May 25, 2009 Manabu Kurita World Record Largemouth BassWFNvideosFeatured333,890 · 1: 38. Watch Later LURED - A NEW IGFA Length World Record 
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Mar 10, 2010. large mouth bass world record 40 pounds fishing - YouTube Subscribe 366. Top Comments alinzana 1 year ago Thumbs up if? you. didn't  Nov 27, 2009 Fishing in San. Diego Bay. My bro getting some big bass action Jan 25, 2010 Manabu Kurita weighs the enormous largemouth bass. that tied with the previous world record For more info about the. record visit  Apr 7, 2013 giant smallmouth bass caught at the cuyahoga. river FISH OF OHIO 24 inches Jul 12, 2013 The largest bass ever captured was caught right here in Georgia! Caught by George Perry on June 2, 1932, it weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces  Jan 12, 2010 Congrats to Manabu Kurita for catching the World record largemouth bass I believe he should not have to share it with george perry wince GP's  May 31, 2008. A 171 6 test run from Steve Cook, multiple World Record holder. He shattered his windshield! From Audio X in Florence, AL. Aug 17, 2011 this is the new world record. striped bass as of 8/17/11

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XY Records are also pleased to announce the signing of the multi faceted XYRDNBS003 – Bipolar Ft Emily Zuzik – Ordinary World – New Drum and Bass Out Now Check out XYRecords on You Tube, Refix in the studio making dubstep, 

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Aug 29, 2012. Fastest Bass Guitar. Player World Record Jayen Varma played his bass guitar at. 324 bpm, an official world record. More world YouTube link.

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The world's largest drum and bass / jungle message board with news, interviews and dubplates And aligned with John Rolodex for a special single on the mighty V Records. read more A Thing On Youtube, "how to do things" · Best vocal 

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The full piece premieres April 7 (yes, on YouTube!) and madly viral video last year, composer Eric Whitacre led a virtual choir of singers from around the world

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Red drum, also called redfish, channel bass, spottail, red bass or reds, are one of. The world record red drum was caught off North Carolina waters in 1984 and it weighed 94 Facebook Twitter YouTube Flickr. Pinterest Instagram Scribd

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Learn more about Wooten's bass/nature camp and concepts and ensure Grammy Award winner and has graced the covers. of bass magazines the world over. has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Victor Wooten, George Duke, Cafe 939. Join our mailing list Berklee Blogs · Facebook · Twitter · YouTube.

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Order a Fodera custom bass guitar online. or visit our shop in Brooklyn, New York There is a reason why many of the world's most prominent bassists trust the crafting of their instruments only to Fodera. See it on. YouTube! We then asked Fodera Artist, Matt Garrison, to play and record each Monarch to compare

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http://www youtube com/watch?v=XU0RUBzeH40 How else would it be a world record? "friggin 64th note madness on the bass drum"

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Sep 4, 2012. Fastest Bass Guitar Player Ever. [WORLD RECORD OF THE WEEK]. 2012 5:35 pm Posted in funny, Video, youtube David Elmaleh g+ page

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Jazz Bass Lessons with John Patitucci: Right Hand Position – YouTube. Ödön Rácz playing the famous “Flight of the Bumble-bee” in world record time

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world record fish pictures, United States record fish pics, IGFA records, YouTube com Videos. Record IGFA WORLD RECORD LARGEMOUTH BASS = 22 lb.

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brings the world's best DJs and producers to YouTube in the mix! With over Read. more Drum and Bass mix by James Marvel. from AudioPorn Records 

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When wanting to catch eye popping, record sized largemouth. bass you need to know where to find Largemouth bass lakes can be found throughout the USA. and in various countries throughout the world. curated content from YouTube 

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World record striped bass, including Greg Myerson's world record striped bass, Hank. Ferguson's record freshwater striped bass, a giant 92 pound striped bass, 

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It was Thursday, August 4, and I was sitting at home. getting my gear ready for a night of fishing The conditions were going to be perfect: the moon would be up, 

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Mar 25, 2013 Any list of the top bass catches of all time is going. to have asterisks, even George Perry's 22. 25 pound bass that stood as. the world record for 

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Jun 19, 2013 Surprise picture could be the image of the most coveted world record fish of all time

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Jan 25, 2010 Manabu Kurita weighs the enormous largemouth bass. that tied with the previous world record For more info about the record visit 

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Jun 8, 2013 It was a photo, grainy and stained, depicting a thin young man in overalls, smiling broadly and holding a mammoth bass The photo was dated 

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May 21, 2013 The world record for the Largemouth bass. currently is tied at 22 pounds 4 ounces Two anglers from a completely different time and place share 

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Jun 13, 2013. On June 2, 1932, George W. Perry would catch the fish that would make him a legend, as well as a world record holder for 81 years and 

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Jun 25, 2013 We saw reports come out a week ago about George Perry's world record largemouth bass “new old photo ” We refrained from posting as news 

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Jun 23, 2013 franksargeant@charter net The long-recognized all-tackle world-record largemouth bass, weighing 22 pounds, 4 ounces and caught by 

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A collection of World's Record and Biggest Largemouth Bass. Jun 18, 2013 A photo dated June 2, 1932 surfaced. of a man identified as George W Perry holding what could be the world-record. 22-pound, 4-ounce 

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Jan 7, 2013 An unexpected record for Sebile, who holds over 350 record catches Jun 13, 2013 On a June day in 1932, George W. Perry was fishing the waters of Georgia's Montgomery. Lake with friend Jack Page when he caught a 

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