To connect with World record carp, sign up for Facebook today record, 91lb common carp, eric's common from Rainbow Lake, lac de curton france caught on  
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Jul 17, 2013. Record-setting carp caught in. Lake Guntersville | News. He's also in the process of seeing if the. fish might be a world record for a grass carp. Biggest carp caught in Thailand sets world record [July 17] The biggest carp was caught in Thailand by a local fisherman known only as Kik who works as a  Page 1 of 13 - Carp World Records & Euro Paylake Carp - posted in Carp Caught in a Man Made Lake (Gurt big hole dug out the Ground )  Catch a New World Record Carp in Spain This is your opportunity to put your name in the history books of carp fishing by catching the New World Record Carp May 3, 2012 BRITISH angler breaks women's world record with monster catch They have been introduced to various locations around the world, though with The largest recorded carp, caught by British angler, Colin Smith, in 2013 at  Jun 8, 2012 Angler smashes global record with first carp over 100lbs - and it's not French! At 101lb 4oz, this is the new world record carp. Caught on June 2, 

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worldRECORD pole caught fish Hayes from England while on holiday in the USA caught this 25 455Kg (56lbs) grass carp from a river in Englwood Florida

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Jul 1, 2013 Patrick Johnson beams over his new Ohio state record carp “I had shot five fish before the. record, including a 45-pound grass carp I knew 

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The World record was landed just the. other week by a English guy,Andre. is of a carp caught in France so doesn't. count as anEnglish record

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The International Game Fish Association lists a 61 pound 15 ounce bighead carp caught in old Hickory Lake in Tennesses in 2002 as the world record, but a 73 

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It's the first documented case of. an Asian carp caught in the Grand Although this fish was sterile and not able to reproduce, its discovery this far north is deeply 

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became a Minnesota record—even. a world-record fish for a time. Ledwein never native of Morgan, Minnesota, he caught his first carp in a dredge ditch at age 

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May 23, 2011 Consequently, Swope's fish does. not qualify as a world record, even The presence of Asian carp in Missouri waters also has implications for 

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world record fish pictures, United States record fish pics, IGFA records, freshwater & saltwater fishing Check out Record Fish Caught by Amos Gray CARP IGFA WORLD RECORD. CARP = 57 lb 13. oz See a picture of a 47 lb carp NJ

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Carp, Mirror the fish described in this application was legally caught by me in If qualified as a world record holder, you will receive a certificate for framing

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Sep 25, 2012 He caught it Sept. Eric Lichamer caught a 72-pound grass carp Sept. Take your pick: Louie Spray and his ''world-record'' muskie or the 

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certificates recognizing their achievement of having. caught or landed the largest fish in each species holders, including the new striped bass. world record holder, were honored state record common carp holds his awards (above, from

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June 28, 2010 Application for Official Kentucky. State Record Fish Program CAUGHT BY Bighead. Carp **World Record - line class; Catch and Release  

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State Records Carp. 37 in , McKellops Lake. Mack Hollen Jr , Phoenix 5/6/06 Larger than current all-tackle world record listed by the International Game 

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Dec 4, 2010 The current sport-caught World. Record King Salmon is 97 25. Paul Roberts from the UK caught the world's biggest carp, at 94lb, while fishing 

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Apr 12, 2013. Arizona record fish caught at Bartlett. Lake,A Surprise man broke a has also produced the state record for. the heaviest carp, caught in 1987

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Jun 6, 2005 J. J Rorex struggles to hold up his 90-pound. Bighead Carp caught June 2. The fish is likely to become a new "All Tackle" World Record

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Bass and carp are the most popular fish. found in the Msinsi Reserves near The dam holds the world record of 24 kg when 6 bass were caught in one day

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Gene Swope, center, of Excelsior Springs, shows off his record bighead carp with It also was 16 pounds heavier than the world record bighead, but Swope's 

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The current World Record for a Freshwater. Fish is held by the Giant Mekong Prize Carp Latin name Probarbas Jullieni. IGFA World Record NONE Caught by 

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A week long session has seen Andre Komornicki from London catch a 91lb. Carp and set a new world record for the largest Mirror ever caught. Fishing Luke 

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Fishermans View offers official Freshwater World Records For  Jun 9, 2012. I think it is a world record as it was caught by a man with a rod and a reel, you can 't take that away from him as it wasn't him who grew the carp 

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Alabama State Record. Freshwater Fish. State Record  Rod and Reel Records. These fish were caught by rod and reel.

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The World Record 18lb Carp in the video below was caught on our Pen Fishing Rod no matter what other lying companies claim! Yes, they are trying to claim 

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Montana Fish. Records I caught a record-breaker! What now? To prevent loss. of weight, do not clean or freeze the fish Common Carp 38. 40 2 lbs 5/24/98.

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Jul 6, 2011. List of state record freshwater fish maintained. by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Species, Lbs. Oz Year, Angler, Where Caught Bass, largemouth, 10, 14, 1980, Robert. Carp, 47, 0, 1995, Billy Friedman, South Branch of Raritan River Denotes fish has been certified by. the IGFA as a world record 

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