Jan 7, 2013 An unexpected record for Sebile, who holds over 350 record catches
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Jul 14, 2009 Lake Biwa, Japan -- Japanese angler Manabu Kurita, 32, caught a 22lb 5oz, 29 inches (10 12 kilograms and 73. 5 centimeters) largemouth  George Perry and the World Record Largemouth Bass "He even showed the picture around in nursing homes to see if they recognized the people in it," he  Jun 23, 2013 The long-recognized all-tackle world-record largemouth bass, weighing. A set of old pictures including this one and a couple more like it were  World Record. Bass See Pictures and Text Below Ad In downtown Jacksonville Georgia, just north of the intersection. of highways 441 and 117 is this sign with  May 6, 2011. Pictures and videos clips of official and unofficial world records of FISH TV in Mexico for Largemouth BassFishtv. Stakos James1,313 views  Jun 13, 2013 Possible new photo of world record largemouth bass surfaces But for years, nobody had even seen a picture of the record fish At the time  Jun 25, 2013 Baab is certain the man in the latest photo is Perry However it's not known if this is a. picture of the actual world record bass. The scribbled. date 

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Feeder Stream: World Record Snakehead, Officer Dies, Man Vs. Lionfish, Great During the midday the more active bass will sit along the deeper ledges and 

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Jul 28, 2011 First, largemouth bass are among the most sought-after game fish, and bass fishing is a billion dollar industry Second, the world. record for 

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AGFC Offices; Arkansas State Record Fish | Information and  The Big Ones - The World Record Smallmouth Bass of Dale Hollow Lake - Kindle The book is illustrated with more than 75 images, including maps of Dale 

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Aug 6, 2011 Angler might not register apparent. record striped bass If his latest catch gets certified as the world record, he could get hundreds of. I noticed that your blog does not allow the images to be copied but they are for sale

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Submit a World Record - mail to: CKF@kayakfishing. com Guidelines: Only legal. beach upon landing - no one to share my prize with and no one to take pictures Dennis Spike with a kayak fishing record 75# white sea bass in May 2000

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May 16, 2012. A snakehead fish worthy of a world record. may have been pulled from the for the vanishing populations of Potomac. River shad, bass and even frogs Duran's pictures and scale were sent to the International Game Fish 

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pictures for use in this publication Partial funding of this. The term, Black bass, refers to several species of bass in Tennessee including smallmouth, largemouth Tennessee has the recognized world record at 11 pounds, 15 ounces.

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Arizona State Fish Records Bass, Largemouth, 16 lb 7 68 oz Larger than current all-tackle world record listed by the International Game Fish Assn and the  

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2013 Crappie. pictures. Crappie, Stripers and Bass Fishing Guide. Striper's and Bass on World Famous WEISS LAKE ALABAMA The Crappie Capital Of The fishing this lake and 20 years as a Professional. guide with a proven record of 

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Application for Official Kentucky State Record Fish Program 06/13/70 Largemouth Bass 13 lbs. , 10. 4 ozs **World Record - line class; Catch and Release 

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The International Game Fish Association (IGFA- the keeper of records for the fishing community) The peacock bass will continue to be the world's most sought after Then picture yourself fighting and landing the world's greatest freshwater 

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State Record Fish, Indiana Largemouth Bass Fishermen - See us first for some of the finest Largemouth Bass fish mounts, specializing in Bass taxidermy. Below are images of Largemouth Bass skin mounts & Bass replicas. State Record Largemouth Bass Replica

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Montana Fish Records. Take a picture of the fish. Weigh the fish on a certified. scale (found in Largemouth Bass, 22 5, 8. 80 lbs 5/2/09, Noxon Rapids 

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Nick and Abdullah were soon augmented by the Irish double bass player, composer. images of desert suns, jewel-like houses and spectacular Crusader castles To Damascus - Syriana (Real World) Conceived in London, part- recorded in 

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Aug 27, 2007. My question is would this count as the new world record since the email that my. Have you seen the picture of the WR largemouth bass?

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Sep 10, 2007. When you're trying to picture how loud this 180 5db subwoofer that set the world record for the loudest sound for a single sub is, you can't picture jet thru an extremely sub-bass CD - and it vibrates everything and hurts your 

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Amended August 2013 The Ohio Record fish list is maintained by the Outdoor. Record fish are determined on the basis of weight only. Bass, Hybrid. Striped

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Jul 3, 2009 Yesterday, reports of a potential world. record largemouth bass started So here are a few pictures that have surfaced, for fun of comparison, 

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Message Board member photographs, Whopper Of The Week pictures and Crappie Outing pictures from the World record Bluegill! Giant Largemouth Bass!

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Fishermans View offers official Freshwater World Records For  shipping saltwater striper bass muskie. musky pike and walleye lures. Please send us your pictures of the fish you catch with our lures World record rainy lake pike holland 56 Inch, 55 Pound. Mammoth northern Pike Caught on Rainy Lake 

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Here are some Kentucky Lake Crappie pictures courtesy of Crappie Action Guide Service page 1 page. 2. Big Bass Catch Ties World Record here's more

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information Includes crappie, catfish and bass fishing. It looks like angler Mike Hicks brought. in a world record carp from Reelfoot Lake For the complete 

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Picture of the Week Bass bite is on at Berryessa and catfish are feeding at Clear Lake. Big week for big fish, pending world record from New Melones

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Current Lake Fork fishing report, pictures, testimonials, and videos Lake Fork is home to the current Texas. state record bass which stands at 18 18 pounds and was Airing weekly on NBC Sports Network. and the World Fishing Network

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Current State Record Fish Species, Weight, Length (inches)  Image of Paralabrax maculatofasciatus. (Spotted sand bass) Picture by Shelton, J Search) | World Records Freshwater Fishing | Zoological Record 

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