World Record Bass State. Historical Marker Located on Ga 117 four miles east of Jacksonville 31 82347809, -82. 90860905 (Text) WORLD RECORD. BASS 
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Mar 25, 2013 A list of the world's top 25 biggest. largemouth bass ever caught and recoded 22 25, Montgomery Lake, GA, June 2nd, 1932, George Perry 3 George Perry's 22 25 pound bass that stood as the world record for 77 years  Feb 14, 2011 By now you have probably heard that Georgia's world record largemouth bass caught by George Perry in 1932 has been tied. Yep, a fellow  Dec 9, 2003. If an angler catches a world-record bass. and nobody's around to see it, Ga , on June 2, 1932, and has held the all-tackle world record ever  Jun 23, 2013. The long-recognized all-tackle world-record largemouth bass, Georgia in 1932, continues to be the most desired record in U S fishery annals  Jun 13, 2013 Perry, an old country boy who. ate his world record bass, It was during the great depression and Georgia was hit harder than most states and  Jun 13, 2013 On June 2, 1932, George W. Perry would catch the fish that would make him a legend, as well as a world record holder for 81 years and 

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The affordable GA-1 Guitar Tuner / Bass Tuner is an excellent choice for any A world famous electric grand piano introduced in the 1970s was recorded at a 

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State and record wildlife mounts are displayed alongside local period prints Join the Bass Pro Shops team — a dynamic. growing retailer and the world's 

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Butler, Craig ( Glenwood, GA 30428 ), 181. 7, 10/26/2011 In sweltering heat on the Mississippi Beach we had 4 new World Records in the Legal SPL categories Bass Heads Meet Bass Heads Meet. at CES was a great Success Thanks go 

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Back To Bass Tour merchandise! For three decades, Sting had been not just one of the world's most famous musicians but one of its preeminent musical 

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18 News Releases Following are five news releases from the Georgia. the Lake Chatuge fish population which produced a world record hybrid striped bass,  

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World Freshwater. Records brought to you. Bass, largemouth, 22-4, Montgomery Lake, GA, June 2, 1932, George W Perry. Bass, redeye, 8- 

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Troup County's mega-boat ramp push at West Point Lake sets world record The Go Fish Georgia Initiative includes development. of the Georgia Bass Trail, 

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Leaderboard · Competitor Stats · World Records. Members Only Log In Like This ? Tell Us! Term-LAB on Facebook! Join us on YouTube! dB Drag Racing on 

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State. Weight. Length. Location Smallmouth. Angler. Date established in the Altamaha River drainage in central Georgia. drainage We recommend the world record for the "redeye. bass" be transferred to the.

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A Full time Professional fishing guide service For Slab Crappie , Striper's and Bass on World Famous WEISS LAKE ALABAMA The Crappie Capital Of The World 

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In fact, Georgia is the proud owner of. the world record for Largemouth Bass Caught all the way back in 1932 at Montgomery Lake by George Perry, it weighed in 

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Jun 6, 2013 He's on records by Art Pepper and Warne Marsh made in Southern publishing and Saturday-morning. television, and in Savannah, Ga , 

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Highland Marina Resort : Georgia's Most Complete Marina Resort on West Point Lake, La Grange, Anglers from all over the world flock to this lake where six pound bass are common, the lake record largemouth bass is 14 2 pounds!

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Bass prefer sand or gravel but will utilize softer bottoms under certain conditions Targeting. The world record is 22lbs 4 oz. - Montgomery Lake, GA Top 

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Mountaintown Creek, a designated North Georgia. trout stream in Ellijay, starts flowing smallmouth or largemouth bass in beautiful Carter'sLake or Lake Blue Ridge or fishing Alaska Fly Fishing Guide - World-record Alaska King Salmon?

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Fishermans View's official Fishing. World Records For All Fish Largemouth Bass, 22lbs 4oz, George W Perry, Montgomery Lake, GA, June 2, 1932 Lingcod  

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Fishermans View offers official Freshwater. World Records For  Just one of the unique things you'll find on the Santa Fe: the Suwannee bass only be found in a handful of rivers and. creeks in Florida and southern Georgia Suwannees don't get very big (the world record, taken from the Suwannee River in 

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Atlanta, GA, 30318 Trillitary|Atlanta Bass Wars|Abstract Logic Recordings Just recently off the world record breaking Hostile Takeover Tour with Tech N9ne  

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In fact George Perry's long time world record largemouth bass weighing 22 4 pounds Georgia's Gray's Reef is another prime. example where you may find one 

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Promote your band World. wide at PrimoBands. com. ~*~ Coffee County, located in Georgia's Lower Coastal Plain, was created from. and learned that he had caught the WORLD'S RECORD LARGEMOUTH BASS.

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The best place to see. music in Athens, GA the world famous. logo “We named our first record 'Gaudy Monstrosity songs from the thin air before joining guitarist John Riccitelli. and bass player Danny Hurley in the city for the litmus test.

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Catch GIANT spotted bass, stripers, catfish and gar! Carter's Lake is expected to produce the next world record spot It is the second deepest man made lake in  

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And how about a new world record bowfin? We don't know all the I caught my first about a year ago while fishing for bass at a canal in GA. At first I was 

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Guitar Center is the world's largest musical instruments retailer. Shop Guitars, Bass, Drums, Amps, DJ Gear, Keyboards, Pro-Audio and more. Most orders ship.  

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Coolidge, GA The plantation record: thirteen pounds. cold cocktail and contemplate the fact that George Perry caught the world-record bass not too far away.

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