Jun 14, 2013. A new record: Sy Perlis, 91, now holds the world record bench press for his age Lamar Odom 'checks into rehab' for drug and alcohol addiction. makeup- free face after four months of rehab Re-fueled with coffee · Rosie 
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Bench Press (full meet) Men's Raw World Records (Drug Tested) Use the code "PLWATCH" for 15% off any size. order & a FREE set of 12” Wrist Wraps Be sure to read the USAPL Record FAQ (Frequently. Asked Questions) located here:. Lifetime Drug Free Master. IV (70-74) Men, 82 5 kg / 181 lbs, Bench Press   Records Lifetime Drug Free Open Women · Master I (40-44)  Men's Raw World Records (Drug Tested) Name Weight class Squat Country Year Name, Weight class, Bench Press, Country, Year, Federation, Video performing regressions on data of world record lifts in the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift from the late 1940s up to current drug-free, raw Powerlifting records   Powerlifting Drug. Free Tested State Sites, State Records, Info. This site and all of it's contents. Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Curl, numerous Training DVD's 20-time drug-free bench. press world champion The highest drug-tested bench press in history at 1047 lbs World records: 800 lbs x 4 lifts, 700 lbs x 8 lifts, and  

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Aug 29, 2013 I just got an e-mail, and its not confirmed, that my friend Rup, set a world record bench press for the 60 year old class 512 lbs Drug free

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Deputy Stone also was recognized at the. best overall bench presser in the with a 115-pound bench press, setting not only a personal record, but a state. The meet qualified both lifters to compete in the. WABDL World Championship meet to be held in. &nbspIt is a drug-free organization and all meets are drug-tested

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I am Gen Sec to British Drug-Free Power-lifting Association, National event promoter, holding the current World Dead-lift and Bench-Press records in my age  

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27 YEARS COMPETITIVE DRUG FREE. POWERLIFTING; 1985-1997: All USAPL Colorado State records in the 165. and 181 pound weight classes, as well as In the IPF division, Dan is a 8 time. Master World Bench Press Champion.

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I am Gen Sec to British Drug-Free Power-lifting Association, National event promoter, holding the current World Dead-lift and Bench-Press records in my age  

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Virtually every world record in weight lifting, track and field and even If you follow this workout you will be able to make continuous "drug free" gains in both size If your max Bench Press is 225 for 10 reps in good form without a spotter, start 

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Drug Free Irish Powerlifting, the IDFPA holds competitions. across the country in Full Powerlifting and Single lifts IDFPA Bench Press Championships Email Forms Some national records (Single Lift) fell at the National Deadlift Champs! IDFPA National Deadlift Champs 2013. Ladies Division (World Mini Games)

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Drugfree NZ register – minimum 6 months To be eligable to set Single Bench Press record Single Bench Press, Three lift (providing lifter totals) Increment to break a. World record requires Drug testing (cost $900 plus) Single Bench Press 

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6 days. ago. (meaning drug-free and without the use of belts or supports) World A Master Powerlifting Total World Record, for the uninitiated, breaks down like this: weightlifting categories: the squat, the bench press and the deadlift

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The world record recognized by the International. Powerlifting Federation is by James His lift, the heaviest drug-tested. raw bench press, was 711 lbs

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Feb 28, 2012 At the time he held all the world records for powerlifting. Association and the ADFPA American. Drug Free Powerlifting Association Squat – 1019 lbs (~462 kg); Bench press – 584 lbs (~265 kg); Deadlift – 901 lbs (~409 kg)

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Aug 17, 2013 He also set a world record. in the bench press (120) "I didn't. know. The ADFPF requires athletes to submit to random drug testing If a urine 

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GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR MOST. WEIGHT SQUATED LIFTED World Records record for the most amount of weight. lifted squatting in one hour – drug free Bench Press: 319 5 lbs Canadian National Championships BC 2nd Place

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Set over one dozen American, National and World records in the bench press in drug-tested competition (sub-master's age group, 198 and 220 pound weight 

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Feb 26, 2013 USAPL Power Surge Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships held in Denver, Tim Anderson breaks the IPF World Bench Record with a 

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A former world record holder in the bench press, he is a lifetime drug-free lifter and athlete who practices the tried-and-true, Old-School strength-building 

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Jun 29, 2011 What he did • He recently broke a world record in the bench press in a meet with How • He got into the sport once he found a drug-free lifting 

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Every Nationals Presidents submission to President of World drug-free federation The countrys. like. June 24 – Squat, June 25- Bench. press, June 26 – Deadlift I set Ukrainian record in squat. between Junior age class(20-23) National 

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PowerPlus offers a drug-free performance enhancement for professional, high school Ralph Soffrendine, the World Record Holder. Power Bench Press, Senior 

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Feb 14, 2013 As the 2013 Women's Intersport Network Columbia Sportswoman of the Year, Frazier holds two bench press records in World Drug-Free 

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LinkedIn is the world's largest business. network, helping professionals like Ron and World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships while setting several records from 13 countries around the world in the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift

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Mike then had his eye on the unassisted. bench press world record. Mike trained. What an example for drug free training for all of us to aspire too Mike is one. of  

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On March 22 I set the new world record in the Junior (20-23yrs old) division 308lb weight class drug-free with a 550lb bench press The following. month I 

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Dec 29, 2012 The benefits of Drug free Body building down one of the gyms mentioned who as a natural is the current world record holder for bench press.

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A Pennsylvania-based federation that is strictly raw and drug-free. I haven't International Powerlifting Association - "The greatest. powerlifters in the world compete in the IPA Powerlifting, Bench Press, Power Sports International Powerlifting Federation - Official rules, records, meet results, and additional information

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