Mike is best know however for harvesting the largest whitetail ever taken with a bow. His buck is the current Pope & Young World Record Non-Typical deer.
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Maybe Ohio's new 4th or 5th all time archery buck This is. truly a. The buck scored 180-3/8, exactly matching the world record set in 1965 in South Dakota 2013 World Archers · Expo Exhibitors Buckmasters. Magazine Buckmasters. I hit “record” and shifted the camera to center the oncoming buck Steadily  Freak Nasty Pending World Record Archery Buck By: Mark Oliva and Joe Gonzales Photos by Authur Gonzales. The hunt for my Coues buck started on January  You Are Here > Hunting Deer Hunting Iowa's Record Bucks book of the largest antlered deer harvested in the state with firearms and archery equipment. WORLD'S RECORDS TYPICAL WHITETAIL DEER SCORE: 213. 5/8 LOCATION : WORLD'S RECORDS NON-TYPICAL WHITETAIL DEER SCORE: 333. 7/8 Apr 1, 2013 Included in this class of mega-bucks is a new state record! that would eventually score 2/8 of an inch higher than the previous record archery buck hunting community and sparked rumors of a possible new world record.

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Dec 24, 2012. Matt Stutzman is an American athlete who competes in archery He is a member of the 2012. US Paralympic Archery Team He is currently also 

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The World Archery Federation (formerly: Fédération. Internationale de Tir à l'Arc, Erika Jones (USA) tied her own world record here this week, and leaves 

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Membership Services processes all World, European and UK Archery Records Karen Hodgkiss is the lead officer for records To view the current. Records 

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Sep 21, 2011 Matt Stutzman seems an unlikely archery champion. Not only because he just picked up the sport a. mere two years ago, but because Stutzman 

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May 21, 2013. 2013 NASP® Nationals May 20, 2013 The National Archery in the Schools Program continues to break records! Students from nearly 600 

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Mar 24, 2011 Mark West Sets Guinness World Record in Archery in front of over 30000 people in Oshkosh Wisconsin August 2004 11 Balloons - Must be 

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Apr 13, 2013. Subscribe for new videos every Monday and Thursday: http://goo. gl/K1e8Q Chad Kulow from Price, Utah arrowed this pending world and Utah 

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Jul 28, 2012. Archery World Records Broken London Olympics 2012 Republic of Korea has claimed the first world records of London 2012 with a stunning 

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The largest archery tournament involved 7,804 participants and was achieved by the National Archery in the Schools Program (USA) at the Kentucky Fair and 

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Information on world archery records and all-time bests, a history of the association, rules for all formats of shoot, weekly training tips, a calendar of events, photo 

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This is a list of Olympic records in archery Men's records[edit source | edit] Event , Score, Name, Nation, Games, Date. 72 arrow ranking round, 699, Im Dong- 

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May 22, 2013 This was larger than the number that set the Guinness World Record at last. year's NASP Nationals with 7,804 4th-12th grade student archers

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Olympic records in Archery, Records in the Sport of Archery in the Summer Games, Archery Records in The Summer Games, Olympic Records in Archery, 

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EMAU - European and Mediterranean Archery Association. Team Results; 28 August 2013 WAE Office; 22 August 2013 Archive Records Outdoor - Senior Compound. Who's Online We have 124 guests online World Archery Federation.

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Two new world records sets at Czech Target international para-archery tournament Lausanne - Wednesday, July 18, 2012 The prestigious Czech. Target 

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World Archery Festival: Penn. Archer Sets World Record In 30-Meter Shoot As the last line of archers started making their. way back from scoring their final 

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Jul 3, 2013. On Saturday June 29th, 2907 archers from 22 states and 2 provinces in Canada, representing 175 schools, met in St. Louis, Missouri at the 

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Canadian World Archery Champion. Sets Archery World Record. OTTAWA ( August 15, 2013) – Defending World Champion Chris Perkins of Athens, Ontario, set 

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May 20, 2013. Mel Johnson's Illinois buck has stood as Pope and. Young's top-scoring typical for 45 years Will this giant 12-pointer ever fall from bowhunting's 

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Jul 27, 2012. The first world records of London 2012 have been set, with the South Koreans taking an ominous stranglehold on the men's archery 

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May 17, 2012. NASP® Archers Set New World Record 2012 NASP® Nationals May 12, 2012 By: Kevin Dixon, Vice President NASP The NASP® National 

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Jun 19, 2013 It's not just the simple bow and arrow used by the Native Americans during the early years of settling the wilderness Instead, archery has bec

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Jul 27, 2012 Setting a world record at the Olympics is an impressive feat. It becomes even more impressive when. the competitor is legally blind

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Oct 3, 2011 South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun broke his own world record Monday as archery came to Lord's, the home of cricket, for a test event for next 

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