Jan 7, 2013 World record largemouth bass caught in Florida Patrick. Sebile holds up his record largemouth bass. IGFA. Patrick Sebile has fished all across 
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The largest largemouth bass ever caught was 10 12 km and. 73. 5 cm long with weight of. 22 pounds 4 ounces, the world record largemouth bass was caught in  May 21, 2013 The world record for the Largemouth. bass currently is tied at 22 Dottie was found dead floating in Dixon Lake in 2008—the record that never  Jan 12, 2010 Bass Fishing- World record bass!!ranglo211Featured260,942 · 10:. Some of the Biggest Bass Ever Caughtsteven11smith330,860 views · 4:03. Dec 24, 2012 LURED - A NEW IGFA Length World Record Largemouth Bass The bass was caught and released on the famed Lake Okeechobee on Largest Catfish ever caught on film in North AmericaFATCATOUTDOORS1475,332  Dec 9, 2003. Is this bass the largest ever caught? here's a question: If an angler catches a world-record bass and nobody's around to see it, does it count? George Perry and the World Record Largemouth Bass Now a photo, salvaged from the personal effects of a distant. Perry relative, has been found - taunting 

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Mar 1, 2013 The 70-pound striped bass is believed to be the largest ever caught in they're curious if this might be. a world record catch for striped bass.

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black bass found in North Carolina include. the smallmouth and spotted bass. All black bass belong. 2 to 3 lbs ; the world record largemouth bass weighed 22 

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Sportfish Hawaii has found the top guide for putting you in the right places Tom was once the holder of an IGFA world record for Peacock Bass, at 8 lb 9 oz

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Dec 26, 2012 World Record and Trophy largemouth bass fishing tackle, videos, tips, by Toray, but it was the line that he used to catch his two records.

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Mar 9, 2005 Water Clarity: 0 I just found this on POND BOSS Com Anyone heard about a new world record? Report of 22-pound bass caught at Clear Lake.

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Tennessee Fishing Records Black. Bass Species, Weight  The documented world record longest largemouth bass ever caught anywhere was taken from Lake Toho in Florida by Bill Whipple on 8/11/2002 & was 33 

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Listing of Pennsylvania. state record fish. Links to pictures and  it FLOATS, COILS and SWIMS like nothing you have ever used! The Bass Professor/Doug Hannon has caught over– 800— 10 pound Plus BASS from around the world- doug Easter Big Bass eels eggs fish fishing free fry FWC giveaway hannon kids fishing record bass Topwater Lake guntersville largemouth lateral line 

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Mar 13, 2013. Guys I just had to share this trophy striped bass catch that a local resident caught on On Tuesday, the fish was declared a world record. I found out at the gym this morning that the. story was published in the Birmingham 

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Bass and carp are the most popular fish found in the Msinsi Reserves near The dam holds the world record of 24 kg when 6 bass were caught in one day

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Aug 6, 2011 Angler might not register apparent record striped bass in an interview that the fish might have been. the worst thing that ever happened to him If his latest catch gets certified as the world. record, he could get hundreds of 

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My records show that this is the 8th bass caught from Club lakes weighing over. 6 at 6lbs, 5 at 7 lbs, and 2 over 8lbs). Craziest thing we have ever experienced break the AL State Record and maybe the. World Record for largemouth bass

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Striped bass World Record Pictures and. stories of the world record striper, This massive fish was caught at night by Al McReynolds off of the Vermont Avenue jetty the weigh in in september of 1982 with. the new worlds record striped bass

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Big Bass Guide Service - FREE Bait & Tackle! types, prefer water temperatures from 65 to 85 degrees, and are usually found at depths less than 20 feet World Record - 22 pounds, 4 ounces, caught. in Montgomery Lake, Georgia in 1932

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Jul 31, 2013 The Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Reportedly. Caught From The Ocklawaha that the accepted WORLD RECORD. Largemouth Bass of 22 

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If a sandpaper-like tooth patch exists, you have caught a spotted bass 8 pound 3 ounce monster taken from the Flint River. and was the world record for almost 20 years The Suwanee bass is found exclusively. in South Georgia (and more  

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What is the largest Peacock Bass. ever caught - trivia question by IGFA as an All-Tackle record, according to Jack Vitek of the world record 

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Other similar species found in regions of the southeastern U S include shoal The world record largemouth bass was caught in Montgomery Lake, Georgia in 

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Mar 10, 2013 Striped bass weighed 70 pounds, and may set new world record angler in the book of world records for the heaviest striper ever caught in a 

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May 23, 2012 The big beast also weighed more than the current world record by half a found the scale was too small to accommodate the big striped bass

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Mar 26, 2013 James' striped bass is one of the largest. freshwater fish ever caught in the state. World-record certification could take six months or more.

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World Record:. 6. 81 pounds, caught in Lake Orange, in Orange, Virginia, in 1989. Range: Sand bass are found in almost. every major lake in Oklahoma. They a 

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May 13, 2013 He caught more than 800 bass weighing better than 10 pounds in his. only person ever to appear on the cover. and also take a cover photo (March 1992). a multi-million dollar bounty on the world record largemouth bass

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Mar 6, 2013 Alabama angler's monstrous striped. bass is one for the record of world records for the heaviest striper ever caught in a landlocked fishery

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A new state record largemouth bass weighing 18 18 pounds was caught from Through the years TPWD biologists have found that handling bass using two wet A Fish Called Ethel - How a 17-pound largemouth bass changed the world

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Certified state record fish must be legally caught using an active Following genetic and other analyses, it is now believed that redeye bass do not. FWC Law Enforcement Florida - The fishing Capital of the World Visit Florida My Florida

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