Aug 10, 2005. A possible new world record blue catfish weighing 130 pounds was caught Pruitt and the catfish, which was caught. in the Mississippi River, 
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with the Mississippi River, blue catfish can be found in the Missouri, Tennessee, and Ohio rivers. North Carolina The most notable stocking on record. occurred at Lake Norman. A recent world record fish (shown at right) was caught on Kerr   May 25, 2005. Tim Pruitt, 33, of Godfrey, Ill , caught the world-record blue catfish early musta thrown their old refrigerator. or air conditioner into the river Jul 21, 2010. A Florissant fisherman reeled in a record-setter early Tuesday morning blue catfish that officials say is big enough for a world record held since Pruitt caught a 124-pound blue catfish on the Mississippi River near Alton of the Ohio River in West. Virginia and the Kanawha. The current all-tackle world. record for a channel record blue catfish in the Mississippi. River in 2005  Charles Ashley. Jr. of Marion, AR reeled. in a new State record and possibly new World record blue catfish from the Mississippi River Ashley's catfish weighed 

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The Minnesota River might be your best bet, but since the world record blue catfish was actually caught on the Mississippi--just not in Minnesota--it would make 

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Catfish Photos, Instructional Catfish Movies and Videos showing the complete catfishing Giant catfish tips on bait, rigs, and techniques to help you catch huge channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish river or creek dumps into a major river system like the Ohio, Mississippi or Missouri. world record blue catfish.

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Feb 21, 2004 While the world record is a 51 pounder. taken from Santee-Cooper in South Blue catfish, called Arkansas blues in some areas, are the next most widely distributed They are native to the Mississippi. River drainage

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Black Bass. Species, Weight, Location, Caught By, Date  Jul 22, 2010. The possible new world record Blue. Catfish in Missouri is 130 pounds! a blue from the mississippi river that was estimated from pictures and 

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Primarily a “big river” fish species, the blue catfish is found almost exclusively in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers (Harlan et al. 1987). The distribution is based upon existing collection records ("FLOW" = 1. Fishes of the world. Second 

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Jul 23, 2010 carp - cut them up for bait to catch a potential world-record blue catfish Missouri River, just west of its confluence with the Mississippi River

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The current State of Illinois record and angling world record is 124 pounds and was caught by Tim Pruitt on May 22, 2005, in the Mississippi River Blue catfish 

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Jun 23, 2011. Likely World Record Catfish Caught At Kerr Lake. It's not official, but if Anderson captures the record, he will have shattered the old record for blue catfish, HUGE Record Breaking Alligator Caught In The Mississippi River 

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reel world record. blue catfish (55 2 kg) was caught in January 2004. In recent. years, to collect blue catfish for contaminant. monitoring in Mississippi rivers.

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Jan 31, 2013 Starting with the Mississippi, Cumberland, and Tennessee Rivers in the. weights with the world record blue. cat currently being 143 pounds

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catfishing rivers,catfishing for channel catfish,blue catfishing,tips,and info Central Ohio catfishing,mississippi river Catfishing with planer bobbers, jug fishing for Catfish. catfishing SEE THE WORLD RECORD BLUE CATFISH ON PLANER.

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caught and held that record until a 124-pound fish. was caught from the Mississippi River in 2005. Splash is still the Texas. state record blue catfish Splash, the world-record. blue catfish of 121 5 pounds caught by Cody 

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Sep 16, 2009. The world record channel catfish weighed 58 pounds and was taken from The record blue catfish was caught in may of 2005 in the Mississippi River in large rivers and their basins of. the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio

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North America: USA (Mobile and Mississippi basins; and Texas coastal dainages. and backwaters of medium to large rivers, over mud, sand and gravel (Ref

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Fishing for Catfish - description, state records, biology and management. Color: Silvery blue to light olive with black spots In Minnesota, channel catfish are common in the Mississippi River, the St Croix River, and in the larger tributaries of both rivers The fish The world record, 58 pounds, was taken in South Carolina.

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Nov 21, 2011. If you live near the Mississippi River, you are all too familiar with the. In the world of giant catfish, the Mekong River in Thailand takes the record According to DiscoverCatfish com, the largest blue catfish. on record has 

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Nov 11, 2009 Tim Pruitt of Alton, IL holds the record-breaking catfish he caught. in the Mississippi River near Alton, IL on May 22, 2005 The world record for a blue catfish is 121. 8 set in January 2004 at Lake Texoma near Denison, TX.

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Channel catfish, native to the Mississippi River drainage and the Great Lakes, Blue catfish commonly reach 20 or more pounds, and the world record, from 

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Aug 8, 2013. Elsah man's catch challenges catfish world record Anthony Maggart, who pulled a 114-pound blue. cat out of the Mississippi River last month.

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Jul 22, 2010. behind noting another possible world. record, this time for blue catfish. fishing the Missouri River near the confluence with the Mississippi.

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Records – World record is 123 pounds. caught by Ken Paulie in 1998 in the Elk Mississippi river, which is home to the national. and state record for Blue cat, 

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Ictalurus furcatus. Blue Catfish "rod & reel" world record. caught in: USA / capital : other methods, 68,04 kg, 150 lb 0 oz, Mississippi River · USA, 1879

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Jun 26, 2013 'Monster Fish' host Zeb Hogan discusses. Alabama's legendary river America are blue cats, and the world record. blue catfish caught in North Carolina in in area rivers, including blue catfish, flathead catfish, the Mississippi 

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Flathead catfish inhabit rivers, lakes, and reservoirs with slow currents Older and larger flathead catfish stay in deeper waters during the daylight hours. World Map. Feeding ecology and energetic relationships with habitat of blue catfish, and flathead catfish, Pylodictis olivaris, in the lower Mississippi River, U. S A.  

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