Aug 12, 2013 He's the Warren Buffett of the fishing world, giving seminars in which he'll Last year he set the striped bass length record of about 44 inches
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Mar 10, 2013 The catch may become the new IGFA world record for a landlocked. fish is 81 pounds, 14 ounces for a fish caught in Connecticut in 2011. ) Mar 6, 2013. Greg was featured on the COVER of 2012 CT Anglers guide (WTNH) - A striped bass that could break the world record was caught in the  Greg Myerson - Official IGFA All Tackle World Record Oct 21, 2011 Greg Myerson of North Branford has the world record for the largest striped He said he has discussed an ad for Connecticut tourism and is  Connecticut Saltwater Record Fish. Abstract: Description:  May 24, 2012 The Connecticut coastline's reputation for. producing big bass is no longer a secret The current world record striped. bass, an 81-pounder  Oct 20, 2011 Atlantic City is no longer the home of world-record. striped bass; Connecticut fish authorized. Albert McReynolds no longer owns the world  Aug 5, 2011 Though details are still slowly getting pieced together, the striper world. has been turned upside down over the last few hours with Internet 

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May 2, 2013 I'm from Connecticut – born in Bridgeport, but raised in a small town called I met Count Bass D in one of those record stores, the Great Escape, and. I'm a world traveler, but mainly. in America, Europe and Northern Asia

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at Bass Pro shop in Foxboro Massachusetts, Hebron Fair in Connecticut and the The world record jumps are between 29. and 30 feet, Two record holders 

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Results 1 - 25 of 195 Platinum Guitars; Platinum Bass; Platinum Amps; Boutique Pedals Drums & World Percussion; Drum. Hardware; Marching Percussion 

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It was Thursday, August 4, and I was sitting at home. getting my gear ready for a night of fishing The conditions were going to be perfect: the moon would be up, 

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Mar 25, 2013. Any list of the top bass catches of all time is going to have asterisks, even George Perry's 22. 25 pound bass that stood as the world record for 

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Jun 19, 2013. Surprise picture could be the image of the most. coveted world record fish of all time

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Jan 25, 2010 Manabu Kurita weighs the enormous largemouth bass that tied with the previous world record For more info about the record visit 

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Jun 8, 2013. It was a photo, grainy and stained, depicting a thin young man in overalls, smiling broadly and holding a mammoth bass The photo was. dated 

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May 21, 2013. The world record for the Largemouth bass currently is tied at 22 pounds 4 ounces. Two anglers from a completely different time and place share 

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Jun 25, 2013 We saw reports come out a week ago about George Perry's. world record largemouth bass “new old photo. ” We refrained from. posting as news 

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Jun 23, 2013. franksargeant@charter net The long-recognized all-tackle world-record largemouth bass, weighing 22 pounds, 4 ounces and caught by 

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A collection of World's Record and Biggest Largemouth Bass Jun 18, 2013 A photo dated June 2, 1932 surfaced. of a man identified as George W Perry holding what could be the world-record 22-pound, 4-ounce 

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Jan 7, 2013 An unexpected record for Sebile, who holds over 350 record catches Jun 13, 2013. On a June day in. 1932, George W Perry was fishing the waters of Georgia's Montgomery Lake with friend Jack Page when he caught a 

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George Perry's. world record bass. Jun 2, 2013. Four score plus one is a long time. if you're talking years That's how long George Perry has. held fishing's most 

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Jun 2, 2013 Four score plus one is a long time if you're talking years. That's how long George Perry has held fishing's most important record

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IGFA Rules (pdf) Current World Record Bass:. 22 pounds 4 ounces. The current world record bass was caught near Jacksonville, Georgia on June 2, 1932 by 

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bass, kelp (calico) (Paralabrax clathratus) (Girard, 1854); SERRANIDAE FAMILY; also called calico bass, California kelp bass, rock bass, sand bass, bull bass, 

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Aug 12, 2013 The Connecticut man has achieved a rare feat: He consistently. catches striped bass 50 pounds and much larger Myerson set the world record 

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A New World Record Largemouth was Caught in Japan It appears a Japanese angler Manabu Kurita has caught a mammoth largemouth bass at Lake Biwa in 

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Like every bass fisherman who has ever landed a largemouth, you have dreamed of catching the big one Not just a big one. THE big. one The bass that would 

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Al McReynolds' State and World. Record Marine Striped Bass. Al McReynolds pulled this World Record striper from the Atlantic fishing at night off the Vermont 

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Mar 15, 2013 Panama's Dale Miller holds the new Oklahoma-record. largemouth bass caught Wednesday at Cedar Lake The fish weighed 14 pounds, 13 7 

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Sowbelly: The Obsessive Quest for the World-Record Largemouth Bass [Monte Burke] on Amazon. com. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers

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The Largemouth Bass fishing records. All the information about the current record holders, and their catch

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Should a trophy fish in caught California be considered a World Record Bass? George Perry and the World. Record Largemouth Bass.

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