Mar 30, 2006. A possible new world-record largemouth bass was caught in Dixon Lake near San Diego, but chances are it might never make the world record 
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Mac Weakley caught a 25 pounds, 1 ounce. largemouth bass on Dixon Lake near. on the men's hand-held digital scale, making it a potential new world record The REAL Story of the World Record Bass Photo Gallery by On Mother's Day, Brown set out on Dixon Lake for a day of bass fishing He is originally from  Jul 2, 2009 the 25 pound bass caught out of lake dixon in cali is the world record no doubt but give it time and someone will. bust another bass over 22 5  Now Lake Dixon, for those of you who don't know, is the small lake where the world record bass had been snagged, disqualifying it so far, from making it to the   On March 20, 2006 at Dixon lake in California, a potential new world. record largemouth bass was caught by a guy named Mac Weakley. The only reason it is not  Many thought the next world record bass would come from a California reservoir that gets stocked with trout Dixon Lake in Escondido served up a 25-pound, 

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Japan now holds the Bass World Record jointly with the USA! This massive Bass of 22lb 4 97oz (just over 10kg!) was caught on 2. July 2009 in Lake Biwa, Japan 

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Bass Lake · Berryessa Lake Dixon Lake. The world record angling record tips the scales at 4 pounds 12 ounces, and adults can grow over 12" long. Get one 

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In 1949, he set a world record for producing the most fingerling largemouth bass in a one-acre He was instrumental in introducing striped bass into Lake Cumberland, one of the most productive freshwater. lakes for striped bass in the world. Laurel Lake is one of the best rainbow trout lakes south of the Mason- Dixon line 

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Dec 14, 2011 His personal best, is a 20-12 fish also out of Lake Dixon Mike Long catches double-digit bass the way most anglers catch keepers Living in the 

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world-class muskellunge can be caught south of the Mason-Dixon Line While these lakes are best known for their smallmouth bass or landlocked. Stonecoal Lake (also Lewis County) produced the largest musky ever recorded in the 

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California's world record, largemouth lakes such as Dixon, Wolford, Pyramid, and. Castaic * Canada for Pike and Walleye * Chesapeake Bay for Striped Bass on 

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Lake Dixon 33°09'37''N 117°02'44''W. Elevation 1030' VERY crowded on weekends since a new (possible) world record Bass was caught and released here.

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03 20 06, World-record bass – maybe – pulled from Lake Dixon 02. 20 06, FLW Outdoors and The Bass Federation Announce A New Joint Sponsorship 02 20

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Bassmaster Elite Series: Chris Lane casts far and wide, hauls in title on Lake St. Clair An angler has broken the world record for. largest Atlantic halibut caught,  

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World record largemouth bass - The top 10 list of the bigest largemouth bass ever caught - date. Other Freshwater World Record Fish. Lake Dixon (California).

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Feb 25, 2005. The next world record bass in my opinion, is going to be from the lakes of San Diego water system Just look at the stats: Dixon: 21 pounds 11 

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Aug 10, 2011 A potential world record setting large mouth bass has been caught in. was caught in Dixon Lake and many assumed if another such bass was 

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Mar 10, 2010 This is the real world. record largemouth bass. Even though it's not She was caught in 2006 at tiny Dixon. Lake, California by Mac Weakley.

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Mar 14, 2007 "I knew this was a world record. before we even weighed it. It's the biggest, most ferocious bass in that lake, guaranteed " Read the full story at 

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Aug 17, 2013 It''s. a rugged 5 6-mile (one-way) hike along the lake's shore, This little rural town holds historic treasures:— the renovated former Dixon Springs Bank, now favorite lakes and home of the world's. record small mouth bass; 

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bassturds caught in lake dixon its my lake cuz it has my last name! it it dosent qualify as a new world record because it was fowl hooked and for a fish to count 

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Jul 28, 2009. San Diego was once known as the Tuna Capital of the World and although it still has. Lake records include a 14lb 1oz trout, a 14lb 3 oz bass, a 28lb 5oz channel catfish, Dixon Lake is another tiny lake totaling 75-acres.

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Aug 8, 2013 1732: Extra patrol, Chief River Rd , Round Lake Township 1740: theft complaint, Dixon Ave , Bass Lake Township 1831: DNR complaint 

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The World Record Black Crappie according to the IGFA is … North Carolina, 4 lbs 15 oz, Asheboro. City Lake #4, Dean Dixon, 4/27/1980 Pflueger Echelon is a good qiltuay reel, or any of Bass Pro Shops own brands, they are made by 

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View updated online fish records and download application and rules for both Rod & Reel and Species: BASS, HYBRID STRIPED (Morone Lake Pontchartrain February 10 14 25. Perry Dixon. (IGFA All Tackle. World Record). *3.

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Record Breaking. World records abound, and here are just a few. in the world It is considered critically endangered and can only be found in rocky mountain streams/lakes in China 3 repins. Largemouth Bass World Record "Dottie" there. you are!!! Lake Dixon , Escondido, California www youtube com/ 1 repin 1 like.

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Results 1 - 25 of 61042 Platinum Guitars; Platinum Bass; Platinum Amps; Boutique Pedals Cymbals; Hand Drums & World Percussion; Drum Hardware 

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Tim Smith caught a world record Nile Perch a 249 pound Nile Perch in. Surveys found Quagga in Lake Dixon and San. Vicente Reservoir in San Diego County. Fishing for snakehead: is similar to bass fishing, most anglers will catch 

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Oct 12, 2008. Remember the world record bass came from a small lake in Georgia and the pending world record was caught from Dixon Lake, a 72 acre lake 

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Lake Ouachita does not have a size. or slot limit on striped bass The world record Walleye and Hybird Bass came out of Greers Ferry during a The California Big Bass Lakes (Lake Casitas, Dixon. and others) are heavily stocked with trout

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