Son Light Power USA RAW Bench. Press Federation National Records. 2008 Jennifer Rasmussen - novice women/132 - 150. 2008 Jennifer Rasmussen 
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Information about 13th Masters World. Benchpress Championships from 18 - 21 April 2013 in World Raw Record Standards Nominations men women Mariupol, Ukraine, Men's & Women's European Powerlifting Championships, 08 - 12 05 2012 Pilsen, Czech Republic, World Bench. Press Championships for  Bench Press National Championship Records. Skip Navigation  Shannon Pole-Summers benched 531 which. beat the former record of 530 held. The strongest women in the world can bench. press in the upper 300's and a few Gear assisted record: 1075 lbs by Ryan Kennelly Raw Bench (no gear): 715  Women's Raw World Records Name Weight class Squat Country Year Federation Video Name, Weight class, Bench Press, Country, Year, Federation , Video American and World Record Certificate. Application link **USPF  Jennifer wins her fourth IPF World Bench Press Championship gold! She sets all the female Raw American records. with a squat of 292, bench of 281 and 

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Sep 2, 2012 USAPL Bench Nationals Showcase Colorado Lifters. Colorado's sole female competitor, Jen Gaudreau, kicked things off for Colorado winning. on November 17th at the 7th Annual NAPF/Pan. American Bench Press Championship. RMLC Lifter Blaine Sumner Shatters. Raw IPF World Squat Record

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RECORDS. The BDFPA is affiliated to the WDFPF (World Drug Free Powerlifting. both RAW and EQUIPPED competition, for all ages, for men and women

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Aug 3, 2012 After pulling the 100 lb. deadlift for a new world. record, Silencia Aaron finished with a 154 lb. raw squat, 100 lb bench press and 149 lb deadlift came in the teen women's divisions, where multiple records were broken

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Aug 11, 2013 Event National Records, World Records Sanctioned By: 100% RAW Powerlifting Complete guide-to-powerlifting-for-women-download 106 views Like Increase your bench press muscle building products 236 views Like 

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Jennifer also won female best lifter in both the raw and open classes. lifters by breaking his own. state record with a 202 5 kg (446 lb) bench. press, winning the. and Jennifer Thompson on their nominations. to the 2013 Masters World Team

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Jun 20, 2013. Burn Bra · Chivette of the Week · College Girls · FB Girls. · Redheads · FLBP · Hot Women · Hump Day 90-year-old man sets bench press record (Video). but it would have been more impressive if it was a RAW benchpress My Dad at 91 holds the AAU world and USA record at 205 lbs. at 187. lbs body 

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Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest weight lifting world records and videos Impress your friends Heaviest Raw Bench Press (Athlete Under 235 Lbs. )

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Press «Ctrl+R» (or «F5» ) on keyboard if the information is not updated in your browser World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Championships. Killeen, TX / USA 

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May 12, 2012 2013 WBOP Benchpress Champs Click Here Group A All Women lifters. and 74 mens Well done to Serena Perry at this years. Master World Powerlifting champs Check the record section for details about RAW lifting

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Jul 1, 2013 Sy Perlis is 91 years old and just set the world record in the. bench press, lifting the most weight for someone his age Inside edition was there 

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Bench Press Only: Military Raw Open. Men · Raw Collegiate Men. Be sure to read the USAPL Record FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) located here: 

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Then in little time, after two years of training, at the young age of 24 Nick Winters bench pressed Scott Mendelson's RAW bench press World Record of 715lbs for  

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Ryan Kennelly 1050lb World Record Bench Press - 12-1-07 APA The All-Time Biggest RAW Bench. Press Record - Non Drug Tested. Scot Mendelson holds. the  

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May 20, 2013 Eric Spoto destroys the previous raw bench press record at Super Training Gym on May 19, 2013.

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May 22, 2013 Mark Bell narrates Eric Spoto's three lifts from the meet and provides some perspective with past bench press records.

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Aug 9, 2004 For years, the bench press world record crept up slowly and steadily bench press shot up to 965 pounds, the unshirted or "raw" markhas 

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Vladimir Kravtsov set a new raw bench press world record benching an amazing 302 5kg (666 9 lbs) at a body weight of 125kg (275 lbs) He failed his. second 

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May 23, 2013. After being held for 8 years by Scott Mendelson, the world record for raw ( unassisted) bench press was just broken by Eric Spoto - 722 pounds 

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May 21, 2013 You don't lift as much as Eric Spoto, who claims to have set a world record by raw -benching 722 pounds This video, taken on Sunday, actually 

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May 21, 2013 Eric Spoto is (allegedly) a man, and certainly a very strong being. His Twitter bio says he is working towards a 730+ pound bench press

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May 19, 2013. Here's Eric Spoto smashing the world record raw bench press with 722 Lbs! After many unsuccessful attempts, the original record of 715 held 

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Today, the world record bench press without a bench shirt is 722 lb (327 5 kg), . set by For the bench press to be considered raw, no bench shirts are allowed;  

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Dec 9, 2006 715 raw bench press. world record From the New England Bench Press. Classic May 22nd 2005 Ed Coan is Judge.

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May 19, 2013 Eric Spoto destroys the previous. raw bench press record. Here's a whole video about. what Eric was sniffing: 

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May 19, 2013. Video recorded by Jim McDonald Subscribe to his channel for a high quality version shortly! http://www. youtube com/user/jimmcd1234. For 

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