp 37. in , McKellops Lake Mack Hollen Jr. , Phoenix. 5/6/06 Larger than current all-tackle world record listed. by the International Game Fish Assn and the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Wildlife Photo Gallery 

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Viktor Sergeev's 18. 77 kg IGFA All Tackle world record Catla carp. Japan. Fish Magazine Mar. 2012 Tai Man Yu By Katsuma Kubota / Photos. By Jean-Francois  

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Photos of Kiwi Fishing Bankoks Adventure. with Friends and clients Fishing. 7kg more than pending World Record. Big Giant Siamese Carp happy photo.

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Properly ID the fish you may catch in the state of NJ! Picture World Record. 22lb 4oz. The grass carp got its name from. its love of aquatic weeds It has a thick, 

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You can see some of the pictures of that day href="/my-year-in-pictures-2008. html ? This is some footage of the world record common carp caught in 2005 by 

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Advanced Carp Fishing is aimed at the aspirational carp angler If you have caught your Your Pictures · Best looking big carp. World-Record Common Dead

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Jun 3, 2013 Carp Catchers Blog, tips and tricks on Carp Catching. Tags: AI, Angling Intellingence, Bivvys, carp blog, carp fishing blog, fishing blog, venture British Carp Angling Championships (11); British Record Carp (1); British Young. Customers catch (121); Dawn Photo's (1); Day Ticket Carp Lakes (9); Day 

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Mississippi Official State. Record Freshwater Fish. Facebook Florida Common Carp:. p> The lowly carp. Apalachicola River; IGFA world record was caught. in France weighed 75 pounds, 11 ounces Submit your. photo

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Texas Common Carp: p> The lowly carp. The all-tackle world record was. landed in 1987 from Lac de St Cassien, France, and weighed Submit your. photo

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Certified state record fish must be legally caught using an active The links in the below table go to photos of either the record fish or a recent Common. Carp FWC Law Enforcement Florida - The fishing Capital of the World Visit Florida My 

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