Mar 20, 2012 Since the program began, 527 big bass from 63 different Texas lakes “The ultimate goal is to produce a world. record,” said Campbell, now a 
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The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). is a freshwater gamefish in the sunfish The current world record largemouth bass weighed 22 pounds 5 ounce 29 inch and was caught by Manabu Kurita in Japan Texas Parks and Wildlife A bass fisherman catching a new world record bass could parlay it into millions of dollars if promoted right. Texas has been trying to grow a new world record for  Apr 22, 2013 Genetic testing on a 12-pound lake-record bass recently caught at Lake Naconiche revealed that To selectively breed the next world record? World Record Bass detailed info. here at texasbassfishing. com, Texas Bassfishing. resource central B A S S World Record 5 Fish Stringer! These replicas were Texas Parks and Wildlife - Official fish artists. for the Budweiser Sharelunker Program Specialized   In an effort to improve the quality of fishing in Texas — and perhaps produce the. next world-record largemouth bass — TPWD uses 13-pound-plus females for 

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Carol Smith my sister with just one of her big bass from Texas. Chuck Bauer Kick'n Bass® Pro-Staff with a "World Record Channel Catfish" the first page done  

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We will create our own genetically superior line of bass within 10 generations which will challenge and bring home the largemouth bass world record to Texas

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There are State record bass in Lake Alan Henry, spotted bass and largemouth bass, possible World record bass Our genetics are not polluted because we do 

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WORLD RECORD ARCTIC. CHAR = 39 lb. 11. oz Picture of Jeanne Branson 29 lb 11 oz Arctic Char & a 65 lb World Record Lake Trout LARGEMOUTH BASS

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Morone saxatilis World Record:. 78 8 lbs Striped. Bass. Fishing for Striped Bass in Texas When fishing for stripers concentrate on the deeper waters in the lake

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May 16, 2013. Texas teen bags state-record-sized alligator (CNN) -- Braxton Bielski didn't have a 5-pound bass. on his mind when he recently took his cane 

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Whatever the reason, the "Sam Bass Gang" stood up the Texas Central train at. and Harold claimed that he did; thus, this is how it went into the official record later opened his eyes and exclaimed, "The world is bobbing around me" and 

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Hybrid Striped Bass named after George Glazener adapted especially to Texas ponds. Texas State Record – 19. 66 pounds. World Record – 27 pounds 5 oz.

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Nothing fancy, just bass rigs you make with a bait, a sinker, and a hook an amazing 10 27 lbs. world record spotted bass for California angler Bryan Shishido. Unpegged Texas Rig A bullet sinker is allowed. to slide freely on the main line, 

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River Ridge has been featured on "The Texas Angler" outdoor show for 3 years The 6 lb line class world record white bass was caught by Keith Warren ("The 

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Was a World Record Striped Bass Caught and Released On Lake Ouachita in Arkansas? You will have to ask Joe Mann an angler from Weatherford, Texas who 

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About Mark I caught the Texas state record Bass on November 26, 1986, at 17lbs 10 67oz. Lake Fork is world-famous for the trophy bass it has produced

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World Record Application. There are three recognized subspecies of. the spotted bass: the northern spotted Mississippi basin to the Gulf of Mexico (from Texas to the Florida panhandle), Because of the difficulty in recognizing the species, it is probable that record size specimens of spotted bass have gone unnoticed

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Mar 1, 2013 Vance Bramlett said they're curious if this might be a world record catch for striped bass. The Bramletts are currently preserving the fish

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Rio Grande River, TX. and they define the arrid terrain of New Mexico, Texas, and the Republic of Mexico It's rumored to be home to the "world record" bass

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It was the late 1950's or early '60's that the first accounts of peacock bass were told by the late Field The world record peacock bass - a 27 pound. monster - was a speckled variety. Xtreme Angling LLC • 6505 Kingsbury • Amarillo, Tx 79109

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4 New Legal Recods at Scrapin' 2013 and Texas Heat Wave is next! We will be at Austin TX for the TEXAS HEAT WAVE with the World Record Meter to allow more Bass Heads Meet Bass Heads Meet. at CES was a great Success Thanks  

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NOTHIN' SPECIAL-- NO BIG. DEAL--. JUST ANOTHER WORLD ANGLING RECORD I've been on a quest for over a year to find the mount of this world record 

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Texas is Fort Worth where the West began Texas is world record bass from. places like Lake Fork Texas is Mexican foods like nowhere. else, not even Mexico

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USGS - science for. a changing world. USGS. Home Natural hybridization of white bass with yellow bass in Texas Transactions World record game fishes.

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Mar 9, 2013 One of the biggest professional fishing tours in the world is headed to. many of the best bass anglers in the. world, has targeted Orange, Texas, Orange set several record crowds and showed the world how to put on a 

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In 2002 Jeff purchased the world-famous 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas 777 Ranch has more record book entries than any other outfitter in the world to date

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Largemouth Bass Fishermen - See us first for some of the finest Largemouth Bass fish mounts, specializing in Bass taxidermy & replicas

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May 31, 2010 ZAPATA, Texas – Falcon Lake normally beckons boaters. with waterskiing and world-record bass fishing But this holiday weekend, fishermen 

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