Dec 21, 2011 Near 60 for sure!!Several over 55 pounds!!!13 year old- Michael comes within 3 pounds of a new IGFA JUNIOR ALL TACKLE WORLD 
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IGFA All Tackle Records for. Bass, striped (landlocked) Mar 8, 2013. James R Bramlett, 65, of Dora, Alabama, landed a 70-pound striped bass that shattered a 54-year-old state record Rodney Ply thought he had caught the World Record landlocked Striped Bass and won $1 million until Arkansas Fish and Game wouldn't certify his catch and  May 14, 2013. James caught the 69-pound, 9-ounce fish on the Black Warrior River, near the Gorgas Steam Plant in Alabama on February 28, 2013. May 14, 2013 DORA — An Alabama man now holds a world record for fishing Mar 4, 2013 James R. Bramlett shattered a 54-year-old Alabama state record with this 70- pound striped bass he caught on February 28. The fish may have  Striped bass World Record Pictures and stories of the world record striper, Al McReynolds world record Striped Bass May 16, 2013. Greg Myserson, Al McReynold's World Record Striped Bass. World record striped bass, including Greg Myerson's world record striped bass, Hank Ferguson's record freshwater striped bass, a giant 92 pound striped bass, 

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Official IGFA All Tackle World Record Striped. Bass Greg Myerson & his 81 lbs 14 oz. (37 14kg) Striped Bass August 4, 2011 Long Island Sound, Westbrook, CT

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Smith Lake produced eight consecutive world-record spotted bass in the The deep, clear, cool water of Smith Lake is perfect habitat for striped bass and there  

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Species, Weight, Location, Date, Angler, Picture. Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) have become one of the greatest World Record Atlantic cod is 98 lbs The N. H record striped bass is. 51 inches and 60 lbs

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BUT Japan now holds the Bass World Record jointly with the USA! in the California Delta on 2 March 2005 while targeting Striped Bass Click on the pic for 

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Tennessee Fishing. Records Black Bass Species, Weight  Mar 27, 2013. A fish caught on an Alabama river last month has been confirmed as a world record. A 69-pound, 9-ounce striped. bass was caught on Feb

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Feb 22, 2012 I want to mention here that our listing of state record fish has been updated lottery–Our state record for striped bass is HUGE for inland waters, and we carpsucker is larger than the all-tackle. world record recognized by the 

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A 60. 5-pound Melton Hill striper once held the. world record for landlocked stripers Striped bass are not intentionally stocked into the reservoir They arrive by 

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As a matter of fact, the world record Striped Bass was caught off of a jetty in the Atlantic City surf It weighed in just shy of 79 pounds!! Just a few miles south of 

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Aug 13, 2013 The Connecticut man has achieved a rare feat: He consistently catches striped bass 50 pounds and much larger. Myerson set the world record 

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State Record Fish, Indiana. Arizona State Fish Records. Bass, Striped, 29 lb. Larger than current all- tackle world record listed by the International Game Fish Assn and the National 

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Listing of Pennsylvania state record fish Links to pictures and  Becoming the world record striped bass holder can accompany much speculation The buzz can generate positive attributes, and negative criticism When the 

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The Alabama state record striped bass was caught out of the Tallapoosa River Striped Bass Morone saxatilis. World Record:. 78. 8 lbs. Striped. Bass. Fishing for 

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May 20, 2013 James R Bramlett, 65, landed a 70 pound striped bass from the Black Warrior River near the Gorgas Steam Plant Thursday February 28, 2013

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Aug 9, 2011 An account of the world record striped bass caught by Greg Myerson The largest striped bass ever recorded was a 125. pound female from North Carolina, in 1891. The oldest. Texoma is known as the Striper Capital of the World

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The overall record is a 125-pound fish caught in 1891 by a commercial fisherman in North Carolina Albert McReynoids caught the World Record Striped Bass 

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Junior World Record Sea Bass This Sea Bass weighed in at 7 61lbs It was caught on 1/5/08 by Phil Adams of Ocean City, NJ Our New Jersey Party. Boat, The 

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Amended August 2013 The Ohio Record fish list is maintained by the Outdoor Record fish are determined on the basis of weight only Bass, Hybrid Striped.

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North Carolina State. Saltwater Records. Click here for Joe Mizelle Bass, Striped 64. lb 0 oz Off Oregon *World All Tackle Record Questions. concerning 

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Angler's Log · Striped Bass Harvest · FAQ's for Commercial  fishing. records. All the information about the current. record holders, and their catch Striped Bass, 9 lbs 4 oz, 29", Lake Rathbun, Richard Pauley, 7/1983

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Alabama striper could best CA world record A 70 pound striped bass caught on the Black Warrior River. in Alabama will break the IGFA record 67-pound, 

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With five past world record spotted bass catches, you can see why the lure of big spots. 8 oz striped bass caught on the lake is an Alabama record and many 

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The world-record permit towed the boat for 70 minutes, fatefully missing coral JOE BROOKS'S account of the capture of his record striper came out more than 

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Application for Official Kentucky State Record Fish Program 12/11/85 Hybrid Striped Bass. 20 lbs , 8 ozs **World Record - line class; Catch and Release 

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Atlantic City world record striped bass catch A few tails, some swirls and, every now and then, a striper silver in the lights, punctuated the storm surge around 

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Freshwater catch includes the World Record 59-pound and 12-ounce bass The striper was caught in Arizona. along the Colorado River The largest World 

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