list of 50 biggest largemouth bass caught in Texas Bonham SP, Brazos Bend SP, Buescher SP, Caddo Lake SP, Caprock Canyons SP & Trailway, Cedar Hill 
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Jul 26, 2011 Any time you go to Lake Fork in Texas, you're next throw could result in the " World Record " ANGELS CAMP – Attention record keepers at the International Game Fish Association: the next time you change the entry under “Alabama spotted bass,” the  The world record bass was caught. near Jacksonville, GA It weighed 22 pounds 4 ounces and was caught from an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River called  May 21, 2013. The world record for the Largemouth bass currently is tied at 22 pounds Montgomery Lake was an oxbow lake off. the Ocmulgee River, and is  Jun 13, 2013 Was the photographer standing in the lake? BS Perry, an old country boy who ate his world record bass, PROBABLY would not have been  Mar 15, 2013 Panama's Dale Miller holds the new Oklahoma-record largemouth bass caught Wednesday at Cedar Lake The fish weighed 14 pounds, 13 7  Jul 14, 2009 Biggest Largemouth Bass-world record caught by Manabu Kurita Lake Biwa, Japan -- Japanese angler Manabu Kurita, 32, caught a 22lb 5oz, 

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Aug 2, 2013 Ryan Vanek the world record bass was caught right here in South Florida To bad clear lake is one of the most polluted in the world-- with 

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We'll soon have operations at two more of Mexico's top bass fishing lakes lake well are confident that its fertile water. quite possibly holds some world-record 

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With five past world record spotted bass catches, you can see why the lure of. big spots brings anglers from all over the country to Lewis Smith Lake Plus, the 

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Top notch Bass swim baits were designed and proven with Lake records right. Kokanee Salmon are known as one of the best tasting inland fish in the world

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My records show that this is the 8th bass caught from Club lakes weighing over. break the AL State Record and maybe the World Record for largemouth bass

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Application for Official Kentucky State Record Fish Program Lake Cumberland 10/03/ Largemouth Bass **World Record - line class; Catch and Release 

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Was a World Record Striped Bass Caught and Released On Lake Ouachita in Arkansas? You will have to ask Joe Mann an angler from Weatherford, Texas who 

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Rules for Establishing Arkansas Sportfishing Records WORLD RECORD ARCTIC CHAR = 39 lb. 11. oz Picture of Jeanne Branson 29 lb 11 oz Arctic Char & a 65 lb World Record Lake Trout LARGEMOUTH BASS

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Aug 5, 2013 There are now two world record bass! back in 1932 a Georgia boy fishing in a small oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River landed a huge bass.

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Lake Hartwell was home to the 2008 Bass Masters. Classic and is a tour stop for the FLW Tour. The Mountain The Redeye Bass is a world record!!! One of the 

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Mar 13, 2013. There have been some large striped bass landed in the lake I fish here at Smith, but this thing is astounding It surpassed the world record by 3 

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There are State record bass in Lake Alan Henry, spotted bass and largemouth bass, possible World record bass. Our genetics are not polluted because we do 

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Mar 27, 2013 Angler Catches 10-pound, 1-ounce Spotted Bass on River2Sea S-Waver. New Melones Lake Record Spotted Bass just shy of World Record

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Just ask Marc Deliar. The Northern California angler reeled in a world record- breaking. Largemouth Bass from Fiction Lake, a small lake in Rollick, CA. , on April

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Current State Record Fish Species, Weight, Length. (inches)  Perhaps no other family of lures have accounted for more lake, state and world record bass than Castaic Swimbaits. This includes the 9th largest documented 

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Want a shot at the next world record bass? Popular belief among serious bass anglers is that Lake Baccarac will produce the next record This is the hottest. bass 

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IGFA All Tackle Records for Bass, rock lakes and streams and the outer edges of larger lakes, always over rocky bottoms (hence the name “rock” bass) where 

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World Record Bass Fishing Lakes in Mexico - El Salto Lake & Lake Baccarac He brought a group from Ranger Boats to Lake El Salto to fish with Pro Bass 

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Tennessee Fishing Records Black. Bass Species, Weight  The world record for largest small. mouth bass is 12 pounds The fish was caught in Laurel Lake, Kentucky on March 24, 2012 The previous standing record was 

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The woman's world record was also caught at West. Lake Toho and weighed an impressive 14 lbs 5 oz. The largest two-man limit catch. of large mouth bass 

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World Hybrid Record · Greers ferry hybrid striped bass lake. Greers Ferry Lake with about 32,500 acres of lake. surface to accommodate both boaters and 

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In 2004, six of the fifteen bass entered into the ShareLunker Program were caught on Lake Fork! Many people believe the next world's record bass lives in Lake 

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Photos world record brown trout, state records, line-class world records caught in Arkansas Ozarks. This 53 pound Striped bass taken in Bull Shoals Lake

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Come fish with Shampine on Lake Fork Texas, one of 5 lakes in the nation where fish biologists believe the next world record bass could be caught Check out 

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Shell's latest work, The Big Ones--The World Record Smallmouth Bass of Dale Hollow Lake, deals with a different type of lake history The book tells of the 

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