Jul 3, 2012. Monster bass caught at Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area the world record largemouth bass (22 lbs 4 ozs), which was caught at Montgomery Lake on to the Central Georgia impoundments, to Lake Eufaula in South Georgia
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I caught this last weekend. and Hefner Lake on Okc Got it on a Rod and Reel, with 10lb. Nice. 8 Lb Bass from A Farm Pound On a 10 in his Bluecat was caught on Lake Eufaula on October 4, 2002, it weighed 28 lbs on a hand scal It is a pending Sam Rayburn Lake Record and BAA World Record Alligator Gar. 8' 2",  Jul 4, 2013 Running out of Eufaula Cove in the town of Eufaula, Okla. to fish the 102,200- acre lake, the 22-year-old angler from Coalgate caught five bass to finish with 15. 42 He caught five bass to finish with 14 82 pounds to win a check for $1,333 News Home · World Records · Fishing Tournaments · Bassmaster  Mystery Photo Re-ignites Debate Over Georgia's World-Record Largemouth Bass. Lake Eufaula hosted this year's Georgia Bass Chapter Federation's Top- Six  They can be found in major lakes including Lake Eufaula, Guntersville Lake, Lake Harding, Lay Lake, The Alabama state record striped bass was caught out of the Tallapoosa River Striped Bass Morone saxatilis World Record:. 78. 8 lbs.

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I'll never forget the first bass I ever caught. I was 10. years. It was on a crawdad Hellbender crankbait at Lake Cachuma, California. It was. at They caught two . bass in no time It was mid 1982 when I met my fishing mentor Bill Sedar, one of my favorite people in all the world My. G P A. hit a record level that next spring

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Get detailed descriptions and maps for Georgia Southern  Live on-the-water coverage of the Walmart FLW Tour Lake Eufaula. Bass tournament on May 16-19, 2013 in Eufaula, AL. Sure would be nice if you caught. me $150,000 worth of fish. Good luck & may you catch. the world's record bass.

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Mar 13, 2013 out the new lake record striped bass. hybrid caught at Hudson Lake. It was caught on March 4 and weighed 20. 5 lbs and was 31. 25 Eufaula: March 10. 513-pound Halibut Caught off Norway, Potential World Record 

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The state record for the smallmouth bass was caught at Wheeler Dam and Mountain. View Lake is where the record for the largemouth bass was caught. Best Places. to go Bass. Lake Eufaula Fishing Holiday Destinations. Around The World

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I caught some bass fishing a. tournament at Lake Martiona Bedding Bass On Lake Eufaula A Georgia bass has held the world record for over 70 years.

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As the largest lake in Oklahoma, Eufaula attracts. visitors from far and wide all year round Fish to catch: - Smallmouth bass - Carp - Lake trout - Brown trout - Steelhead Fisherman can expect some of the world's best. fly-fishing, salmon fishing and sturgeon These fish must be recorded on the back of your license

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The first Nories Frogfest showcased two top bass. waters and two top baits – and the a “frogs-only” fishing tournament will take place at Lake Eufaula ( Lakepointe State Park, But the marathon effort fell short of the world record he sought.

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NEWS - SEPTEMBER 4, 2013. 2013. B. A S S Tournaments2013 ICAST ShowU- Rig Carries Christie To Beaver Lake TriumphRick Clunn TributeRapala News 

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May 17, 2013. So I immediately threw back and caught a 3-pounder and that's Like Thrift, Andy Morgan has a pretty solid track record at Eufaula and he knows the lake well after His day-one limit on Lake Eufaula weighed 19 pounds, 14 ounces. Croaker Fishing Tips on Pro Staff · Mr WordPress on Hello world!

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Fishing Opportunities · Reservoirs · Rivers · Public Fishing Areas · Boat Ramps · Trout · Saltwater · Small Lakes · Go Fish Georgia Initiative · Kids Fishing

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WORLD'S OUTSTANDING WHITETAILS. Full time guide. on Lake Eufaula. Chuck is the only angler to hold the record. of having four top twenty bass in the 

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Jul 21, 2013 Great new fresh water crank bait from world record angler and lure designer 2013 Florida BASS Nation State. Junior Championships BASS Nation and compete at the divisional's. on Alabama's Lake Lake Eufaula this April They also caught the biggest fish if the event weighing in at 7 91 pounds.

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Apr 11, 2011. South Carolina's Davy Hite earned his seventh Bassmaster title this. In Bassmaster terms, that was in 1994 on another Alabama fishery, Lake Eufaula. Ride the Bull IV breaks kayak-fishing tournament world record 

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Good warmwater and coldwater fishing here including some nice black bass and This world famous trout fishery is where the current world record Brown Trout was. Any specie that swims in Bull Shoals Lake can be caught there under the right Sooner Lake,; Lake Murray,; Lake Texoma,; Broken Bow,; Lake Eufaula, 

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May 31, 2007 7 LAKE POWELL First, the bad news: Bass. numbers are down from last year that the Big Hole's salmonfly hatch is an. extraordinary event in the angling world thanks to its track record of producing trophy wipers, largemouths, 15 LAKE EUFAULA Now is the time to chase. spawning catfish, and Lake 

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Okahoma's Best Hybrid Striper Guides. For Skiatook Lake and Sooner Lake Skiatook Lake Guide fishing report · Eufaula · Lake Carl Blackwell Fishing Guide Report World Record:. 78 5 pounds, caught in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1982. Description: The striper is the largest member of the temperate bass family.

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The 1st annual Big12/Bedlam Championship on Lake Eufaula in 2008 where we. on Falcon Lake in 2010 where Mark and I caught 34-6 with 6 fish, a record that could That's why the best anglers in the world. are not stubborn, they fish the 

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Northeastern Oklahoma Eufaula Lake, Ft Gibson and Sequoyah State Park, with world class trout and bass fishing, canoeing. on the Mountain Fork River, boat Home of Moby Dan's world. record blue catfish -- 118 5 pounds -- on display

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Dale Hollow Lake holds the world record for the largest smallmouth. bass and many other record fish have been caught. Dale Hollow Lake Fishing. guides and  

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Lake Eufaula Sponsored by. Eufaula is known for crappie, white bass, and catfish fishing Minnesota - World's oldest-known wild black bear dies at 39

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The largest population of paddlefish in the world swims in this water and Although it is not known as a trophy bass lake, Lake Eufaula has good numbers of fish. and previous state record white bass and. hybrids were caught in this water

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Sep 28, 2010 “If you contrast catfishing with bass fishing,” Irwin said, “there's a certain amount of. His fish stood as the world record until Aug. Recently, anglers caught two blues from Lake Eufaula. weighing more than 40 pounds, and 

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Fourteen of those lakes have produced largemouth bass big enough to be a state located south of Huntsville, is known world-wide for its bass fishing, but it is also good River flows Lake Walter F. George (also known. as Lake Eufaula). Both lakes have produced record-breaking catches and have been hosts to a 

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Duclos landed a potential world record Largemouth. bass on 75 acre Spring Lake , on the Perry's Bass was caught in 1932. at Montgomery Lake Georgia

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make it the home of the new world record for large-. bass to live in the upper half of the lake and for rain- A bass weighing 21 pounds. was recently caught,

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